The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 175: He Is Wang Ye

"Sleep?" Wang Ye chuckled, "Twenty thousand yuan, isn't it?"

"Listen to the big guy, is this particular waiter so crazy?" Yu Hao laughed at everyone: "Poor pretence, poor pretence, that's this kind of person, why do you have to pretend to be poor? ."

A group of classmates laughed playfully, but thought it was fun to play around with a waiter.

Liu Ruyan stood up, but he was stopped by Su Xiaomo when he wanted to stop it.

"This matter is for him to help me..."

Su Xiaomo shook his head, "I'm afraid it is him. Seeing Yu Hao's upset first, he is not a person who loves to fight injustice."

Liu Ruyan frowned. Su Xiaomo's remarks were also telling her that Wang Ye was not helping her because of her face, so that she could distinguish the relationship between them.

Liu Ruyan, who was thoughtful, nodded and sat down.

"Losing money, hurry up!" Yu Hao urged.

Wang Ye tugged his pockets, "At least let me change clothes or get my phone?"

"You are so accustomed to this kind of tricky tricks, I found an excuse to slip away!" Yu Hao dragged him tightly, and ridiculed him.

The messy box attracted Manager Chen, and when Wang Ye was caught, Manager Chen strode forward.

"What's going on? Everyone, have something to say."

"Say a fart! You waiter spilled red wine on my body. This suit is worth 20,000 yuan. Today he must pay." Yu Hao shouted.

Wang Ye turned his head and smiled calmly: "Manager Chen, my phone is still in my pocket and I don't have that much cash. Would you like to advance me a little bit?"

"Okay, wait a minute."

After talking, Manager Chen hurriedly turned around and took 20,000 yuan in cash in a few moments.

"Yeah, it's worthy of the Yushanlou, the top restaurant in Luochuan, the waitresses are treated well!" Yu Hao sneered while putting away the twenty thousand cash.

"Okay, Manager Chen, you can go down first." After Wang Ye finished speaking, he took the money and handed it to Yu Hao.

The latter did not hesitate, but took the money, then turned around and put it in the bag.

"Why don't you roll, what are you doing in a daze!" Yu Hao urged.

Pointing to the suit on his body, Wang Ye smiled slyly, "You take the money, the suit is mine!"

Yu Hao was calm, and when he was about to speak, Wang Ye strode over.

He is not interested in talking with Yu a lot of nonsense, if this kind of bad character is not cleaned up today, it will surely become the future trouble of the Amano Group.

With a buckle on Yu Hao's shoulder, Wang Zhongsheng picked it up.

"What do you want?" Yu Hao shouted, clenching his fists.

"I really don't like this suit, but since it belongs to me, then tear it up!"

Wang Ye grinned and withdrew after talking.


The suit was torn in an instant, and the jacket was broken into strips in twos or twos, but this was not over yet, in the shock of Yu Hao and others, Wang Ye grabbed Yu Hao’s waist and withdrew his palms. With Wang Ye’s strength, this The sturdy trousers were instantly torn in half, revealing Yu Hao's big pants.

Only then did Yu Hao react.

How did this image get out of the Yushan Building?

He suddenly grabbed Wang Ye by the neckline, and shouted with a grim expression: "You are looking for death!"

"Brothers, this kid dared to do something to Brother Hao and get him!"

"Fuck him, kill this girl!"

Several male classmates Huo Ran stood up, ready to rush towards Wang Ye.

"Classmates, I advise everyone, it is best not to do it." Su Xiaomo said with a smile.

Yu Hao turned his head and said, "Xiao Mo, don't interfere in this matter today! It is not worthwhile to hurt our classmates for the sake of a waiter."

"Don't interfere, I'm afraid it won't work." Su Xiaomo walked slowly, and under everyone's dumbfounding, he took Wang Ye's arm.

"Forgot to introduce to everyone, he is the chairman of Yushanlou and the chairman of Amano Group, Wang Ye! My fiance!"

"Wang...Wang Ye?!"

"He he he is Wang Ye?!"

The name like Lei Guaner made a group of people scared.

Yu Hao hurriedly loosened Wang Ye's neckline and staggered back a few steps.

Who would have thought that the chairman of the dignified Amano Group would serve as a waiter here?

Thinking about it now, it's really ridiculous, for the sake of 20,000 yuan, I actually humiliated Wang Ye, saying that he was a poor man and couldn't afford it?!

In front of this, the waiter they looked down upon at first, but the richest man in Luochuan today!

After finishing his clothes, Wang Ye smiled calmly: "The class reunion was meant to enhance the friendship of classmates, but your previous words completely defiled the word classmate! I have classmates like you for Su Xiaomo, And feel ashamed!"

No one dared to speak up anymore. Wang Ye stood aside and heard clearly from beginning to end. Now the sophistry is meaningless.

Yu Hao was a little unwilling, and hurriedly stepped forward to apologize, "Wang Dong, it's me Yu Hao has no eyes, don't take the matter to your heart just now. You take 20,000 yuan."

"Money, you can accept it. That's the money I paid to buy your clothes." Glancing at Yu Hao, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Look at you like this, you should buy a new one. But before that, first Apologize to Liu Ruyan. As for the reason, I don’t think I need to say it again, right?"

How dare Yu Hao refuse to follow? When Su Xiaomo and the three of them did not arrive, he adjusted his breath and threatened that he had almost fallen asleep with Liu Ruyan. Wang Ye was listening to these bragging words.

"Ruyan, sorry, sorry! Please explain to Wang Dong." Yu Hao politely apologized.

Liu Ruyan didn't even look at him.

"Okay, it's getting late! Xiaomo, we should go back too!"

Wang Ye turned around, just walked a few steps, but stopped, turned his head and said to Yu Hao: "Tomorrow you don't need to go to the company again."

Yu Haoru was struck by lightning, and the whole person was stunned.

Watching Wang Ye and the others stepping out of the box, they staggered and sat on the ground.

That's it!

It's all over!

He actually offended Wang Ye, the chairman of the Amano Group, and the misfortune came out of his mouth!This time the party was originally intended to climb Su Xiaomo and get a chance to get a promotion in the Amano Group, but I didn't expect to lose my job.

"He is Wang Ye, Luochuan's richest man today! I'm so blind!"

Liang Huanhuan also looked bleak, "You can't look good, but Wang Ye, he's doing absolutely nothing!"

"Hey, it's also blameless for being unobtrusive. If Su Xiaomo had heard our talk before, I am afraid that her personality would be even worse than what Wang Ye did!"

In this group of classmates, there are some who understand, but now it is too late to say anything.

"Brother Hao, I have something to do, let's go now!"

"I'm leaving now, my daughter-in-law will be born tonight!"

"I, my mother is still at home waiting for me to eat!"

"I have an appointment with my boyfriend. I will go to the movies tonight!"

"Sister Huanhuan, aren't you chasing Yu Hao?"

Before they finished speaking, a group of classmates left the box quickly as if they had encountered a plague god, leaving only Yu Hao, who was sitting paralyzed and looking demented.

He offended Wang Ye, who would dare to have anything to do with him.

Until a long time later, when the waiter came to clean, Yu Hao was wearing a shirt and a pair of big pants, walking towards the outside of the Yushan Building in despair.

A verbal conversation caused him to ruin his future.