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Chapter 216 The Legend of the Secret Realm

On the way, Wang Ye was thinking about who the real culprit was and whether he or Zhong Xiaomo and others would be attacked.

Towards the evening, supporting Zhongyi and Wangye standing on a mountain col, looking down on Zhong's home in the sunset glow from here, the scenery is very pleasant and beautiful.

The Zhongjia city is like a fairyland outside the world, and the water surface of the moat reflects the afterglow of the sunset, which seems to be blood red.

"It's so beautiful," Wang Ye muttered subconsciously.

"Is it beautiful?" He said with a sad smile, "It looks beautiful, but it's a cage!"

Wang Ye didn't say anything, he could feel his favorite feeling. In this Zhongnan Mountain, the Zhong family was indeed a cage, and here was just the center of the cage. The entire Chang'an and even China were the cage of the Zhong family.

As long as you are Zhong's family, you can't get rid of the "chain" on your body no matter where you go, and can't remove the chains of the family.

Zhong Yi pointed to the foot of the mountain behind the Zhong family's villa, "That is the secret guarded by the Zhong family!"

"The legendary secret realm?"

"Yes!" Zhong Yi nodded, "It is said that when the secret realm is opened, there will be a road from that to the depths of Zhongnan Mountain! For many years, the Zhong family's internal and external troubles are all for that secret! But so far, even guarding it The Zhong family is not sure what's in it, maybe it's just a joke! But it lasted for a thousand years."

"Are there no relevant records in the Zhong family's ancient books?" Wang Ye was quite curious.

A blazing blood jade pendant with a key is a bloody trouble, and even the Zhong family doesn't even know whether that secret realm really exists, and what is in it.

"Is it ridiculous?"

Zhong Yi laughed at himself, "The record of the secret realm is passed down by the ancestors, and there is no record in the ancient books! But there are two rumors that have been trusted by the Zhong family!"

He looked at the foot of the mountain behind the Zhong's villa, his eyes looked very disgusting.

She doesn't seek fame or wealth, but just wants to live freely, but she has been carrying the mission of the family since she was born.

She was weak and unable to practice ancient martial arts, so the family taught her how to train beasts based on her strengths. In fact, she was trained to be a tool that could be used by the Zhong family.

"Everything is just for those two legends!"

"In one of the versions, it is said that after the King Qin ruled the six kingdoms, he built the tomb of the King Qin on a grand scale. In fact, it was just a suspicious grave. His real Huang Tomb was built in the Zhongnan Mountain far away from Lishan! The Zhong family guarded the real thing. The tomb of the Emperor Qin, where treasures are piled up like a mountain, the wealth is immeasurable."

Wang Ye touched his chin with one hand. This rumor is indeed very relevant.

The Zhong family city is here, among the remote and wild mountains, there is indeed a feeling of a tomb guarding clan.

"In another version, it is rumored that Qin Shihuang sent Xu Fu to look for the elixir of life, but Xu Fu finally found it, but when he returned, King Qin had died violently, so he lived in seclusion in the Zhongnan Mountain, facing away from the Mausoleum of King Qin, and established this secret realm. The elixir is sealed in it!"

After Zhongyi finished speaking, he smiled and said, "Not for money and power, or for immortality. Since ancient times, how many people have been tired of it!"

Wang Ye never paid attention to her feelings, his thoughts flashed in his mind.

Don't say it, this rumor is also very relevant.

According to historical records, Xu Fu was a famous alchemist of Qin Dynasty. Xu Fu was very knowledgeable and well-versed in medicine, astronomy, navigation and many other knowledges. He was a close disciple of Guiguzi!Learn bigu, qigong, immortality and martial arts.

According to the records of wild history, Xu Fu went to sea to find medicine and never returned. An entourage returned after many years. It is rumored that Xu Fu sought the elixir of life on an overseas fairy island, and took his own life to become a fairy!

