Zhongnan Mountain is a thousand miles away from Luochuan, and the car just drove into the ancient city the next morning.

As the car drove slowly in the ancient city, Zhong Xiaomo and the three of them poked their heads out, moaning from time to time.

The ancient city, known as Chang'an in ancient times, is located in the south of the central part of the Guanzhong Plain, adjacent to the Weihe River in the north, and Nanshan in the south. It is surrounded by meandering currents and it is said that there are eight waters around Chang'an.

Passing this beautiful ancient city all the way to the south, you can see the steep and majestic mountains like Panlong intertwined in it, this is Zhongnan Mountain.

Along the way, Wang Ye asked: "Ruyan, you grew up in Zhong's family since you were a child. Do you remember the road to Zhong's house? Where did we get off and hike?"

Liu Ruyan sneered when he heard the words, "What age is this? The roads are accessible, and even Zhongnan Mountain can pass through tunnels. How can there be no road for Zhong's house in this deep mountain?"

Upon seeing this, Wang Ye also smiled bitterly.

Want to come too, the Zhong family is rich and powerful!It is a well-known hidden family in China. Although it lives deep in the Zhongnan Mountains, it controls many economic lifelines. How can it be necessary to walk on the road to the Zhong family.

Following Liu Ruyan's point, a wide green avenue leads directly into the mountains and forests.

The terrain of Zhongnan Mountain is steep, the natural environment is excellent, the air in the mountain is fresh, and the sound of birds, animals, insects and ants echoes.

Being here is quite refreshing.


Suddenly, a person rushed out on the side of the empty road, blocked in front of the car, and Wang Ye braked to a steady stop.

"Zhong Liang!"

Looking at the person in front of the car, Wang Ye frowned.

It was Zhong Liang who was blocking the way. Although he did not know where he was in Zhong's house, Zhong Liang suffered a great loss in front of the villa that night. Not only did he lose his face and his entire arm was broken.

Wang Ye had long since guessed that Zhong Liang would definitely be in trouble when he returned to the door of Zhong's house during this trip, but he didn't expect that he hadn't gone deep before, so he was stopped by Zhong Liang.

"This guy must be looking for faults, I'll go and clean him up!" Liu Ruyan said, preparing to get off the car.

"Stop!" Wang Ye yelled softly, "Don't be reckless! The strong dragon does not suppress the local snake. Moreover, this time we are here, not to provoke troubles, but to return to Xiaomo's family! Furthermore, the Zhong family is powerful, and can bear it. You stay in the car and I will meet him when I go down."

"Wang Ye, be careful." Zhong Xiaomo reminded.

Wang Ye turned his head and smiled, opened the door and got out of the car and walked towards Zhong Liang. He clasped his fists and arched his hands and asked very politely: "Brother Zhong Liang, are you here to pick us up?"

"Pick you up, hahaha, Wang Ye, you want to be beautiful, and you are too overestimating yourself!"

Zhong Liang's face sank, glaring at him.

Wang Ye still poked a smile like a spring breeze, "Brother Zhong Liang has something else?"

"Nothing else, just waiting for you here!"

"Oh? Any enlightenment?" Wang Ye asked.

From beginning to end, he wore a kind smile, so Wang Ye gave Zhong Liang a lot of face because of the so-called not hitting the smiley.

But he stood with his hands behind his hands, his face was gloomy, and he obviously didn't appreciate it.

Pointing a finger to the distance, it looked away, like a mountain peak like a tiger's mouth, "This is the Tianxian Hukou Cliff of Zhongnan Mountain! Have you ever heard of it?"

Seeing Wang Ye shaking his head, Zhong Liang sneered and said: "I have my own rules in the Zhong Nanshan Zhong family! We welcome guests and walk on the road by ourselves, and the Zhong family treats each other with courtesy."

"Then this means that the Zhong family never regarded me as..."

"Wang Ye, you don't have to fight with me. To tell you the truth, I Zhong Liang doesn't like you very much! But after all, you have become the son-in-law of the Zhong family, and naturally half of the Zhong family! But you have to enter the door of the Zhong family, It's not that simple!"

