Wang Ye, the richest man in Luochuan, married Su Xiaomo, the daughter of the Su family, and the wedding was held in the old house of the Su family.

The whole Luochuan was boiling over, and Su's family was like a city in the early morning.

Those who came were entrepreneurs from Luochuan, large and small, as well as friends from the magic capital and the imperial capital from afar.

But more are the bosses of some small and medium-sized enterprises, and some citizens who come to join in the fun.

Amano Group has long announced that those who go to the Su's house on the wedding day will be warmly welcome regardless of their status or status, and all those present will receive a cash red envelope as a gift.

Building momentum is part of Wang Ye's plan.

But today, the huge Su family is in place from the inside, it is almost impenetrable, there are tens of thousands of people who come, and the only open space is the unique wedding scene.

Knight XV took the lead, Wang Ye personally drove the car, and the co-pilot was Su Xiaomo in wedding dress and delicate makeup.

After that, he followed the Maybach for more than ten miles, slowly coming towards the Su family.

The crowd consciously stepped aside and let the wedding car slowly drive in.

The grand ceremony of the wedding has just begun at this moment. There are helicopters hovering over Su's house, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of cash red envelopes, like rain of red envelopes, falling from mid-air, and everyone is cheering. Hands were rushing.

On a balcony of the Su family, Mr. Su stood with his hands in his hands, looking up at the hovering helicopter, spending money like earth and money.

"Then Wang Ye is a terrapin! This is too floating!" Su Zhao gritted his teeth and muttered.

Elder Su turned his head and gave him a vicious look.

"Your mouth, it's better to stay back! Now Wang Ye, the well-deserved richest man in Luochuan, this little money is a fraction of the price for him, and did you know! Even the old man of the Zhong family, Zhong Wuji, will be here today! Do you know what it means?"

Su Zhao lowered his head unwillingly, his eyes filled with resentment.

Father Su sighed, "That will mean that Wang Ye will be the son-in-law of the family from now on! The Zhongnanshan Zhong family, the leading family in China, is not measurable by money. From today, you Su Zhao and Wang Ye, one sky, one place! I know you are not convinced in your heart, but this is the fact. If you have grievances, just hold it back to me, and if you feel wronged, let me bear it! Otherwise, the Su family will be because of you. In this Luochuan and even Huaxia no longer exist!"

Su Zhao's body trembled fiercely, and his spiteful eyes began to dim, a strong low self-esteem, occupying his heart.

Indeed, he is no longer at the same level as Wang Ye.

The Su family was full of excitement, filled with joy and joy.

A quarter of an hour later, Su and Yang Guifang were already sitting on the high platform at the wedding scene.

Wang Ye, who was holding Su Xiaomo, had a ruddy face, and amidst cheers, he slowly stepped onto the wedding hall.

Gathering here, about a few miles away, on the roof of a residential building, Zhong Wuji stood with his hand holding his hand, his expression incomparably surprised.

"He is safe and sound! How is this possible?"

With his eyesight, although he is far apart, he can see clearly, Wang Ye is full of energy and full of energy, completely unlike a person with a damaged heart and internal injuries!

"Who has been to the Wang's Villa last night?" Zhong Wuji suddenly turned around and asked after a long time.

A group of people trembling behind him, Zhong Liang replied in horror: "No, no one!"

"Impossible!" Zhong Wuji patted his hand on the fence, and said in a deep voice: "If there is no strong person to rescue him, how can he heal from his injuries overnight!"


The fence was cracked with spider-web cracks, and then shattered.

"Go! Go to the wedding scene! See what Wang Ye relies on!"

After Zhong Wuji finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the phantom downstairs.

At this moment, the wedding scene was overcrowded, but it was quiet. Wang Ye and Su Xiaomo held hands, walked across the bridge and walked to the stage.

The emcee was preparing to hold the ceremony, but Wang Ye waved his hand and took the microphone from his hand.

With a faint smile, Wang Ye turned and looked at the people around him, "Thank you all the guests, but before praying to heaven and earth, please wait for a while. An important guest has not yet appeared!"

"Don't wait! The old man is here!"

A puffy voice was louder than the sound of a stereo, and the eardrum of the person who was shaking was sore.

The crowd quickly stepped aside, Zhong Wuji strode forward, and Zhong Liang and the other person followed him closely.

"Who is this person, I haven't seen it before!"

"It should not be an entrepreneur from Luochuan."

"But it seems very stylish."

There was a lot of discussion, Zhong Wuji stepped onto the high platform, Yang Guifang saw him, her face pale in fright, she could see clearly last night that he seriously injured her son Wang Ye.

As for Mr. Su, who was still sitting before, he got up long ago and walked quickly to greet him with a smile.

"Elder Zhong, your presence is really making my Su Jiapengxun shine, please..."

Zhong Wuji passed by, ignoring him, and walked directly in front of Wang Ye.

He looked at Wang Ye unscrupulously, and the more he looked, the more surprised he became, and the more he looked, the more surprised he became.

Wang Ye stood with his hands down, poked with a calm smile, full of energy, and Zhong Wuji saw at a glance that not only Wang Ye was unscathed, but his body was obviously stronger than last night by three points.

"Your injury?" After a long while, Zhong Wuji couldn't help but ask.

Wang Ye smiled and put his hands together, "Thanks to the mercy of the old man, the younger generation can be safe and sound."

"You don't have to be close to me, I have no mercy..."

"Father, so many people are watching! Why take those things out and talk about it." Wang Ye leaned in front of him and said in a low voice.

Zhong Wuji only felt that his face was dull, and he hurt others by himself, but the other party was unscathed.

"It's just a group of ants, why bother about their gaze!" Zhong Wuji waved his sleeve and said, "Where is the jade pendant?"

"Yes, yes, I almost forgot when I was busy. Today is the time to give you an explanation!" Wang Ye patted his forehead, then turned to look at Su Xiaomo.

As it was approaching, Su Xiaomo hesitated, especially Zhong Wuji's unfeeling and ruthlessness last night, which caused the originally planned plan to be a little wasted at this moment.

Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan were at Su Xiaomo's side and touched her gently.

This was how she reacted and walked slowly in front of Zhong Wuji.

The old eyebrows frowned slightly, Zhong Wuji asked, "Is the jade pendant in your hand?"


Su Xiaomo knelt down in public when he bent her knees!

For a while, there was an uproar in the field, everyone was talking about it, not knowing what was going on!

How could the wife of the richest man kneel in front of a strange old man.

Zhong Wuji was also a little stunned, turned his head and glanced at Wang Ye, and saw that he was smiling.

At this moment, on the side of the wedding scene, countless reporters appeared, and the flashlights taking pictures were extremely dazzling.

"Wang Ye! What do you want to do?" Zhong Wuji lowered his voice and asked.

Wang Ye grinned and said, "You come here in person and host the wedding for both of us. How can you let Xiaomo recognize your ancestors and return to the clan?"

He said slyly, turned on the microphone in his hand, and handed it to Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo raised her head and glanced at Zhong Wuji. At this moment, she felt relieved that the so-called recognition of ancestors and returning to the ancestors was just one of the strategies!