The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 170 Su Zhao pretended to fail

"Kill, kill! Wang Ye is going to kill at Su's house..."

Huang Manna leaned on the car and started crying, making troubles and hanging herself, roaring like a shrew.

She didn't dare to yell at Wang Ye anymore, she could only cry in this way.

Wang Ye stared at her lightly, letting her cry for father and mother.

But he is not afraid of the Su family. Xiao Liu is just a security guard. If this matter continues, the security captain as the door guard will probably only be expelled.

But he also understood Wang Ye's temper, and he could not dare to do anything to Wang Ye, so he could only step forward quickly to persuade him.

"Mr. Wang, I said, I said it's not okay. It was the order from Master Su Zhao. From now on, Mr. Wang is not allowed to step into Su's house again, even Miss Su is not allowed. I know, you Today is here to prepare the wedding scene, but you probably don’t know that Master Su Zhao’s wedding day is the same day as your wedding, and..."

"And what?" Wang Ye asked in a deep voice.

Xiao Liu trembles and hurriedly said: "Moreover, the venue selected by Miss Su has already been used by Master Su Zhao for his wedding."

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye laughed playfully.

Su Zhao's wedding was on the same day as his own, and the location was the same. Wang Ye guessed that Liu Zhao had a soft ear and listened to Huang Manna's instigation.

As for not allowing him to re-enter Su's house, I am afraid that there is something Elder Su means.

Otherwise, rely on him and dare to fight against him Wang Ye like this.

I thought about everything because Su Xiaomo's identity was known to the Su family. After all, Su Xiaomo was a descendant of the Zhong family.

"Wang Ye beat people, is there anyone who cares? Are all the Su family members dead! Young grandma has been bullied, so no one can help..."

Huang Manna was still howling like a shrew.

Wang Ye glanced at her, and the evil was rewarded, so let's start with her today!

His eyes signaled Xiao Liu to step back, Wang Ye strode forward, and said in a deep voice, "Shut up! Let's slap again!"

Huang Manna's shouting paused for a while, and after taking a look at Wang Ye, she continued to shout: "I don't want people to talk about beating people, it's unreasonable..."


A loud slap fell on Huang Manna's face, and the curse stopped abruptly.

Huang Manna covered her face and sobbed: "Wang Ye, you dare to make trouble in my Su's house..."

"You haven't married into the Su family yet! Even if you are married, I have to let Su Zhao divorce you!"


After Wang Ye finished speaking, it was another slap.

This time, Huang Manna became obedient and didn't dare to talk back anymore, she just sobbed while covering her red and swollen face. She crouched aside and took out her mobile phone and dialed Su Zhao's number.

"Hey, wife, why did you miss me as soon as I left?" Su Zhao asked with a smile on the phone.

"Su Zhao, you useless! Your woman was beaten at the door of your Su's house. Why are you still dead at home! If you don't come out, I will be beaten to death again."

"Who is so brave, I chopped him off! Wait for Manna, I'll be here!" Su Zhao hung up the phone hurriedly and rushed towards the front door of Su's house, shouting.

Wang Ye gave a look, and Huang Manna stood up and squatted down hurriedly.

In a short while, a group of people headed by Su Zhao rushed towards the gate with great momentum.

When Huang Manna saw the leader Su Zhao, she immediately got up and ran over, throwing off her high heels on the way.

She threw herself into Su Zhao’s arms, crying like a tearful person, "Su Zhao, look, see what I was beaten like! At the door of Su’s house, there are outsiders who dare to beat me like this. If you don't let go of his leg today, don't even think about touching me again."

"My wife does not cry or cry, I will clean him up!"

Su Zhao helped Huang Manna stand firmly, then turned his head and shouted: "It's the dog, the woman to me..."

"Wang Ye! You are not dead!" Su Zhao looked surprised when he saw Wang Ye.

"You are not dead, how could I die!" Wang Ye grinned and walked slowly, "Why, I heard you are going to clean up me?"

His gaze glanced at the group of people behind Su Zhao. At first, this group of people stared at it, but now they dare not say anything.

Who is Wang Ye, who can teach Zhou Guangsheng in the Su family, and who can draw him Su Zhao in public, who dares to do something with him.

Seeing Wang Ye, Su Zhao felt a burning pain in his cheeks.

Seeing that the atmosphere is not right, Huang Manna cried, "Su Zhao, you won't be really afraid of being beaten by him, are you? Counsel, this is the Su family, not his Zhou family! Besides, Su Xiaomo has nothing to do with the Zhou family. Now, why does Wang Ye hit people here?"

"Yeah!" Su Zhao's spirits lifted, staring at Wang Ye and said, "Su Xiaomo is not from my Su family. Now she should be called Zhong Xiaomo! I tell you, she has nothing to do with the Su family anymore, you It's even more okay! If you don't get out, don't blame my Su family for being rude."

"You let him go? Su Zhao, are you deaf or stupid, I asked you to remove one of its legs! Didn't you hear?"

Wang Ye chuckled suddenly.

This scene seems familiar. When he first came to Su's house, Su Yuanhang's girlfriend was like this.

But today, they are probably not as lucky as Su Yuanhang.

Since Wang Ye has chosen a high profile, he is ready to kill the chickens!After all, although Su Xiaomo is not a descendant of the Su family, she reads the love of the Su family and will still move with the Su family in the future. If Su Zhao is allowed to do this, there will be trouble in the future.

"Wang Ye, get me out of the Su family! What are you doing in a daze? The Su family gives you money, is it for you to watch the fun?"

Su Zhao gritted his teeth and shouted in a deep voice. There were nearly twenty people around him. He didn't believe that Wang Ye could shake the sky!

But who would have thought that Wang Ye had a look in his eyes, and those people were afraid to move like a petrified person.

He poked an evil smile and walked to Su Zhao.

"You two are getting married, and the wedding date is the same day as me and Xiao Mo?" He asked with a smile.

Su Zhao straightened his chest and said, "So what?"


Wang Ye slapped Su Zhao in a slap, and stepped forward to seal his neckline.

"The garden that Xiao Mo is optimistic about, are you planning to use it as a wedding scene?"

"How dare you hit me..."


After three slaps, he slapped Su Zhao's face heavily, vomiting blood out, Su Zhao's face instantly became red and swollen.

In this horrible scene, the frightened group of thugs retreated subconsciously, and Huang Manna was also dumbfounded.

Su Zhao didn't dare to speak, he didn't even dare to look at Wang Ye.

"I want you to cancel the wedding now, can you agree?" Wang Ye asked indifferently.

Su Zhao did not speak, but looked at Huang Manna.


But still hesitating, Wang Ye slapped him again.

"Answer or not? I don't want to ask a third time." Wang Ye's body has already emerged with a cold killing intent.

Su Zhao's cheeks were hot, but he felt like falling into an ice cave.

He didn't dare to hesitate any more, and when he was about to nod his head, a loud voice came from a distance: "Wang Ye, what are you doing?"

Everyone hurriedly stepped aside, and it was the old Su Family who was talking, and he walked over with crutches.

When he saw Su Zhao who was aggrieved, his cheeks twitched fiercely.