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Chapter 211 Sister, Slow Down

Zhong Huatuo's hostility towards Wang Ye has long been seen by the cunning Zhong Wuji.

Moreover, Wang Ye's determination caused Zhong Huatuo to deflate again and again, and it was obvious that his medical skills were superior to Zhong Huatuo.

Zhong Wuji now identified Wang Ye and waved his hand: "Zhong Huatuo, go down first, grab the medicine according to the prescription, and send it to Widow Chen."

"It's the master." Zhong Huatuo replied, glaring at Wang Ye secretly, then turned and walked out of the hall.

"Then Huang Shixin?" Zhong Wuji asked.

"Grandpa, rest assured, this thing is not unavailable, it's just rare! Zhongnan Mountain is vast and rich, and the deep mountains are rare. There should be such thing! I don't know where there is a waterfall in this mountain, it is best to be a place with rare humanity." Wang Ye asked.

Zhong Wuji said without hesitation, "Yes! When you come, you should see the moat, which is going up the river. There is a river at the end of the ten-mile deep mountain, and there is a waterfall falling from the top of the mountain. Few people go there."

"Okay, then I will set out to look for it. It's actually not difficult to find Grandpa. Don't worry."

"Okay, okay! If you can detoxify, you will not only be the uncle of my Zhong family, but also the savior of my Zhong family!" Zhong Wuji patted Wang Ye on the shoulder heavily.

This remark is a pun, and the overtone is that if Wang Ye can save him, he will be recognized by the Zhong family.

"I need a person to accompany me, after all, deep mountains and old forests, plus I am not familiar with the terrain." Wang Ye smiled.

"People of the Zhong family, let you dispatch it."

This matter is at stake, so how could Zhong Wuji be stingy.

But Wang Ye smiled and said, "It's useless if there are too many people. I want to invite my sister Zhong Yi to go together."

"Okay! Zhongyi has the technique of controlling beasts. The wild beasts are rampant in the mountains, and she will do more with less!" Zhong Wuji turned around and said, "Widow Chen, take Wang Ye to find Zhongyi and leave immediately."

"Good lord."

Widow Chen hurried forward and led Wang Ye to the outside of the hall.

That Zhong Huatuo walked not far away. He heard what he said before. At this moment, there was a murderous intent in his eyes, and he muttered, "Wang Ye, thank you for making my wedding dress for me! Get Huang Shixin, I'll kill you, huh! There is only one genius doctor in the Zhong family, and that's me, Zhong Huatuo!"

After he said, he walked quickly to the outside of the villa.

Wang Ye didn't know about this, and after returning to Widow Chen's house and confessing to the three of Zhong Xiaomo, he followed Widow Chen to the home of Zhong Yi.

Although Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan suggested that one of them followed him to find medicine, they were rejected by Wang Ye.

The Zhong family is a place of right and wrong, and it is not only Zhong Liang who has murdered Wang Ye and Zhong Xiaomo.

With two people protecting Zhong Xiaomo, Wang Ye can rest assured.

"By the way, Aunt Chen, why does Grandpa call you Widow Chen?" Wang Ye asked curiously on the way to Zhongyi's residence.

Widow Chen smiled bitterly, "This is the Zhong family!"

"What do you mean?"

"Don’t understand? Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog. When you enter the Zhong family, you are the Zhong family! Although my man is a foreign surname, but Elder Zhong gave the name, then half of Zhong’s family! He died of grace to the father , But at that moment, in the eyes of Zhong's family, I had already gone with him."

"Widow Chen! This is to remind me that even if I die, I am the widow of the Zhong family!"

It seemed that Widow Chen's random explanation made Wang Ye's heart tremble fiercely, and he was even more vigilant for the Zhong family.

It is no wonder that although the Zhong family lives in seclusion in Zhongnan Mountain, they can control in the bustling city. Any details of the Zhong family's control are extremely strict and cruel.

He felt that, in fact, he was like Widow Chen. After the Zhong family recognized Zhong Xiaomo, Wang Ye has been unable to get rid of the Zhong family since then, and will only work for the Zhong family just like Widow Chen.

It is useless to think about things so much. Under the leadership of Widow Chen, Wang Ye came to his favorite residence.

"Why me?" Standing at the door, frowning intently, "I can't work hard for fear of mistakes."

Outside the door, Wang Ye grinned, "Sister Zhongyi's kung fu is pretty good, I was almost..."

"When will we leave?" Zhong Yi blushed and interrupted him. She knew that Wang Ye was in the cave.

Thinking about those hours, Wang Ye nestled in her arms, and Zhong Yi felt ashamed.

"Go early and return early." Wang Ye smiled triumphantly.

He said nothing, closed the door and walked away.

"What's wrong?" Widow Chen looked puzzled.

"It's okay. Zhong Yi is a quick-witted man. I must be worried about my grandpa's illness. Aunt Chen, Xiao Mo and the others will ask you. I guess I won't be able to come back tomorrow until I enter the mountain.

"You can go with peace of mind. They live well in my house. When the old man gets better, he will be able to pick you up and live in Zhong's villa." Widow Chen said with a smile.

Wang Ye nodded, and then chased him quickly.

After leaving the city of Zhong's family, he walked along the river all the way to the mountains, Zhongyi walked very quickly, and said nothing on the way.

Wang Ye followed behind her, chasing after her.

"Sister, slow down," Wang Ye shouted.

Zhongyi didn't look back, "The waterfall you said is still far away. If you don't speed up, I'm afraid it won't be there tomorrow morning."


As soon as her voice fell, she heard the sound of wrestling behind her, and she turned her head to look at her brows.

Wang Ye sat on the ground, pinching his ankle with one hand.

"Blame you, walking so fast, I can't keep up, I got my feet on the ground as soon as I set off! Grandpa's illness is imminent, and the delay will not be a moment, if I wait for my feet to heal, I'm afraid grandpa will be dead. "

"How can you talk like that." Zhong Yi walked away and glared at him, "Can you still walk with your feet?"

"It should be okay to walk, endure the pain, but you need your help."

Wang Ye quietly smiled slyly, so he chose to accompany Zhongyi because he could see that Zhongyi was not hostile to him and was on his side.

However, she is simple in nature and wants to use it completely for herself, and she must completely capture her heart.

After getting what he wanted, Zhong Yi supported him and limped towards the mountains.

Wang Ye almost leaned his head on Zhongyi's shoulder. The latter supported her very hard. After walking for about an hour, she was already sweating.

It's also a strange thing to blame. If you don't wear good clothes, you have to wear half of animal skins, exposed shoulders and belly button, and Wang Ye, who is leaning on her shoulders, can see a piece of snow as long as he looks down.

Wang Ye who got on the road was very uncomfortable.

As everyone knows, when they entered the mountain, three of them also quietly entered the mountain.

It was midday, and the mountains and forests were humid and hot, and sweat was dripping with fragrance.

Wang Ye stopped and pointed to the stone on one side, "Sit down and rest for a while, so you can wash your face! Don't rush to find the medicine for a while, I can be sure that there is something in the mountain, we just go to get it, why bother So desperately."

Wiping off the sweat from his forehead, he nodded lovingly and helped him sit on the rock, and then walked towards the river.

She took up the clear river water, washed her face, then looked up at the depths of the forest, with one hand rippling on the water.

The sunlight cast down on her face, looking at Zhongyi from a distance, Wang Ye was a little confused.

Her beauty is not only the appearance of simplicity, but also the purity and kindness of her heart.

By the side of a mountain and a stream, looking up into the water in the distance, it was as beautiful as a painting, and Wang Ye was moved by the beauty.