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Chapter 180 Killing Emperor Zhong

"You think my mouth will be opened by you so easily! Humph, unless you don't want the blood jade pendant!"

Wang Ye smiled faintly, his eyes wandering looking for a chance to rescue Cai Yingxin.

Emperor Zhong laughed and shouted: "Look what this thing is!"

After he finished speaking, he took out a mirror, palm-sized, which seemed primitive but gave a strange feeling.

But when he saw the mirror, Liu Ruyan's face changed drastically, and Cai Yingxin also showed hopelessness.

"Mind-reading mirror!" Liu Ruyan muttered.

"Mind-reading glasses?" Wang Ye frowned. Listening to his name, isn't this thing similar to the reading glasses in his hand.

"The Zhou family, the magic capital, threatened with death and dealt with the Zhong family for more than ten years! The old man has been suffocating all these years! I finally found a treasure that can read people's thoughts. This object is called the Mind-Reading Mirror! I intend to destroy the Zhou family and get the blazing blood jade pendant, but unfortunately it is meaningless to succeed the Zhou family too late, but it is just right to use it on your Wang Ye!"

There are no wonders in the world, and there are many unknown treasures. Wang Ye has reading glasses, and it is not surprising that the other party has reading glasses.

But his thoughts were turning at the moment, and Emperor Zhong's killing intent was already alive today. It must be a battle of life and death.

Golden silk soft hedgehog!

Suddenly, a bright light flashed in Wang Ye's mind, and the soft golden hedgehog armor rewarded by the system could just rebound the damage.

But there is only one chance to defeat the enemy!

"Ruyan, Zhong Huang first hand it over to you, I'll save Yuxin!" Wang Ye whispered.

He knew very well that with the strength of Zhong Huang's ears, he must be able to hear this muttering sound clearly.

Liu Ruyan nodded, clenched his fist, and went straight to Emperor Zhong.

"All have to die!"

Huang Zhong yelled coldly and blasted his punch to greet him.


There was an ear-splitting sound of fisting, Liu Ruyan staggered back, his face flushed.

On the other hand, Emperor Zhong, only a step back, is to stabilize his figure!

Ejecting out, Liu Ruyan trembled away, and at the same time Wang Ye suddenly disappeared.

During the fight, Emperor Zhong shouted: "Tu Kui, kill Cai Yingxin first!"

The man with a sturdy body like an iron tower was named Tu Kui. Hearing this, he suddenly raised the steel knife and slashed at Cai Yingxin's head.

The steel knife fell quickly with the sound of a violent wind, and Cai Yingxin, who was already unable to move, slowly closed his eyes.


Seeing the big knife, when he was about to slash at Cai Yingxin's neck, a dull fist hit Tu Kui's chest.

A strong force penetrated in, and Tukui's strong body was directly lifted out.

"It's just that!"

Wang Ye was not seen, but his jokes echoed.

Like a ghost, Tu Kui hadn't stood still, and hit his vest with another punch.

After a stagger, Tukui rushed forward a few steps, looking around but no trace of Wang Ye.

"Get out!" He shouted angrily, waving the steel knife in his hand wildly.

Hidden on the side, Wang Ye made ridicules from time to time. This man was physically strong, but apparently lacking in brain power. He was in a mess with only a few words, and he just slashed.

While waiting for an opportunity, Wang Ye paid attention to Emperor Zhong and Liu Ruyan not far away.

Obviously, the injured Liu Ruyan was not Zhong Huang's opponent, and as she trembled, she began to breathe quickly, as if there was a flame in her body, which was ignited rapidly with the flow of blood.

"She has a toxic attack in her body?" Zhong Huang said, he had already taken the medicine for Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan, but he didn't know what medicine it was.

"Silly big guy, I'm behind you!"

A quick fight, this was the only thought in Wang Ye's mind. He yelled and put his foot on Tu Kui's ass.


Tu Kui turned around and slashed down.