"Since ancient times, the Zhong family has rules. Those who get married to the Zhong family need to be eligible to enter the Zhong family! Crossing Hukou Cliff and traveling a hundred miles is the test of entering the Zhong family! This matter is not against you, but Zhong House rules. So, I will help you drive this car back to Zhong's house, where I will be waiting for you!"

Speaking of this, Zhong Liangyin quizzed a smile, "If you have a life, before you count on Zhong's house, the enmity between you and me!"

It didn't look like he was lying, Wang Ye glanced at the Hukou Cliff that was looming in the mist, and then nodded.

"Since it is the rules of the Zhong family, then my Wang Ye, as the son-in-law of the Zhong family, must naturally follow! Please, brother Zhong Liang!"

Wang Ye made a gesture of asking, and walked to the side of the car first, pulled the door of the car and informed Zhong Xiaomo of the matter.

Hearing that, they all looked at Liu Ruyan, and she was the only one who had stayed at Zhong's house.

Liu Ruyan frowned slightly, "Speaking after getting off the car, I will hike on foot!"

Under Zhong Liang's ill-intentioned smile, the three got out of the car, and Zhong Liang rolled onto the car and kicked the accelerator and drove away.

"Let's go, on foot! I don't care about Sister Ying Xin, just because I'm afraid that the young lady will not be able to eat it." Liu Ruyan pointed to the mountain forest on one side.

Zhong Xiaomo curled his lips, "Ruyan, you are too underestimated! I am not a spoiled princess, why can't I walk the mountain road."

Liu Ruyan smiled bitterly and did not explain, and a group of four walked along the forest towards Hukou Cliff.

On the way, under Wang Ye's questioning, Liu Ruyan said helplessly: "Crossing Hukou Cliff is indeed the Zhong family's rules! But...this is the rule to punish those who have committed rebellious things to the Zhong family!"

"Zhongnan Mountain has a steep terrain, Hukou Cliff is a natural danger, and it is even more dangerous! Moreover, the natural environment in the mountains and forests is very good, the wild beasts are rampant, and the mountains are easy to lose their way. Hukou Cliff is the only sign that only approaches every day It emerged for two hours at noon, and the rest was hidden in the clouds."

Hearing this, everyone understood why Zhong Liang was so proud before. It seems that it is indeed not an easy way to walk through Hukou Cliff into Zhong's house.

Soon, this was verified.

The mountains and forests are full of thorns, and there is no way to go. You can only open up while walking. The road in the forest is nothing more. The farther you go, the steep slopes and the sections near the cliffs are extremely dangerous.

After four hours of walking, everyone looked tired, especially Zhong Xiaomo, with fragrant sweat on his forehead, and his face flushed a little.

"After the forest in front, let's get a message." Wang Ye glanced up, and Hukou Cliff was already hidden in the clouds. "At this speed, I'm afraid I have to sleep in the mountains and forests at night, and I will arrive at Zhong Zhong at noon tomorrow. Home."

"Well, the physique of the young lady is no better than that of the three of us. After passing this forest, there is indeed a news meeting!" Liu Ruyan nodded.

Cai Ying was silent, but stared at the forest in front of him quietly, with a vigilant look in his eyes.

"Come out!" suddenly, she shouted loudly.

The three Wang Ye followed her gaze, the trees in the forest were intertwined, and no one was seen.

But no one was seen, but he heard it, "The road back to the Zhong family is not easy. If you feel bitter, you can leave. Not everyone can have a relationship with the Zhong family!"

It was a woman's voice, Wang Ye closed his eyes slightly, perceiving it quietly, opened his eyes suddenly after a few breaths, poking a smile.

"The person here should be Zhong's family, that's your own! The tree is high, don't fall the girl!"

After a short silence, on a big tree, a woman in a green shirt stood up and looked down at the three Wang Ye.

"The ears are good, but a little crazy!" The woman jumped up when she said. The trunk was more than ten meters high, and she walked towards Wang Ye proudly with a steady face.