The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 169 Wang Ye is angry

There is still a week before the wedding of Wang Ye and Su Xiaomo. With the deliberate publicity, the whole Luochuan is already a household name.

Together with Wang Ye approaching Shan Qingwu, chairman of the Shanhai Group, and Bai Lingran from the magic capital, Bai Lingran, the imperial capital and the magic capital's business community, almost all know about this, and the business giants are already arranging people to prepare gifts.

Wang Ye and Su Xiaomo acted together to balance Queen Zhong, and he was newly responsible for the layout of the invitation and the wedding scene.

Early the next morning, Wang Ye happily went to Su's house.

However, the marriage between him and Su Xiaomo is now full of storms in the city, but the Su family seems to be blocked from news, and the Su family’s old mansion and villa are particularly deserted.

Even when Wang Ye drove a Ferrari, he was stopped by a security guard just before he arrived at the Su family mansion.

"Sir, this is a private house. Who are you looking for?"

A security guard came up and knocked on the glass of the car as if interrogating a stranger.

"Xiao Liu, have you lost your memory?" Wang Ye frowned.

Since the old man from the Su family agreed to his marriage and took over the 30 billion project of Shanhai Group, Wang Ye and the Su family knew that the security guard Liu had to salute him on weekdays, but today he was a little abnormal.

"Mr. Wang." Without changing his face, Xiao Liu said, "Who are you looking for when you enter Su's house, do you have an appointment?"


Hearing this, Wang Ye burst out swear words, opened the door and got out of the car, looking at Xiao Liu, his face gradually gloomy.

The wedding was held in Su's house. Now he is here to arrange the arrangement. The security guard Xiao Liu actually asked him if he had an appointment?!

Facing his gradually cold eyes, Xiao Liu was a little unnatural at first.

"Mr. Wang, please go back, or you can call the old lady yourself and ask him to give an order, so I can open the door to you. Don't make it difficult for me. I'm just a little security guard."

Xiao Liu knew Wang Ye's temper and could only explain it in desperation.

"Who gave the order?" Wang Ye asked directly.

Xiao Liu couldn't help shaking his head and dared not speak.


A Phantom came out of Zhou's house and stopped in front of Ferrari and honked its horn.

Xiao Liu ran up quickly, and the co-pilot glass fell directly. A woman with heavy makeup and no "prototype" at all, stared at Xiao Liu.

"Do you eat dry food? What's the matter, why is the car stuck at the door?"

"Miss Huang, sorry, I will make arrangements..."

"Miss Huang is yours?" The woman's face sank, and she shouted, "Call me young grandma!"

"Sorry grandma." Xiao Liu hurriedly apologized.

Wang Ye glanced from a distance. The woman was called Huang Manna, Liu Zhao's girlfriend. It was said that she was arrogant and domineering on weekdays, and it was the first time Wang Ye saw her in Su's house.

Xiao Liu ran over quickly, and said apologetically: "Mr. Wang, I bother you to stack up the car. Young grandma has already spoken..."

"Move a hair!" Wang Ye directly locked the door of the car, "Don't talk about moving the car, if I don't make it clear today, I told you to walk around without eating."

No matter that Wang Ye was not angry, he was about to get married, and the Su family refused to let him in.

Fortunately, today is only to plan and arrange the wedding scene. If such a disturbance occurs on the wedding day, his Wang Ye's face will be very small. If he missed the plan, it would be a big deal!

"Yeah, who am I! So it's you Wang Ye!" On the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Huang Manna poked her head out and shouted with disdain: "Hurry up and move your broken car away. Later, the wrong car rubbed my new car, you can't afford to pay."

"This came out of Mount Nima?" Wang Ye glanced at her.

At present in Luochuan, who would dare to compare financial resources? Although Huang Manna is unreasonable, she is not so stupid. He doesn't even know that Wang Ye is currently the richest man in Luochuan, right?

Since taking over the Shanhai Group's project, plus the Modu and his team have made a net profit of more than 40 billion, now Wang Ye is in Luochuan, the richest man is well-deserved, and a broken Rolls-Royce Phantom dare to brag so.

"Xiao Liu, the person who didn't let me enter Su's house, are you not going to tell who it is, are you?" Wang Ye asked in a deep voice.

In fact, he had probably guessed in his heart that the only one who can give orders from the Su family is Su Zhao at present!

Since Xiao Liu refused to say, Wang Ye is going to make a big mess today, otherwise such a farce may happen again in the future.

He nodded, turned and walked towards the Ferrari.

On the Phantom Huang Manna saw this and sneered disdainfully: "A little white face made Shan Qingwu happy by sleeping with him. If he gave him the Nanshan project, he thought he was invincible in the world! Hmph, he didn't make way for me! "

"Miss, he doesn't seem to reverse the car!" The driver's face was already a bit wrong.

Because he saw Wang Ye, who opened the door and got into the car on the opposite side, banging the accelerator, showing him a wicked smile.

"Not backing up? Could it be that he dared to hit him..."

Buzz, buzz...

Before Huang Manna's words were finished, the roar of Ferrari interrupted it.

Wang Ye stepped on the accelerator and held the brakes, throwing a sneer at Huang Manna from a distance.


The next moment, when he put down the handbrake, Ferrari ran into the Rolls-Royce Phantom opposite like a wild horse.


A loud noise frightened the security guards on both sides.

Ferrari slammed into the front of the Rolls-Royce Phantom unbiasedly, deforming the front of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Ferrari’s airbags also popped out.

Wang Ye got out of the car, tugged his clothes, glanced casually at the front of the Rolls-Royce Phantom that had been deformed, then walked quickly to the passenger and knocked on the glass.

The shocked Huang Manna staggered out of the car, and under the violent impact, she didn't wear a seat belt, and knocked on the car directly, her face was blood now.

"Young grandma..." Security Xiao Liu looked worried.

But his step forward was stopped by Wang Ye's look.

Gloating at Huang Manna, when she recovered a little bit, Wang Ye smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I'm all responsible, I'm all responsible! How about sending it to a 4S shop for repairs?"

Huang Manna wiped a handful of blood from her nose, rummaged in her bag for a long time before taking out the wet tissue, and then clutched her nose and started to look at the front of the car.

From this look, Huang Manna was going crazy.

Finally, I begged Su Zhao and spent all his energy on the bed before Su Zhao bought her a Rolls-Royce Phantom like cutting meat. Today is her first day to ride, and this car is her The bride price was bumped into this.

"Wang Ye, you son of a bitch, crashed my car..."

Involuntarily speaking, Wang Ye slapped Huang Manna in the face and staggered her.

"Doggy style, really smelly mouth! This slap is to teach you how to behave! As for the car, if you don't agree, let's drive another one and continue to crash!"

After Wang Ye finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and called Jiang Mengdie, "Bring the fifteenth knight to Su's house! I will wait for you at the door."

After he finished the call, Huang Manna reacted.

"You dare to hit me! You little white face, don't think that you will be arrogant if you gain power for a while, I tell you, I will soon become the young lady of the Su family!"

"Forcing me, believe it or not, I'll smoke you again!" Wang Ye's face was gloomy, and Huang Manna hurriedly avoided when he raised her hand in fright.