"Okay, you lie to me too!"

Zhong Li stepped forward, slamming a punch on Wang Ye's shoulder and laughing.

"As expected to be my grandfather of the Zhong family, I did a great job this time!" Zhong Ling rarely praised, this time giving a thumbs up to Wang Ye.

Zhong Yi on the side also smiled and said: "Unexpectedly, everything is in your plan!"

Faced with the compliments of everyone, Liu Ruyan curled her mouth, "Miss, look, you really don't treat us as your own man, even our three sisters are hiding this matter."

"Especially I have to hide it from you!" Zhong Xiaomo smiled: "You are outspoken and quick-tempered, or you would have been exposed!"

Zhong Wuji can also be regarded as untied a big knot, laughed and said: "The Zhong family is fortunate to have this golden tortoise son-in-law, it is my Zhong family's blessing! Today is the day to eliminate internal troubles, and it is also a relief for the Zhong family. day!"




Outside the ancestral hall, hundreds of foreigners began to shout loudly.

Under the much-anticipated glory, Wang Ye secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Although this plan helped Zhong Wuji also helped himself.

Now he is truly in the same spirit as the Zhong family, and there is no need to worry anymore, the Zhong family will secretly attack him for the bloody jade pendant.

In the crowd cheering, Zhong Tiankuo backed quietly, preparing to escape.

"Kneel down!"

A scream made him tremble all over, and fell to his knees with a pop.

"Father, I was wrong, I knew it was wrong." Zhong Tiankuo lowered his head and pleaded.

Zhong Wuji's old face was gloomy. If he was such a perfidious person who had troubled the family according to his previous personality, he would have been killed without hesitation. How could he be in his father's love.

But now that he woke up, he was kind of kind.

"This time, your being the Zhong family can't be forgiven. Zhong Tiankuo, the Zhong family can't tolerate you! Go ahead, and it will have nothing to do with the Zhong family from now on!" Zhong Wuji suddenly turned around, waved his hand and shouted.

"Thank you Father, thank you Father for your life."

Zhong Tian couldn't help but kowtowed, but there was a vicious look in his eyes. In his opinion, Zhong Wuji was still the original Zhong Wuji, betraying the Zhong family's dead end.

Today is today to be able to leave alive, the descendants of the Zhong family scattered all over China, everyone can be punishable, he Zhong Tiankuo has no way out.

Suddenly, Zhong Tiankuo took out a dagger from his waist and suddenly got up and stabbed Zhong Wuji's vest.

"Be careful!"

Wang Ye's figure flashed, Wuying Shoes was extremely fast, and he appeared behind Zhong Wuji in the blink of an eye, holding out the dagger with both hands.


Zhong Tian let out a violent cry, and the dagger pushed forward quickly, stabbing Wang Ye in the chest.

The soft golden hedgehog armor blocked and shook his dagger apart, but at this moment Zhong Tiankuo had already turned his palm into a fist, slamming into his chest with a burst of air.

His strength is far above Zhong Lang, comparable to that of Mr. Zhong. This unreserved punch hit, surrounded by soft golden hedgehog armor, presumably Wang Ye will also break his heart.

Everyone was shocked when they saw it, but everything was between the electric light and flint, and the shouts were too late. Zhong Tiankuo's punch was about to land on Wang Ye's chest.


At this critical moment, he saw his fists tightened, and there was a slight golden light on his body.

In an instant, his body stretched and increased, like a two-meter giant.


A fist fell and hit Wang Ye's lower abdomen at this moment. In the sound of the explosion, Wang Ye didn't move at all, his clenched fist was like a mountain, bombarding away from top to bottom, hitting Zhong Tiankuo's head directly.


When this punch fell, Zhong Tiankuo let out a scream, his head burst open, and he was extremely prestigious on the spot.

"This... martial arts?!" Zhong Wuji's expression changed drastically, and he looked up at Wang Ye's upright body, "It seems to be, it seems to be a diamond glass body?!"

