In the guest room, Cai Yingxin sat on the edge of the bed somewhat restrained.

She frowned and glanced at Wang Ye who was standing at the window.

"Go ahead, what the hell are you doing?"

"Master, don't you think the road is too peaceful?" Wang Ye closed the curtains, and walked back and forth in the room, touching his chin with one hand.

"The blazing blood jade pendant was obtained from the Zhou family. The Zhou family issued a statement claiming that it had fallen into the hands of my Wang Ye. Two days have passed. Emperor Zhong must have received the news. Based on my knowledge of him, he will surely be killed. Even if the Zhong family doesn't do anything, other big families will covet this thing and send people to test it. But so far, there is no opponent!"

"Isn't that a good thing?" Cai Ying asked puzzlingly.

"A good thing?" Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "If you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid of thieves. If they come, it will be fine! We must always beware if they don't come."

"What if it comes?" Cai Ying asked.


Wang Ye's eyes were cold, just spit out a word, but Cai Ying's heart trembled.

Can it be done?

She frowned. There are not a few people in the world who covet the Blazing Blood Jade Pendant, and those hidden families also know the Zhong family's rumors, so they will definitely not let the Blazing Blood Jade Pendant go.

"Then you ended up here tonight, did you deliberately wait for someone to come?"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, Cai Yingxin stood up and pointed to the bed, "Then you should rest first! I will watch the night at night."

"I'll come in the first half of the night. You can take a shower first."

After Wang Ye finished speaking, he walked to the window and opened a corner of the curtain, and peered out of the window.

Cai Ying stayed on the spot quietly. The hotel facilities were not good. There was only a glass partition between the bathroom and the bed. From the bedroom, you could clearly see everything in the bathroom. How did Wang Ye take a bath here.

"Which, or you go to the next room to stay..." Cai Yingxin said embarrassingly.

"Why?" Wang Ye was puzzled. He turned his head to see Cai Ying's face flushed, and he glanced toward the bathroom. This was the reaction.

"This damn hotel is too rudimentary!"

Wang Ye Cancan smiled, opened the door and walked towards the next room. Just before knocking on the door, the door opened sharply, and a figure rushed out and hit Wang Ye's arms directly.

"Cockroaches, there are cockroaches."

Wearing loose pajamas, Liu Ruyan hugged Wang Ye's neck tightly, and almost his entire body got into Wang Ye's arms.

She was afraid to turn her head, and could feel her trembling.


Looking down at Liu Ruyan in his arms, Wang Ye couldn't help swallowing and spitting.

Liu Ruyan has a fiery figure, fair and delicate skin, especially wearing loose pajamas. The deep'gully' can be clearly seen from the top down, and a man can't hold it.

"Are you a maid or a princess? You are afraid of cockroaches, how did you serve Su Xiaomo before?"

Wang Ye pulled her away from his arms and looked down unconsciously. The pajamas were not only loose, but also a bit translucent.

Following his gaze, Liu Ruyan reacted and hurriedly tightened her pajamas, but the more so, the bright and thin pajamas were completely wrapped around her body, making the curve more vivid.

"Well, where is the cockroach?" Wang Ye walked in with a light cough.

"Behind that stool." Liu Ruyan pointed to the only stool in the room.

Wang Ye strode forward, and as soon as he opened the stool, his face suddenly sank.

He did not see the cockroach behind the stool, but instead saw a thumb-sized bottle cap filled with light green liquid.

The distance is close, and it can be smelled clearly, with a dizzying smell.

"Mixiang! Such a means!" Wang Ye's face became dark, his muttered words fell, he took possession of the bottle cap, and then threw it out the window.

He turned and stared at Liu Ruyan deeply.

"You caught the cockroach and threw it away?" Liu Ruyan asked.

Seeing her now, she was still panicked, but Wang Ye knew very well that she was not afraid of cockroaches, and that she deliberately did so to tell him that there is a fragrance in the room.

"Throw it away!" Wang Ye nodded and said sternly: "Stay in the house!"

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked towards the next room. This room has hidden fragrance, and there should be some in the next room, and the window over there is closed by him. It is already airtight, and the fragrance is probably already filling the whole room.

Using his room card to open the door, Wang Ye strode in, a strange smell filled the room.

He covered his nose with one hand, and walked quickly behind the stool.

Sure enough, behind this stool, I saw the fragrance that looked exactly like Liu Ruyan's room.

Throwing it out of the window and opening the window to ventilate, Wang Ye turned around and looked at him, completely blank.

Through the glass, you can clearly see everything in the bathroom. Cai Yingxin is not wearing clothes and is squatting in the corner. The water in the bathroom is dripping.

"Liu Ruyan!" Wang Ye's first reaction was to let Liu Ruyan come over to help, and first put on clothes for Cai Yingxin, who was stunned by the fragrance.

But as soon as he reached the door, he put his hand on the doorknob, but he stopped and locked the door.

Liu Ruyan used cockroaches as an excuse to deliberately let him discover the location of Mixiang, which made him feel that Liu Ruyan was not a simple woman.

If she is the enemy, let her know that Cai Yingxin has fainted, it will bring herself a fatal crisis.

Cai Yingxin is his personal bodyguard. For the sake of caution, Liu Ruyan must not let Liu Ruyan know about Cai Yingxin's fainting.

"I'm sorry Master!"

Wang Ye covered his eyes with one hand, touched the wall with the other, and walked towards the bathroom.

It's impossible to touch it all, his eyes narrowed into a gap, and he vaguely saw Cai Yingxin who had fainted in the corner, and immediately stretched out his hands and dragged it up from Cai Yingxin's armpits.

Starting with the delicate skin, Wang Ye's heart beat faster unconsciously.

With one hand behind his nose and the other on his legs, he picked Cai Yingxin and walked toward the bed.

Wang Ye, who was still reserved, slipped near the bed.


Throwing his head on the bed and pressing Cai Ying's heart under his body, Wang Ye hurriedly opened his eyes subconsciously.

In front of him was a standard loli face with red lips and white teeth, and underneath him a body that was hotter than Liu Ruyan. The soft feeling made Wang Ye somewhat enjoy.

"Why am I so dirty, this is my master!"

Wang Ye twisted his face with one hand, and when he was about to get up, Liu Ruyan's voice came from outside the door.

"Mr. Wang, what are you doing? What happened just now, so loud."

Wang Ye turned his head and shouted at the door: "The room is not soundproofed! Don't you know what that sound is doing? A man and a woman, squeaking, what else can you do."

There was a long silence outside the house before a voice came, "Oh, Miss Cai..."

"We are already asleep."

Before Wang Ye answered, Cai Yingxin's voice sounded.

Feeling cold all over, Wang Ye looked down, and Cai Yingxin was already awakened in the previous shouting.

She already had a lot of skills and didn't breathe in the incense. Coupled with the previous fall and Wang Ye's loud shouts, she was already awake.