The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 195 Humiliating Zhong Ling

"Are you Zhong Xiaomo?"

Walking to the front of Wang Ye's four, the woman cast her eyes on Zhong Xiaomo's body.

Regardless of her young age in her early twenties, her tone of voice is not small, standing with her hands in her hands, quite a domineering attitude.

"It's me! Who are you?" Zhong Xiaomo looked at her.

"Zhong Ling, when you can get to Zhong's house, maybe I have to call you sister!" After Zhong Ling finished speaking, she shook her head and reminded: "But I advise you, it is better to give up! The Zhong family is thriving, not many you No one lacks you! Don't lose your life just to climb the Zhong family!"

"Huh! I wouldn't bother to come here if she didn't force me to return to any door!" Zhong Xiaomo looked disdainful.

Zhong Ling's face sank, and she scolded: "Do you think that anyone can come to Zhong's family! Tell you that the natural danger of Hukouya that you pass is the way for Zhong's family to punish the traitors! The father said this, it means you Zhong Xiao Mo betrayed the Zhong family!"

Wang Ye can roughly understand that Zhong Wuji suffered a dumb loss in Luochuan, especially Zhong Xiaomo's public recognition of his ancestors, which made him unexpectedly missed the blood jade pendant. It is estimated that this is the right thing for Zhong Xiao. Mo has opinions!

Seeing the stalemate in the atmosphere, Wang Ye grinned, "Whether it is a Zhong family traitor or not, there is no point in arguing. I came here this time to bring my daughter-in-law back home! We will do whatever the old man said. !"

But his words made Zhong Ling even more disdainful and sneered.

"Look at your face, you are planning to entangle my Zhong's family with a lifeless grimace! Well, let's talk about it at the Zhong's family, but I guess you will not be able to get out of the forest in front of me! You will be thirsty then! Starving to death, don’t blame me for not reminding you!"

After that, Zhong Ling turned and walked towards the forest.

Seeing her not far into the woods, her back gradually blurred and then disappeared.

"This wood is not easy!" Cai Ying looked solemn.

Zhong Xiaomo gritted her teeth and said that she had changed her surname from the Zhong family to her ancestor. She had always resisted the Zhong family, but this time she came to the Zhong family to make things difficult and made her feel resentful.

But what about hate? The Zhong family is very powerful. If a complete break is not good for both parties, they can only bear it for the time being.

She took Liu Ruyan's hand and asked, "Ruyan, you stayed at Zhong's house when you were young, have you ever heard about this forest?"

"I hope it's not the Lost Forest I know." Liu Ruyan sighed. "The Zhong family has passed on for thousands of years and has a rich heritage. It is said that the Lost Forest was built according to the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams. It's hard to get out!"

"That Mizong Lin, isn't it the barrier of the Zhong family! How to set it here?" Cai Yingxin also heard about it. Mizong Lin is weird, and it is really hard to crack if you don't understand the gossip formation.

"Sister Yingxin, you don't ask about world affairs, I'm afraid you have forgotten the time!" Liu Ruyan smiled bitterly: "You don't need to look at what age it is now, you don't need this thing! Don't look deep in the mountains in the Zhong family, The ring road, private airport, everything!"

Looking at the dignified expressions of the three of them, Wang Ye calmly smiled, pointed at the forest, and said, "Let's go, there is no hesitation in the way you must go."

After speaking, he took Zhong Xiaomo's hand and walked towards the forest first.

The forest in front of me looks no different from an ordinary forest, but once you walk in, you will find that the forest is extremely weird.

From the outside, the woods are clear at a glance, but after entering, there is a layer of mist rippling inside, which not only damages the sight, but also seems to make people feel paralyzed.

After walking two laps, the four of them returned to their original places.

"Mixed Forest is a maze!" Liu Ruyan sighed lightly: "It's a pity that I was still young in Zhong's house, and I don't know how to crack this array!"

Some ancient formations passed down are rarely used in the age of modern technology, but it is also true that there is less and less contact, making their power appear more and more powerful.

Wang Ye touched his chin with one hand, seeming to ponder something.

Not far from here, on the trunk of a big tree, Zhong Ling stood with her hand in her hand, standing firmly on the branch, looking down at them condescendingly.

"The mob! Huh, I also want to get out of the Lost Forest. It seems that Zhong Liang's right is right. Wang Ye is very cunning. He climbed Zhong Xiaomo to be able to climb to my Zhong family, otherwise he would ignore Zhong Xiao Mo's life and death, resolutely enter the Lost Forest!"

"Never mind! When they are about to die, I will rescue Zhong Xiaomo again. Who told her to be my Zhong family... Hey!"

At the end of the talk, Zhong Ling sighed helplessly.

As time went by a little bit, Wang Ye leaned against a tree trunk, letting the trio of Cai Zhenxin be extremely anxious, but he calmly calmed down.

"Why don't you go and try again?" Zhong Xiaomo suggested.

Liu Ruyan nodded their heads, and now they can only try their luck.

"How long have we been in?" Wang Ye asked suddenly.

Looking at his watch, Zhong Xiaomo said: "It's been an hour since I came in."

"It's almost done, it can be considered as a face to Zu Zhongling! If you delay, you won't be able to catch up with the next stop to camp!" Wang Ye grinned.

Upon hearing this, the three of them stared at him in unison, and asked in amazement: "Do you know how to get out?"

Wang Ye nodded and smiled.

"Then why didn't you say it earlier, let us worry!" Liu Ruyan gave him a blank look.

On the contrary, Zhong Xiaomo, who is as careful as dust, smiled bitterly at this time: "It seems that Wang Ye is not going to humiliate and anger that Zhong Ling, this is to save her lost face! Alright, you don't want to sell it. Come on, let's talk, how to get out!"

"Listen to the wind!" Wang Ye smiled mysteriously, "I really don't understand the formation of the forest! But before I entered the forest, I observed carefully. The place is not far from the peak of Hukou Cliff, and the wind is blowing back from Hukou Cliff. We just need to feel the direction of the wind. If we go against the wind, we can go out naturally."

"Smart! I didn't expect it." Liu Ruyan gave a thumbs up.

Cai Yingxin also had a look of surprise. At first, she felt that the Lost Trace Forest was weird but flawed, but she couldn't figure it out for a while. Who would have thought that Wang Ye would have discovered it long ago.

On the branch not far away, Zhong Ling's face was gloomy, standing holding her hands.

"Well, you Wang Ye! You dare to humiliate me, you know the flaws, but you are playing mystery! Humph! Seeing if you can hit and bump me by mistake, how can you pass the next level?"

She whispered angrily, and immediately jumped off the tree and walked out of the forest.

The four Wang Ye, who went against the wind, smoothly walked out of the Forest of Lost in less than five minutes.

The four continued to move forward, preparing to camp under Hukou Cliff, and wait until tomorrow morning to climb over the steep Hukou Cliff.

As long as you pass Hukou Cliff, it is said that you can see the Zhong family mansion, so it is not far to get to the Zhong family.

At the foot of the mountain, I found a pile of firewood to light a bonfire. No one thought that the Zhong family would do this, so they didn't carry a tent with them. They could only spend one night in this wilderness.

The night breeze is slow, the mountains are slightly cool, and the howling of wild beasts occasionally occurs in the forest.

The wild wolves, brown bears and even tigers in the depths of Zhongnan Mountain are not surprising.

However, the four of them are not afraid. They have a combination of abilities. The beasts will definitely not come close to the huge bonfire in front of them.

Before the bonfire, Wang Ye hugged Zhong Xiaomo, and she leaned on Wang Ye's shoulder. She was exhausted from walking that day, and she was already snoring slightly.