Sister Fat touched Wang Ye's body, and a pair of eyes as small as soybeans stared at Wang Ye in a mysterious manner.

"Don't say that this kid is so handsome, if it weren't for the way he could take the Zhou family down, I really want to take him."

Sister Fatty's salted pig's knuckles ran unscrupulously on Wang Ye's body.

accept me?

Don't look at your weight!

Wang Ye was itching to hold back, and Cai Yingxin beside him was also amused.

The man standing on the side looked gloomy, and finally couldn't stand it after a while, and asked, "Did you feel it?"

"Yu Pei didn't touch it, but it touched a big bird!"

Fat sister squeezed fiercely, then stood up and walked to the bucket on the side.

"I'm not on my body, wake him up to ask clearly!"

Listening to Sister Fatty's words, Wang Ye felt a little painful, and this guy started to move rough after wiping the oil.

When Wang Ye was about to get up and yell at him, Cai Yingxin closed his eyes slightly and quietly grabbed his wrist.

"Someone!" Cai Yingxin whispered.

After a few breaths, the three fat sisters also noticed, and suddenly drew three daggers from their waists.

"Just you three idiots who run gangsters, dare to dream of the idea of ​​hitting the blood jade pendant!"

A loud sound came from outside the warehouse, causing the three fat sisters to slightly change their faces.

Bear the brunt of the brunt, Fat Sister shook the dagger tightly, and shouted: "Who is the one who came here, the tone is not small, and the wind will flash her tongue!"

"Just say this to you, I can kill you!"

A middle-aged man walked in, with a full face and beard, and he could no longer see his appearance.

But seeing this person, the three fat sisters' complexions changed suddenly, and they looked a little scared.

"Black beard!" The fat sister murmured in shock.

"You still know my name!"

Blackbeard strode forward, scorning the three fat sisters in contempt. On the road, everyone only knew that Blackbeard had a cruel reputation, but few people knew his real name.

"Sister Fat, the three of us, can we still be afraid of him..."

"Shut up!" The fat sister whispered, "Blackbeard doesn't have the habit of fighting alone."

"You still have eyesight." Blackbeard glanced at the fat sister playfully, and with a big wave, five figures popped out from the corner of the warehouse.

Seeing the three fat sisters with fear on their faces, Black Beard laughed jokingly: "If you don't want to die, just get out of here!"

Blackbeard's name is very loud, so Fat Sister dared not hesitate, hurriedly arched her hands and walked out of the warehouse vigilantly.

Although the fiery blood jade pendant is good, but it takes life to enjoy it. Fat sister knows that the three of them are not their opponents at all.

After the Fat Sister and the three of them left, Blackbeard strode towards the Wang Ye and the three lying on the ground.

It was not Wang Ye that he was looking at first, but Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan lying on the ground.

"Brother Beard, these two chicks are not bad!"

"By the way, get the beard brother down!"

"Brother Beard, do you choose one?"

Several subordinates said fascinatingly.

Blackbeard's face sank, and he could almost only see the full face of beard.

"What is your choice..." Blackbeard scolded.

"Right, right, right." The subordinate nodded hurriedly and said: "I was wrong. We are here to do business."

"What I mean is that both of them are mine! Also choose a fart! Business? First deal with them both, then it is not too late to deal with business!"

Black Beard laughed, hesitantly stepped forward, Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan were both excellent in appearance, and for a while, he didn't know who started.

"This loli is nice and plump. Shouldn't Beard brother start with her?"

"This little girl is amazing, she has a very charming temperament when she is asleep."

Several subordinates helped to choose, Wang Ye lying on the ground, secretly sneered in his heart to see Blackbeard and who to choose from.

After hesitating for a moment, Black Beard laughed and said, "Let's start with this chick!"

After he said, he walked towards Liu Ruyan.

"Hey, Ying Xin unexpectedly lost to Liu Ruyan, but the black beard tastes special. If I want to choose, I must choose Ying Xin first!" Wang Ye thought in his heart, and clasped Cai Yangxin's hand with his backhand and motioned to her. Don't rush to do it.

This is a good opportunity to test Liu Ruyan.

In the laughter of the five Blackbeard's men, Blackbeard tore off Liu Ruyan's shirt, revealing his white upper body.

He jumped on, fumbled, and started to untie his pants.

This is so, Liu Ruyan didn't even react at all, and seemed to be in a coma.

In a moment, Blackbeard had already climbed up, about to untie Liu Ruyan's underwear.

But even so, Liu Ruyan still did not respond.

"Is it really dizzy?" Wang Ye thought to himself.

If Liu Ruyan is really dizzy, then this woman is too terrible, she is about to be assaulted, if she can bear it without dizziness, how strong is her mental quality.

Cai Yingxin couldn't help it anymore. Wang Ye tightened her hand and motioned to her to continue pretending to sleep, while he suddenly sat up and stretched lazily.

"Sleep, comfortable!"

The five subordinates who watched the excitement were shocked and retreated one after another. The black beard lying on Liu Ruyan's body also rolled over to the ground, and then hurriedly got up.

"You woke up, it's not the time!"

Blackbeard tugged his trousers a little ugly, staring at Wang Ye coldly, and shouted: "Quite, explain, where are you hiding the blood jade pendant? I can make you die faster!"

"Yeah, it's a good thing to disturb you." Wang Ye glanced at Liu Ruyan, then exaggeratedly said, got up and picked up the broken clothes and covered Liu Ruyan's body.

This behavior made the people laugh loudly.

The black beard in the lead obviously didn't take Wang Ye to heart. He sneered and said, "Quite, please explain, I'm still panicking!"

"What if I don't explain?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

"Then I took your skin and knocked your teeth! I have a hundred ways to torture you, I'm not afraid you won't say it!" Black beard shouted.

Wang Ye smiled indifferently, "Pretending to be forceful but will be struck by lightning!"

The three fat sisters took them here, and Blackbeard could find them, and the Zhong family must naturally find them too.

Although these people were rampant, they were not scary for Wang Ye.

But Blackbeard didn't think so. Faced with Wang Ye's provocation, he was furious, strode forward and slammed Wang Ye's front door.


Just as his fist was about to fall on Wang Ye's cheek, his wrist was clasped by his hand.

"Are you special..."

Blackbeard raised his other hand and was about to make a move. Suddenly, his words stopped abruptly, and an electric current quickly spread from his wrist to his body.

On the thunder glove, the thunder arc slammed into the black beard's body, his body began to twitch violently, and his beard began to emit black smoke, and it soon burned.


This weird scene caused five of his men to take a breath, and even forgot to come forward to rescue them.


The beard on Blackbeard's face was burning under the thunder and lightning, and the burning made his cheeks hurt, but he had lost the feeling all over.

As soon as the palm was loose, the black beard all over his body was paralyzed, and he fell straight on his back to the ground.

"I just said, pretending to be struck by lightning!" Wang Ye clapped his hands and grinned.

The other five people were so frightened that they had lost their souls. One of them tentatively stepped forward, pulled Blackbeard's body, and then picked him up. The five turned around and dared not stay at all.

Wang Ye didn't pursue it, but stood with his hand holding his hand and turned to look at the corner of the warehouse.

"Brother, have you seen enough? You won't be able to make the trip if you don't make a move!"