The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 191 What's wrong with this leg

After spending half the night in the villa, except for Jiang Mengdie and Yang Guifang who went out early in the villa the next day, everyone else got up very late.

Liu Ruyan, who was yawning, sat listlessly at the dining table.

"Sister Yingxin, I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Is there anything else you haven't prepared?"

"There is nothing to prepare." Cai Yingxin held a glass of milk and said: "I think twice, this time we are going to Zhongnan Mountain. Let's drive by ourselves. It is convenient."

"Well, exactly four people and one car!"

As soon as I got here, I heard the sound of going downstairs, Liu Ruyan looked up, and immediately startled.

Zhong Xiaomo held his legs and walked down the stairs with one hand, looking very strenuous.

Cai Yingxin frowned, got up to help, and asked, "Xiao Mo, what happened to your legs?"


As soon as he finished speaking, the milk Liu Ruyan drank into his mouth sprayed out.

She smiled and wiped her mouth, and then looked envious, "What else, I was tossing for too long last night! Miss, in my impression, you are not..."

"Shut up!" Zhong Xiaomo glared at her shyly.

Gritting his teeth and walking down, he was finally relieved to sit at the dining table.

But her eyes were facing each other, and she looked even more shy when she saw Liu Ruyan's stern smile on her face.

"Alright, alright! Don't make fun of me. When you came back from the ruined temple that day, didn't you walk in the same posture!"

This sentence made Liu Ruyan blush.

The three women smiled at each other, tacitly understanding each other.

At this moment, on the third floor of Hairui Jewelry Building, Yang Guifang was staring at a watch with a lot of rings on the counter.

Seeing that she was dressed plainly and didn't have the wealthy temperament, the waiter stood at the counter and said indifferently.

"Mother, this watch is a Rolex diamond limited edition."

Yang Guifang didn't understand this thing. He went out with Jiang Mengdie early in the morning and asked her to send her directly to the best jewelry store in Luochuan.

Her goal is to buy a gift for Wang Ye, of course, the more expensive the better, and she will give it to Master Zhong at that time, hoping to please him and not make trouble for her son.

But she didn't know anything about watches and asked, "Is this a big brand?"

"Well, a big brand. And this watch is a luxury among luxury items!" The waiter casually said, "In China, there are only three pieces of this watch."

Yang Guifang nodded in satisfaction, "How much do you get?"

Looking at her, the waiter determined that this old woman was just too idle. There were not many people who could afford this watch in Luochuan.

But Yang Guifang asked repeatedly, and the waiter had to answer: "Mother, you don't want to buy it, you have to ask! This watch is worth hundreds of millions!"

"Are the watches that expensive?" The price did surprise Yang Guifang.

"I told you it is a Rolex diamond limited edition, you see, the scales are all diamonds."

Speaking of this, the waitress didn't bother to explain, waved to Yang Guifang to go to other places.

"How much is it?" Yang Guifang insisted on asking.

"Mother, listen well, this watch is worth 120 million!" The waiter raised his voice and attracted the attention of many people.

When they turned their heads to look, these people all showed disdainful smiles. How could an old woman in plain clothes afford a watch worth 120 million.

But when Yang Guifang gritted her teeth, she thought to herself that if Wang Ye gave him such an expensive watch, it would be enough to show her sincerity. By then, at Zhong's house, Mr. Zhong would not be merciless to Wang Ye like that night. .

Everything is for the safety of his son.

She took out a bank card from her bag and handed it to the waiter, "Help me wrap it up."


The waiter was dumbfounded, glanced at the bank card in her hand, and swallowed his throat.

"Mother, have you always teased me? This watch..."

Yang Guifang nodded and said, "My child, I don't want to make you play. I know that this watch is 120 million yuan, and the card is my son's pension money saved for me. I remember that there are more than 1 billion yuan. You swipe your card. Right."

A group of people around, their eyes are straight.

Pension money, one billion?

Either this old woman is crazy, or his son burns with so much money!

However, looking at Yang Guifang's seriousness, the waiter secretly sighed.

This watch has been here for half a year. A beautiful woman coveted it a few days ago. She seems to be planning to buy it and give it to his godfather. She has been here twice and has not decided yet.

It's the shameless aunt who is ready to buy it in a few words.

"Just her, buy this watch?" Just when the waiter took the bank card, a stylishly dressed woman in her twenties came over and glanced at Yang Guifang with disdain, and then stared at it like a fool The waiter said, "She is stupid, are you stupid with her? Can Kari have 120 million?"

"Ms. Xu, this... I will know if I swipe the card later." The waiter was said to be angry, "You have seen it several times. This watch is just this one. Mother..."

"You are crazy!" Xu Qian mumbled disdainfully: "My godfather promised me, and he will transfer the money to me in a while, and I'll just buy it later."

Upon hearing that Xu Qian was about to buy this, Yang Guifang hurriedly said: "Girl, but none of them come first. I paid for this watch first. This is what I gave to my son..."

"Go, old lady, stay away from me, Mai Tai!" Xu Qian waved her hand exaggeratedly, and stepped aside.

Immediately, he said to the waiter with disdain: "Then you can go and swipe it. I see how this old lady's card can be swiped for 120 million."

Xu Qian's arrogant attitude made the waiter very dissatisfied. Although she also believed that Yang Guifang might have some problems in her mind, she took the credit card machine with the attitude of giving it a try.

In Xu Qian's disdainful sneer, the waiter after swiping the card motioned Yang Guifang to enter the password.


A clear voice sounded, and the card was successfully issued, which shocked everyone present.

"Big, aunty, I'll wrap it up for you." The waiter said grimly.

Xu Qian was stunned, she never expected that Yang Guifang really had 120 million.

When the waiter handed the packaged Rolex to Yang Guifang, Xu Qian held down the box.

"I saw this thing first! You can't sell it to her!" Xu Qian unreasonably shouted: "I have booked a few times, and I paid for it today."

"Girl, I have already bought it." Yang Guifang politely walked to Xu Qian's side and said, "I am going to buy this watch for my son. It is very important to give it to my son..."

"Go away, this lady thinks you are dirty!" Xu Qian said, pushing Yang Guifang's shoulder.


Unsteady standing, Yang Guifang fell to the ground with a staggering sound, holding a sweat with pain in both hands.

"Mother." The waiter hurriedly walked out of the counter.

"My leg, it seems, it seems to be broken..." Yang Guifang's sore lips trembled.

But Xu Qian sneered disapprovingly: "You money, I'm afraid it was made by touching porcelain like this."

Seeing that Yang Guifang was in severe pain, the waiter had to ask Yang Guifang to take out his mobile phone and call relatives.

At this moment, Wang Ye, who was still lying on the bed lazily, his cell phone rang, and he connected the phone vaguely, "Mom."

"Son, I was pushed down by a little girl in the Hai Rui Jewelry Building, and my leg seemed to be broken."

Wang Ye sat up abruptly, and suddenly became completely drowsy, "Mom, wait, I will go over immediately."