Liu Defa, who was afraid of the powerful, drew a sneer from a crowd of onlookers.

But these people don't know the fear in Liu Defa's heart. The man in front of him is currently the richest man in Luochuan. Many businesses of the Liu family rely on the Amano Group. If Wang Ye said a word, his old Liu family would be over.

But Xu Qian didn't know who Wang Ye was and how powerful she was. At this moment, seeing Liu Defa not only didn't intend to give her a head start, but also planned to let Wang Ye scrap her another leg, she was immediately angry.

She dared not yell at Wang Ye, but she was not afraid of this godfather Liu Defa at all.

"Okay, you Liu Defa, if he has the money, you will fawn on him and prepare to make others happy with me, right? Okay, you are in the first year of junior high school, and I will be in the fifteenth year! Don't blame me Xu Qian for not warning you, making me anxious. I will shake you all those things about you."

Xu Qian grinned with pain, but glared at Liu Defa. She took out her mobile phone after she finished speaking.

Seeing this, it was obvious that he was going to tear his face.

Liu Defa's old face is sullen, compared to the discovery of the little third and the life and death of the old Liu family, he naturally chose the latter.

His face sank, Liu Defa turned around and ignored it.

Xu Qian's hand that made the call paused slightly, and when Liu De felt determined, she began to cry.

After pulling out his ears, Wang Ye poked a sneer. Before the ambulance arrived, he glanced at Xu Qian.

This woman is vicious and deceptive. Tomorrow she will go to Zhongnan Mountain. Maybe it will take a while. In addition, after returning from Zhongnan Mountain, Wang Ye plans to march into the Demon Capital.

I'm afraid that the old mother won't follow her far away, and she has to live in Luochuan.

What if something like this happens again after he leaves?

Killing chickens and monkeys is undoubtedly the best choice, so that everyone knows that his Wang Ye's relatives and friends can't touch them, and this can sound the alarm for those ignorant.

Thinking of this, Wang Ye's eyes flashed with killing intent.

He smiled slyly and beckoned at Liu De, who ran over with a look of courtesy.

"Wang Dong, you..."

Waved his hand to interrupt his words, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Dong Liu was deceived and deceived to start such an extraordinary thing. My wife is reasonable and should be able to understand you."

"Wang Dong made a joke, but this woman is indeed a hot-headed woman who did the tricky things, but this woman is relying on me, so I can't help it." Liu Defa sighed helplessly.

Obviously he was acting in front of his Wang Ye, but Wang Ye didn't say it through seeing it through, and nodded in agreement.

"By the way, just as Liu Donghao suggested, that her remaining leg will be handed over to Liu Dong! It is also good to show her determination to his wife that she will not ruin Liu Dong's warm family because of her."

"Legs..." Liu Defa trembled all over, staring at Wang Ye in surprise, but the latter nodded with a smile.

After gritting his teeth, Liu Defa turned around and walked towards Xu Qian step by step, the more gloomy he got closer.

There have been more and more onlookers. Many people have pulled out their mobile phones. The power of the media is huge. Some people have found out Wang Ye’s identity on the Internet, and some are shooting videos, preparing to follow this huge news. Publish on the web.

Cai Yingxin frowned slightly, and walked to Wang Ye's side and whispered in a low voice: "Although that woman is indeed unreasonable and hateful, you have already abolished her leg. You don't have to do that too much."

Seeing Wang Ye's silence, when Cai Yingxin was about to plead for Xu Qian, Liu Ruyan on the side dragged her.

"Don't see it yet, Wang Ye did it deliberately! To kill the chickens and curse the monkeys and show them to the people in Luochuan!"

Hearing this, Cai Yingxin glanced at Xu Qian pityingly, but it was a pity that this woman provoked Wang Ye and hit his muzzle. To blame, she could only be blamed for her ignorant arrogance.

"Old Liu, have you figured it out?" Seeing Liu Defa came, Xu Qian thought he had changed his mind, and gave Wang Ye a vicious look, then hugged Liu Defa's leg, enduring the pain and coquettishly said.

"I know, Lao Liu, you are the best to me. You are the godfather who loves me the most. Although Wang Ye has some money, what can be done? She deliberately hurt people and broke my leg. You help me, and I let him sit through the prison."


Liu Defa put a foot on Xu Qian's shoulder, and she staggered to the ground.

"Xu Qian!" Liu Defa gritted his teeth and shouted: "You are doing arrogant and domineering things outside with the money I gave you! The old man is over 60 years old, and you actually pushed him to the ground. No repentance!"

"Liu Defa, I am looking away. It turns out that you, a vicious woman, approached me only for money! Today, I will seek justice for Wang Dong's mother."

"Liu De is driving you crazy!" Xu Qian scolded.

But suddenly, her face changed suddenly, because Liu Defa suddenly became hideous at this time, and suddenly raised a foot and stepped on her ankle.



Accompanied by a heavy pedaling sound, there is also a clear sound of bone fracture.

"Ah, my ankle, Liu Defa, you, you..."

Xu Qian wailed, Liu Defa raised his feet and kicked them one by one until Xu Qian passed out of pain, and this was the bead of sweat from his forehead.

In the mall, the onlookers were silent, and the tragic scene made their hands with mobile phones tremble subconsciously.

Liu Defa turned around, walked quickly to Wang Ye's side, and pleaded guilty: "Wang Dong, I am also responsible for this matter today. Please don't blame it! Auntie's medical expenses, I have all paid out, and I will ask for the best care. Take care of Auntie until she is discharged."

With a slight smile, Wang Ye looked at him.

Liu Defa was worried and hurriedly explained: "I know that Qian Wangdong doesn't care about this, but this is my old Liu's heart of regret. I hope Wang Dongmo will refuse."

"Okay! Since Dong Liu is so sincere, then this matter will trouble you." Wang Ye heavily patted him on the shoulder.

"It should be, it should be." The cold sweat behind Liu Defa soaked his clothes.

Fortunately, this contradiction should have not affected him.

With personal escort, Liu Defa and Wang Ye sent Yang Guifang to the hospital. After the examination, he underwent an operation. Liu Defa left in the middle of the night.

And before he left, he had already hired the best escort, guarding here 24 hours a day in shifts.

Seeing that the mother on the hospital bed had gone to sleep, Wang Ye waved his hand, quietly left with everyone, and returned to the villa.

Tomorrow morning, I will leave for Zhongnan Mountain. Although my mother is in the hospital, there are four escorts guarding her in shifts. There will be no problems.

Now, Liu Defa has abolished Xu Qian's leg. This video has gone viral on the Internet. It must be known to everyone now. No one dares to be so arrogant and rude to his Wang Ye's relatives!

After a nap for four hours, Wang Ye and his party were all ready to go.

Pioneer drove to the hospital. After saying goodbye to his mother, he instructed Dean Yang of Luochuan Hospital to take care of him. Wang Ye was relieved. He took Zhong Xiaomo, Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan, and drove towards Zhongnan Mountain.

Go back!This is a custom of returning to the natal family after getting a wife.

But this time I went to Zhong's house, I was afraid it was not as simple as going back to the door.