The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 186 Diamond Glazed Body

In fact, Wang Ye has long discovered that the phone seems to be spiritual, and system rewards are often what he needs most.

For example, the original Huo Yuan Dan and the Yuding Building rewarded by the Demon Capital were all rewarded according to their own needs.

But now that his heart is damaged and his life is in danger, the system should be able to feel it.

Besides, today is the 100th day of consecutive check-in and check-in. The system has given a reminder that today’s reward will be the top prize.

Wang Ye, full of expectation, waited quietly.

Outside the Shuiyue Garden Complex, Zhong Wuxi sat in the back row on a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and asked in a deep voice, "Have you ever investigated the details of Wang Ye?"

Zhong Liang replied respectfully: "It has been confirmed, Wang Ye! He was picked up by a carpenter in Wangjia Village when he was a child. This matter is well known in Wangjia Village. Carpenter Wang died of illness within a few years, and his foster mother raised him. I went to college in Luochuan, and after graduation I started my own business and opened a pharmaceutical factory. Later, a woman deceived people and money! But, the following things are a bit strange!"

"Say!" Zhong Wuji said solemnly.

"It seems that in a blink of an eye, Wang Yeshi came to work. Not only did he have money, he also owned multiple industries in just a few months, and became the richest man in Luochuan today! Although our people guessed that someone secretly helped, but Through various investigations, all assets were acquired by Wang Ye himself!"

Zhong Wuji was not surprised at this point, "This son is indeed a business genius. The Zhou family who played at the Magic Capital Auction will be able to see that! I am just curious, when he started to practice ancient martial arts, and he was able to take the two of me. Palm."

Zhong Liang sneered secretly and said: "Since Cai Yingxin appeared, Wang Ye has only been in contact with Gu Wu for more than half a month! In my opinion, it should be the function of his soft golden hedgehog armor. His heart has been damaged, and tomorrow's wedding , I’m afraid it can’t be held! Master, we really have to wait..."

"Humph! When he is dying, he will come and beg me!" After Zhong Wuji finished speaking, he slowly closed his eyes.

At this moment, in the bedroom, every minute and every second Wang Ye felt extremely difficult.

Finally, when it was twelve o'clock in the morning, he couldn't wait to call out his cell phone and open the check-in system.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Ye muttered: "At the time of life and death, you can go and don't let me down!"

After all, he pressed the sign-in button.

Immediately afterwards, a handwriting and an icon appeared on the screen.

[Congratulations to the host, who has signed in for 100 consecutive days and won the top prize of the system reward: King Kong Glass Body!

Wang Ye was so nervous for the first time. When he clicked the function button, his fingers trembled slightly.

Description of the effects of the diamond glass body: This is not an ordinary pill. It contains a set of exercises, which can not only wash the muscles and marrow, but also reach the limit of the physical body. It has the immortal body of the diamond. If there is a great achievement, the height will be two feet and the strength will be infinite !

"Blow it!" After reading the introduction, Wang Ye shook his head with a wry smile.

If it was to wash the muscles and cut the marrow, and to conceal the cultivation technique, he would believe this, and the strength of ancient martial arts has been seen from Zhong Wuji's hands.

But if you want to cultivate great achievement, you can still accept the body of the vajra, but the height of two feet is not a transformation!It's too ridiculous!

However, Wang Ye has also seen that the peculiar effects of the precious bone-casting profound iron liquid presented by the system have allowed him to transform his bones overnight, and he has the ability to transform Qi with strength.

However, this time, the internal injuries were extremely deep, and when life and death were at stake, Wang Ye was indeed a little nervous and chose to extract.

Within a few breaths, there was an extra pill beside him.

The pill is the size of a longan, the whole body is white as jade, and it exudes a faint pill fragrance, and it looks nothing special.

With a nervous mood, Wang Ye swallowed it openly, and a warm current flowed down his throat to his whole body.


At the same time, there seemed to be a wave of energy directly between the eyebrows, and immediately the whole head felt like an explosion.


He took a breath, gritted his teeth, and suddenly a huge message appeared in his mind, which was filled with chaos.

In addition to the internal injuries in his body, Wang Ye was overwhelmed for less than a minute, and he fainted when he went black.

When he was in a coma, a layer of visible fluorescence enveloped his body, like countless fireflies, it began to fall little by little, landed on his skin, and then sank into his body.

The damaged heart vein is recovering quickly. Not only that, but his skin, muscles, bones and even the internal organs are all covered and protected with a touch of thin film.

The information in his mind began to be reorganized from chaos, and then a little bit of it was imprinted in his memory.

In the early morning of the next day, a ray of sunlight poured in through the window, and Wang Ye's eyelids blinked, and then slowly opened his eyes.


Feeling so refreshed, he stretched lazily.

"All right?" Suddenly, he reacted and sat up.

Feeling the changes in his body, he was pleasantly surprised to find that he, who had a serious internal injury last night, is now like a okay person, and his body's strength is extraordinarily abundant.

Diamond glass body!

Wang Ye grinned, all this is its effect.

As soon as his thoughts turned, the record of the diamond glaze body emerged in his mind, which was a cultivation method similar to ancient martial arts.

Going through the memory carefully, Wang Ye discovered that Cai Zangxin didn’t cheat him at the time. The cultivation technique he gave him was indeed entry-level, and the technique of the diamond glazed body was similar to most novels. The same.

This kind of cultivation does not rely on exercise, but it does not rely on the meditation practice in the novel, but an insight.

It is like the insight of the state of mind, as long as you can understand that level, you can improve one level.

Wang Ye got up, opened the window, breathing in the fresh air, flipping through the memory of the vajra glaze body in his mind.

According to the records, if the Vajra glazed body is small, the body can be as hard as a rock. If it is the power of the flesh body, it will be able to complete the law, and the height of two feet when it is completely erupted is also recorded in the practice.

The more he tried to figure it out, the more excited and addicted Wang Ye became.

"Why are you up?"

Suddenly, a surprised exclamation sounded behind him, interrupting Wang Ye's thoughts.

He turned and looked at Su Xiaomo with a stunned look.

"I won't get up, how do we get married today?" Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

"But your injury?" When Su Xiaomo spoke, Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan outside the door also rushed in.

Their eyes widened, staring at Wang Ye, who moved freely, one by one in disbelief.

Without knowing how to explain it, Wang Ye spread his hands, "That old Zhong Wuji, that's it! I'm old and soft, plus my ancestral treasure golden silk soft hedgehog armor, that little injury is nothing, even Next time, take him a few more palms..."

"Stop blowing, can you do it?" Cai Yingxin stepped forward and gave him a blank look. "One night he can transform his energy with strength, and one night his heart pulse is completely recovered! Your little secret is unwilling to disclose, but Don’t brag too much! Of course, I don’t exclude my master who teaches well!"

"Enough for both of you!" Liu Ruyan sneered: "Can you not brag, try not to brag, don't be stunned, the lady hurries to put on makeup, and will go to the wedding scene with the groom's wedding car later!"

Wang Ye recovered from his injury, and the three of them were excited. Since Wang Ye didn't say anything, they didn't plan to ask more.

After some cleaning, a large number of luxury cars set off from the Shuiyue Garden and headed for the old house of the Su family.

Today is a sensational day in Luochuan!