The woman stared at Wang Ye, who was suspicious. Although the words were not right, the other party was right.

"How to cure it?" The woman thought, anyway, he said that it would be effective in one night. If there is no effect tomorrow morning, he must make Wang Ye look good.

"The so-called ills need to be treated by cheap. Take me to your house."

The woman hesitated for a moment, and this was the time to invite Wang Ye and the four to head towards the Zhong family city.

Said to be the residence of the Zhong family, here is a city, in which buildings are brightly lit and prosperous.

The woman's house, in a nice house, Wang Ye made a circle around the house, and this was the whispered mystery.

"Illness can be cured, but I don't know if you can believe me? Of course, it's just a night, less than eight hours, and tomorrow will be true or false."

As a reassurance for the woman, the woman nodded and said, "I believe, of course I believe you, otherwise, how could I invite you to the house?"

"That's good!" Wang Ye smiled quietly and cast a look at Liu Ruyan.

The three women stood by and watched a good show, and wanted to see how Wang Ye fooled this woman.

Wang Ye said with a serious face: "I have said before that your disease is called Jian disease, so it is called Jian disease, because your lifestyle has been separated from Jian. In this way, your room tonight, there is this room Go to the room and live with me for four people. I will prepare a pill for you. Take it before going to bed and the symptoms will disappear at night. You will know if it is true or false tomorrow morning."

Upon hearing this, the three of Zhong Xiaomo couldn't help smiling.

Although this woman is hateful, she is not stupid. If she believes her bluffing words, she would be a fool.

But what I never thought was that the woman even gritted her teeth and agreed!

"Okay, I believe you, I will sleep in the side room tonight."

"No!" Wang Ye waved his hand and pointed to the pigsty outside the yard, "You have to sleep there to be effective."

"You..." The woman gritted her teeth, and the other party was obviously retaliating against her. Previously, he refused to let them enter the city and let them sleep in the stable, but now Wang Ye even let her sleep in the pigsty.

Even Liu Ruyan couldn't listen to these words of obvious revenge, but the woman gritted her teeth and couldn't speak.

Wang Ye patted his chest and said, "It's just one night. If it doesn't work tomorrow, at your house anyway, you can do whatever you want."

"Hehehe." The woman smiled, grinningly, "Okay!"

"Then you go now, and I will send you the prepared pills later. If you want to cure the disease, you can't lie to yourself. If you don't sleep in the pigsty at night, it won't work tomorrow morning, don't blame me!"

After Wang Ye finished speaking, he beckoned and led Zhong Xiaomo to the main room.

The woman gritted her teeth and hated the strange symptoms during this period of time, which really made her feel uncomfortable, and she was still worried about her life from Wang Ye, so she could only choose bang bang luck. Of course, if it didn’t work, she would pay back a hundred times tomorrow!

As soon as he entered the house, Liu Ruyan grabbed Wang Ye and asked, "You are so nagging, that stupid woman believed it."

"If you want to cure the disease, can you not believe it!" Wang Ye grinned.

"Then you said, what is her disease?" Cai Yingxin was also curious and asked.

"Widow? I was so suffocated!" Wang Ye smiled jokingly, seeing the three women looking uncomfortable, and hurriedly said, "Because of the obesity of the heart, and she is really suffocated. Just dredge the meridians. As for the magic medicine, I just brag!"

When Cai Yongxin heard the words, her eyes lit up. She had a little knowledge of medicine, and Wang Ye said that like this.

"Unblock Baihui, two points in Tanzhong?"

"Yes, but the two veins have to be dredged at the same time..."

"Impossible." Cai Yingxin said decisively: "No one can do it at the same time."

Wang Ye smiled without saying a word, and didn't give much explanation. He picked a few green leaves in the house, wiped some dust, and pinched them into a ball before walking towards the door.

The woman lay in a corner of the pigsty, and ran over when Wang Ye beckoned.

"This pill is hard to swallow, I'll help you, open your mouth!" After Wang Ye finished speaking, the woman opened her mouth hesitantly.

The pigsty is already living, and she is already planning to fight it out.

With a quick throw, the leaf ball was thrown into the female population. Wang Ye used a skillful technique to pass the female Baihui and Tanzhong points at the same time.

Cai Yingxin stood at the door, looking from a distance, with a look of surprise on his face.

"When did Wang Ye actually practice medical skills, and looking at the technique, it would be impossible without decades of practice!"

"Sleep, Sister Yingxin, is Wang Ye doing strange things rarely!" Zhong Xiaomo beckoned, she never thought about so much. In her opinion, Wang Ye's secrets were far more than these.

"For safety's sake, we sleep in a room at night, the bed is only this big, the three of us squeeze together, Wang Ye sleeps on the ground."

"Why!" Wang Ye, who had just entered the house, had a drop of cold sweat on his forehead.

Zhong Xiaomo rolled over onto the bed and threw a quilt, "Only you, is the only man among the four of us!"

Seeing his depressed look, Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan laughed. The two of them were not polite and turned over to bed. Only the depressed Wang Ye was sleeping on the ground holding the quilt.

I was very tired these two days, and I slept very deep and soundly.


Early the next morning, there was a violent slamming noise outside the door.

Liu Ruyan sat up, her cheeks gloomy, "You did a good thing again, that woman is here for revenge! Let me go and clean her up first!"

"Why are you so irritable! Maybe, people are here to thank you!"

Wang Ye got up and stepped forward to open the door.


Seeing Wang Ye, the woman fell to her knees with a thump.

"The genius doctor, you are the genius doctor! I didn't have any symptoms last night, and I slept soundly. You are really the genius doctor."

The woman's praise made Zhong Xiaomo on the bed stunned.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "I have lived in the pigpen for a week, and I will never relapse in the future! By the way, we are bothering to lead the way today. We have to visit the old man."

Hearing this, the woman got up, took Wang Ye's hand gratefully, and said, "The genius doctor, you have a life-saving grace for me, I will not hide it from you. The master said that in the past few days, he will retreat and wait for him to leave. I’ll send someone to pick you up, or else you’ll have to eat closed doors. Anyway, these days, I’m sleeping in the pigpen, where you sleep, you sleep, and I think I’ve taken care of three meals a day carefully."

Not believing the woman's words, Wang Ye walked around in person, but as the woman said, the Zhong family refused to see him on the grounds that the old man was in retreat.

But in this woman's house, one stayed for three days.

The title of genius doctor spread quickly, and many people came to seek medical treatment, making the woman’s courtyard full of markets.

The Zhong family’s city is very large, with only four or five hundred foreigners in captivity, and the Zhong family who has given surnames has more than one hundred people.

In the past three days, although there was no direct lineage of the Zhong family to come, there was word of mouth among the women. There was a genius doctor in the house, and all those who came were cured by medicine. Soon Wang Ye was named a genius doctor.

At noon that day, when Wang Ye was idle and bored, he was seeing a sick person, but there was a noise outside the door.

"The murderer who killed my second brother lives here! Don't be merciless later, but kill him first!"

Zhong Bao led a group of people, staring into the courtyard.