Wang Ye turned around and poked a smile at the corner of his mouth, looking at the two of them.

The man named Zhong Li looked a little dark, and he could tell from his behavior that he looked unruly.

Wang Ye was no stranger to the woman beside him.

Zhong Ling!

It was at the first stage of Hukouya that Zhong Ling appeared in the forest over there!

"The big guy is drinking here, why no one invites me to Zhong Li! Zhong Ling, go, get me a pot of wine!"

After Zhong Li finished speaking, Zhong Ling on the side ran into the room, picked up a jug of wine on the table and ran over, no one in the table dared to stop it.

Taking the hip flask, Zhong Li took a sip of wine, "Why are you staring at me, want to fight? You are not my opponent!"

There was a ruthless look in Zhong Lang's eyes, and he glared with clenched fists.

On the side, Liu Ruyan pulled Wangye quietly, and whispered: "So you found Zhong Li here a long time ago, so you were calm and calm?"

"It just happens to be!" Wang Ye grinned.

"I believe you a ghost!" Liu Ruyan pouted.

Zhong Li's reputation in Zhong's family is not good, he is idle and rebellious, and rarely makes friends with others, but in Zhong's family no one dares to mess with him.

Among the younger generations, Zhong Lang's literary and martial arts are called polite, but when it comes to fighting, everyone knows that Zhong Li is the most powerful.

"Stand aside if you don't fight, and I'll say a few words to Wang Ye." Zhong Lisan two mouthfuls dried a pot of wine.

The angry Zhong Lang suddenly put on a smiling face, and said, "So you know Wang Ye. By the way, you are indeed forgotten by the dinner party today."

"It's as if we have a very good relationship. If it weren't for me to intercept your follower today, I don't know if you are here secretly eating and drinking behind my back!"

Listening to Zhong Li's words, Wang Ye's eyes lit up.

During the delivery of the post, the invitation card fell into the hands of Zhong Li, so does the faint smell of medicine on the invitation card come from Zhong Li's hands?

Thinking of this, he quickly stepped forward and said, "Brother Zhongli is so skilled for a long time. I have often heard Ruyan mention it. I saw it today and he really deserves it!"

Zhong Li looked at him and opened his mouth with a scent of wine, "You are not bad, you found me a long time ago! You made a bet just now, if I don't do it, at least you have to have a concussion, hehe."

"I just didn't react. Did Brother Zhong Li find something to do with me?" Wang Ye smiled and walked a few steps.

But the smell of wine on Zhong Li's body was too strong, except for the smell of wine.

But one thing is certain, it was not Zhong Li who rescued him that day, maybe it was just related to him.

Zhong Li glanced at the living room and licked his lips.

Wang Yexin understood, "Ruyan, bring brother Zhongli a pot of wine."

Liu Ruyan nodded, and when he walked to the living room, Zhong Li grinned.

"Actually, there is nothing wrong. We are bored and come to join in the fun at night, but you were right just now, this banquet can't be eaten! In the future, stay away from Zhong Lang, this guy hides a knife in his smile very sinister."

After Zhong Li finished speaking, Liu Ruyan just brought a jug of wine. He took the jug and waved to Zhong Ling, then turned and walked out of the courtyard.

At this moment, Zhong Lang, don't mention how ugly his face was, but he couldn't beat him, he could only recognize the bad breath, and shouted from a distance: "The next time Zhong Li drinks, I will definitely call you."

Zhong Li waved his hand and walked out of the yard without looking back.

Before Wang Ye took a second look at Zhong Lang, he quickly walked out of the courtyard and followed him.

"Zhong Lang, tell me what to do with this matter? As long as you give an order, we will definitely let that kid suffer!"

"Yes, you can't just swallow this bad breath!"

A group of people walked out of the hall, talking fiercely.

Zhong Lang quietly glanced at his favorite, and then waved his hand: "Wang Ye's words are also reasonable, but this time I owe it to me. Grandpa didn't say anything! Also, they are all brothers. After Zhong Li was a child, everyone will Be kind."

"Hey, Zhong Lang still has a good temper! I can't help it if you put it off!"

"Wang Ye can't swallow it, it's fair to say, who would care about Zhong Li, a bastard with a mother but not a mother!"

These people chewed their tongues behind their backs and couldn't listen anymore, turned and left here.

On the street, Wang Ye chased Zhong Li, walked side by side with him, and smiled: "I came out tonight and the banquet was not finished, but I ran into brother Zhong Li. See you have a good drink, are you interested in a drink?"

"Is this challenging me?" Zhong Li licked his lips.

Zhong Ling on the side sneered disdainfully and said: "You dare to drink even your little amount, you can't kill you!"

"Who wins and who loses is yet to be known! I am also a person giving the nickname Luochuan Jiu Xian!" Wang Ye boasted, in fact, he just poured a bottle.

But he was very interested in Zhong Li, not to mention his relationship with the mysterious person, Wang Ye liked this free and easy personality very much.

"Drinking is okay! But you pay for the wine!" Zhong Li patted his pocket, "I have two sleeves, you are the richest man in Luochuan, and you have to drink the best wine from Zhong's family."

"No problem! Money is not a problem to have a hearty drink with Brother Zhongli!"

"Walk around, buy wine!" Zhong Li was waiting for his words, grabbing his shoulders, and walking away.

Liu Ruyan didn't have time to stop, the two of them had already walked far, and the corners of her mouth smoked fiercely.

In a wine shop, business was deserted, and there were few people at night, Zhong Li and Wang Ye walked in with their backs on their backs.

After knocking on the table, Zhong Li shouted: "Aunt Wang, buy wine! Dukang is coming...four altars in dust!"

"Four altars are enough, ten altars!" Wang Ye shouted generously.

In his mind, a jar of wine is more than a catty. If you don't get Zhongli drunk, some things are really hard to ask.

The middle-aged woman standing in front of the counter stared at Wang Ye with wide-eyed eyes, "Auntie, really, sure it's ten altars?"

Wang Ye is now well-known in Zhong's family, and almost everyone outside the surname knows him, and this aunt Wang who runs a wine shop is no exception.

Seeing Wang Ye nodded and Aunt Wang greeted him, the waiter quickly reported ten wine jars and tied them with rope.

Zhong Li was addicted to alcohol, and he couldn't wait to open an altar, sniffed it close, the aroma made him very satisfied, and then he poured it out.

"Aunt Wang, uncle pays the bill." Zhong Li said, walking outside the door with the wine jar, "I am waiting for you at the door."

"Is it enough for ten altars? No, let's have a few more altars. Tonight, you and I have a good time." Wang Ye turned his head and asked.

At this time, Aunt Wang in front of the counter said, "A total of 3.8 million. Uncle, I support credit card payment here."

Wang Ye staggered, and after he stood firmly on the counter, he asked in amazement, "How much is it?"

"Three million eight hundred thousand." Aunt Wang replied.

"Where is this great calamity?" Wang Ye stared at Liu Ruyan in a daze, who smiled bitterly.

Aunt Wang hurriedly explained: "You just bought the dusty Dukang. Now the market price is four hundred thousand one altar. I gave you a discount!"

Hearing this, Wang Ye swallowed hard, no wonder that Zhongli had just met his life just now, and he hurried away after taking a sip. It turns out that this wine is so expensive.

The consumption in Zhong's city is not low!

Wang Ye sighed in his heart, turned his head and glanced, sullen Zhong Li, who had finished drinking, and Zhong Ling, who was gloating and smiling.

Wang Ye thought about it, gritted his teeth, and asked, "Is there any better?"

These words shocked Aunt Wang. Zhong Li outside the door just drank the wine in his mouth and coughed violently.