Wang Ye's body was shaken, the golden light dissipated, and his body recovered as before.

Glancing at Zhong Tiankuo's corpse, and then at his fist, he grinned. He didn't expect that in less than a month, the diamond glaze body had grown into a small body. If this is a big one, how mighty the height is two feet.

He turned around to reduce his face, and said, "Grandpa, please forgive me. There was an urgent matter just now, so I never kept my hand..."

"That Zhong Tiankuo is so obsessed, it's not a pity to die!" Zhong Wuji waved his hand and asked urgently: "You are the only one you can display, but the martial art diamond glazed body?"

Wang Ye did not hide his head and nod to admit.

"Hi..." Zhong Wuji took a breath, and sighed in shock: "According to rumors, it was because of this martial skill that the King Kong glazed glass body was invincible with a sword and a gun. It is said that this martial skill originated from Guiguzi Hand, I didn’t expect it to happen today.”

"If Grandpa likes it, I can share this martial art with you."

"Really?" Zhong Wuji's eyes widened.

He is a martial idiot, so exquisite and infinite, how can he be unmoved when he sees Wang Ye nodding his head and laughs.

"Okay, it is really my son-in-law of the Zhong family! Come on, set up a feast, and pick up the dust for my son-in-law of the Zhong family!"

After he finished speaking, he took Wang Ye's hand and strode towards the outside of the ancestral hall.

The Zhong family has gone through a wash, no one mentions Zhong Lang and Zhong Tiankuo again.

For three full days, the Zhong family’s brightly lit banquet continued to celebrate the wedding of Zhong Xiaomo and Wang Ye, the granddaughter of the Zhong family.

During this period, it was natural that Zhong Li, a drunkard, had a fight with Wang Ye, only to find that Wang Ye no longer had the amount of alcohol he could drink at the top of the mountain that day.

The night was shrouded, the Zhong family was lighted up, and the cheerful atmosphere had lasted for three days.

In Zhong Wuji's study, Wang Ye, who was struggling to write, recorded the martial arts of the diamond glaze body and gave it to him!

After reading the records, Zhong Wuji continued to praise.

"Grandpa, I plan to leave for Luochuan early tomorrow morning!" Wang Ye bowed.

Zhong Wuji clumped his eyebrows, "Are you in such a hurry? I still want to learn more from you."

Wang Ye smiled bitterly when he heard the words, and it has been half a month since he came here!It's just that Zhong Wuji, who has only met him for three days.

After reacting, Zhong Wuji smiled bitterly: "I did not handle the previous matter properly, okay! It's up to you. But Wang Ye, I heard that you are going back this time to move to the magic city."

Wang Ye smiled and nodded. Now he is the richest man in Luochuan. There are more pursuits in the world, and the magic city is one of the big cities in China.

Besides, the old beggar Huazi said that there is a key in the magic capital, which makes Wang Ye firmer in his plan to go to the magic capital.

"Let Zhongyi follow you! His parents are doing business in the magic city and can help you if necessary."

Wang Ye shook his head and sighed, "It's true that I have already invited Zhongyi, but she can't leave for the time being. She didn't elaborate on the specifics, but she agreed. When the matter in hand is finished, she may go to the demon. All."

"Well then! This girl is kind and simple, and has no thoughts. As for the magic capital..."

Wang Ye interrupted him, knowing what he wanted to say, "Don't worry, grandpa, gathering the four keys is your lifelong wish, Wang Ye will do my best! And this time I went to the magic city, I got the wind. One of the keys is in the magic capital!"

"Oh? Even my Zhong family hasn't got the news yet. I didn't expect you to know it." Zhong Wuji exclaimed.

"Grandpa, am I also the Zhong family!"

Zhong Wuji was slightly embarrassed when he said this, and the two of them looked at each other and laughed.

After in-depth contact, I found that although this Zhong Wuji is vigorous and scheming, he also has the characteristics of martial idiots and is straightforward!