If all of these are connected, the secret realm guarded by the Zhong family is inextricably linked to Qin Shihuang.

"Is the Zhong family the guardian of the tomb of King Qin? Or is the survivor of the five hundred people taken by Xu Fu back then, living in seclusion with Xu Fu. The secret realm guarded by the Zhong family, no matter what it contains, should be related to Qin Shihuang!"

Wang Ye murmured, thinking very much. He had a key in his hand, and he could unlock this thousand-year-old secret only by collecting the other three.

"You won't be fascinated by that secret realm, too." Zhong Yi slammed his shoulder and stared at him, "Greedy will only make people lose their mind and crazy!"

"Does you care about me..."

"It's not counted, I was concerned about you! I know you have a key in your hand, but the other three are unknown. Even if it takes a lifetime to find it, maybe the day the secret is opened, the things inside will let You are disappointed, it feels like a sin to live!"

"It's really cryptic!" Wang Ye grinned, "You just want to tell me that life is in time for fun, why go after an ethereal legend!"

Zhong Yi glanced at him irritably, and looked at his sullen look, Zhong Yi couldn't help but chuckle.

"Okay, let's go! When you return to Zhong's house, you have to ask Grandpa to call the shots!"

She glanced at the dead bodies of Zhong Liang and Zhong Long on the tiger's back.

Zhong Yi went to the villa with Wang Ye with a sense of anxiety. After all, she killed Zhong Liang in a rage, for fear of grandpa's blame!

Who ever thought, in the living room of this villa, after hearing the whole story, Zhong Wuji just glanced at the two corpses covered with white cloth and waved his hands.

"Come on, carry it down! Since a person is dead, no matter what mistakes he made in his lifetime, he will be buried alive!"

Several people walked into the living room upon hearing this, and walked out carrying two bodies.

"Grandpa..." Zhong Yi was stunned, but Grandpa didn't punish her.

"You are hurt, so go and rest! Wang Ye, you and Widow Chen come with me."

After Zhong Wuji finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the inner hall. Wang Ye cast a relieved look at Zhong Yi, and then he followed.

In the quaint study room, Zhong Wuji asked urgently: "You found the medicinal materials you need?"

"found it!"

Wang Ye reached into his pocket, took out a fist-sized yellow stone, squeezed it with two fingers, turned his head and asked, "Aunt Chen, are all the medicines in the pharmacy?"

Widow Chen nodded hurriedly, "Zhong Huatuo has delivered the medicine according to the pharmacy, and this medicine is missing."

"That's good! Once the Huangshi Heart is opened, it must be taken within an hour, otherwise it will have no effect."

After he squeezed it with two fingers, the stone cracked like a boiled egg, revealing a golden thing in it, like the yolk in the egg, exuding a faint smell of medicine.

"There really is such a strange thing!" Zhong Wuji exclaimed.

Wang Ye handed Huangshixin to Widow Chen. This was a smile: "In fact, there are many things, but once it is washed into shallow water, the Huangshixin inside will quickly deteriorate, and it is hidden in the stone. It's not easy to be discovered."

"Widow Chen, go and decoction according to Wang Ye's prescription."

Widow Chen responded and turned and ran to the back kitchen.

Wang Ye took out the silver needle. The poison of Wan Chong Jianxin San must be cleared up with acupuncture and moxibustion before the medicine can take effect.

"Come on, Wang Ye! I will give you my old life now!"

So far, Zhong Wuji had a little more trust in Wang Ye.

He took off his shirt and sat in the chair of the grandmaster, still Wang Ye was applying needles on him.

But Wang Ye knew in his heart that although Zhong Wuji had not yet reached the point where he was dying of bone marrow disease, with the current him, as long as he had any intention of murder, Zhong Wuji could kill him in a moment.

So Wang Ye is not that stupid, playing tricks in front of this old and cunning Zhong Wuji, and besides, his death will not do him any good for Wang Ye!