Just as the steel knife flew for a while, Tu Kui only felt a pain in his wrist, and the steel knife subconsciously let it go, but suddenly disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, without seeing its shadow, he only heard a gust of wind coming, accompanied by a strong breath of death, which made De Tukui's eyes widened.


The sound of tearing flesh and skin sounded, Tu Kui's head was chopped off by a steel knife, and blood spewed out.

"Idiot!" Upon seeing this, Emperor Zhong exclaimed, shaking Liu Ruyan with a palm, and went straight to Cai Ying's heart.

There was a faint white brilliance visible to the naked eye on the clenched fist.

He quickly blinked and arrived, and poked a sneer, staring at the empty side, but there was blood emerging out of thin air, and then dripping to the ground.

That was Wang Ye, who was holding a steel knife in hiding by virtue of his invisibility cloak. The blood stained on the knife body dripped down the tip of the knife and was discovered by Emperor Zhong.

Wang Ye didn't move, he was waiting for the best time.

At this moment, he was still holding the knife in order to confuse Emperor Zhong's attention and deliberately let him determine his position.

"Cai Yingxin!" Liu Ruyan shouted, standing still.

Cai Ying's eyes were desperate, and now she couldn't move, let alone fight back, she could only watch, Zhong Huang clenched his fist and quickly approached.

"Die me!"

Huang Zhong yelled violently and hit Cai Yingxin's chest with all his strength.

At this moment, Wang Ye suddenly released the steel knife, and immediately appeared in front of Cai Yingxin like a stream of light, holding him in his arms and facing the punch of Emperor Zhong with his back.

This was his only chance to kill Emperor Zhong. If he attacked with a knife at this moment, Emperor Zhong would definitely give up a fatal blow to Cai Zangxin. At that time, relying on Emperor Zhong's ear power, the cloak of invisibility had no effect at all.

Therefore, at this moment, he chose to use his body to block the fatal blow for Cai Yingxin, and with the help of the soft golden silk hedgehog to rebound the attack of Emperor Zhong.

Five thousand catties!The soft golden hedgehog is enough to withstand a heavy blow of five thousand catties!

Cai Ying's heart trembled. Although Wang Ye could not be seen, he could feel Wang Ye who was holding him tightly.

"No, Wang Ye..." she yelled in horror, trying to struggle but was held firmly by Wang Ye.


Huang Zhong bombarded him with a punch, seemingly blocked by an invisible wall, and there was a crash.


I only felt that a mountain-like power penetrated the defense of the soft golden hedgehog armor, and then poured into the body. Although it was defensive, it was still churning with blood. Wang Ye squirted out a violent blood, and hugged Cai Ying. Fell to the ground.

The cloak of invisibility slipped, revealing Wang Ye's flushed cheeks.


At the same time, Emperor Zhong's complexion changed drastically, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and his entire arm bones were broken.

"What are you wearing, what are you wearing?" There was blood flowing out of Zhong Huang's mouth, his arms were drooping, and his fists were bloody.

Lying on the ground with his arms around Cai Yingxin, Wang Ye grinned, "Things that take your life!"

After he finished speaking, he put his foot on the steel knife.

The steel knife flew out and went straight to Emperor Zhong.

On the side of the Zhonghuang kidney area, avoiding the flying steel knives, he sneered and said: "You think this can be..."

Suddenly, his words stopped abruptly, and Huo Ran turned to look.

The steel knife behind that was grasped by the rushing Liu Ruyan, and came straight to Zhong Huang's neck with the howling wind.


With a slash, Huang Zhong's eyes widened, his head already rolled aside.

Killing Emperor Zhong with a single blow, Liu Ruyan knelt on one knee, panting violently.

"Wang Ye, go quickly!" At this moment, Cai Ying pushed Wang Ye away abnormally.

Liu Ruyan also smiled in pain, "Yes, you go!"

Emperor Zhong is dead, what happened to these two?

"What kind of poison did he give you?" Wang Ye stood up and asked in a deep voice.