Chang'an City was the capital of thirteen dynasties, and the ancient culture here is very rich.

As the most representative of Chang'an City, Natural Numbers is this lively and extraordinary antique street.

Five people, Wang Ye and his party, stood under the towering gate of Antique Street, looking up and scribbling the three characters of Jin Qi, Antique Street.

"Taobao, the three of you are probably the best!"

Wang Ye turned to look at Zhong Li, Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan with a smile.

"We are responsible for watching, you are responsible for paying for the money, how?" Cai Yingxin said.

Wang Ye nodded and smiled: "Your eyes are like a torch, I naturally believe it!"

"Then go!" Liu Ruyan smiled slightly.

The two of them stepped out first, Zhong Xiaomo took Wang Ye's arm and looked at the two people in front of him with frowned eyebrows.

"Wang Ye, have you noticed that after leaving Zhong's house, there is something wrong between Yingxin and Ruyan?"

"I also found out, there seems to be something on my mind!" Zhong Li said.

Wang Ye roughly guessed it, smiled faintly without speaking, and walked towards the antique street behind the two.

It is very prosperous here, with shops on both sides of the wide street, antique and elegant decoration, and there are some vendors on the side of the street.

But at first glance, even Wang Ye, an antique layman, poked his nose.

A piece of red cloth, a bunch of seemingly rusty handicrafts, most of them are this kind of fooling things, and there are very few treasures that can really hide in them.

Don't talk about these tourists, even if there are real treasures, the bosses in these shops have already gotten it off.

After a round, there was no satisfactory harvest.

This trip is also passing through here, relax and relax Wang Ye has no intention of Taobao.

However, he took three beautiful women shopping, but attracted the attention of many people.

Liu Ruyan quickly walked to a stall and glanced at the stall owner, who looked simple and honest in her fifties.

"Boss, how do you sell this jade?" She picked up a jade casually.

The boss squinted his eyes, "The girl handed it over to me to take a look, call this piece of jade, it's not cheap for some years."

With that said, the boss reached out to pick up the jade that Liu Ruyan handed over. Just as he let it go, the boss deliberately shrank his hand and the jade fell to the ground.

Seeing that it was about to be broken, Liu Ruyan smiled contemptuously, and the piece of jade deep in her foot landed firmly on her foot.

The boss was about to exclaim and was shocked to see this.

"Don't play with imaginary things, but I understand that jade is nothing but hands." Liu Ruyan shook his feet, provoked Yu and held it in his hand.

The boss saw that this was an expert, and immediately smiled awkwardly, and said, "Since the girl knows the goods, let's make a price."

"One thousand!" Liu Ruyan said.

The boss curled his lips and motioned to her to put Yu down.

Liu Ruyan put it down casually, and muttered disdainfully: "The quality of jade is not good, and the price is quite high! How much do you want to sell?"

"The minimum is 1,500!"

"The two pieces of one thousand and five are almost the same. Give me this hairpin, and I want one for one thousand and five!" She pointed to a gray hairpin that looked like a plastic hairpin.

The boss was obviously a little moved, but he shook his head and said, "That thing is sold for 800! Fifteen thousand, I can't get it!"

While the two were bargaining, Wang Ye, Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Li stood aside watching the excitement.

It shouldn't be a bargain to be able to enter the willow.

"Zhong Li, don't you bet?" Wang Ye asked with interest.

"What are you betting on?" Zhong Li was also interested.

Wang Ye touched his chin, "This place is not like Zhong's house, it doesn't have that good wine! Let's gamble on a bottle of Moutai and drive the person who loses later."

When Zhong Li heard the wine, he swallowed his throat and nodded: "Tell me!"

"I bet Liu Ruyan will pick up the leak today..."

"What's a gamble, I know!" Zhong Li interrupted him, Liu Ruyan didn't care about the jade pendant but the humble hairpin, which had already been seen by this o'clock.

"Don't worry." Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "I mean, I bet that Liu Ruyan picked up the leaked treasure, and there is no value for the leaked treasure!"

"This can be a bet!" Zhong Li smiled excitedly and glanced at the hairpin again, "I bet on Liu Ruyan to win!"

"A word is settled!"

The two hit it off. Zhong Xiaomo smiled and said nothing. She also saw Cai Yingxin, who was standing on the side, not saying a word, and her eyes fell on a piece of jewelry in the stall.

After discussing the price for a long time, Cai Yingxin squatted down and pointed to another hairpin in the stall. The hairpin was golden all over, and it looked like it was made of gold.

"Boss, how do you sell this hairpin? We bought them together at a cheaper price, just for fun."

"The hairpin is pure gold..."

"Gold-plated." Cai Yingxin said.

After seeing Liu Ruyan, an expert, there is no need for the boss to fudge, "Yes, all three together, you can take three thousand yuan."

"Two thousand!" Cai Yingxin said straightforwardly, and stood up, took out five hundred yuan from his pocket, and waved at Liu Ruyan.

"You need to be so stingy, so split!" Liu Ruyan curled his lips, took out 1,500 yuan and handed it to her.

Seeing the real gold and silver boss's heart moved, that piece of jade is indeed worth a bit of money, but the other two things, which were collected from the countryside, he studied, and the crafts are worthless.

Seeing the boss hesitate, Cai Yingxin took Liu Ruyan and prepared to leave.

"Fine, count me at a loss, sell you three pieces of two thousand!"

It opened here, and the bosses of the stalls next door all looked into their eyes and smiled immediately, obviously saying that these two young beauties had suffered a big loss.

After paying the money and taking things, Liu Ruyan and Cai Ying smiled at each other.

"Boss, I don't really like this jade, can I sell it to you for a thousand yuan!" Liu Ruyan smiled slyly.

When the boss heard this, he was naturally overjoyed, and he immediately paid for the jade.

"Beauty, you two have suffered a big loss!" At this moment, a middle-aged man walked up with a folding fan with a bodyguard beside him.

Look at this, he should be a rich man.

Hearing this, the two glanced at the man and ignored him, but he was stopped by him when he was about to leave.

"Beauty, I kindly remind you that these two crafts are worth a thousand yuan."

"Master Huang, you just pick up girls when you pick up girls, but don't smash my small business." The boss hurriedly said to Liu Ruyan after he said, "It should be clear that the rules are not refundable."

"I'm afraid you have to return it!" Liu Ruyan curled his lips and raised his head to signal the man to let go.

The man shook his folding fan and said with a smile: "My last name is Huang, Huang Yuanbao! The neighbors in the neighborhood give the face and call me Huang Ye! If the two girls like hairpins, there are many good things in my house, or go together Take a look?"

With that said, Huang Yuanbao reached out to touch Liu Ruyan's hand.

"Huang Yuanbao, why don't you call it gold ingot! It's up to you whether I like it or not!" Liu Ruyan didn't give him a face, she shrank her hand and stared at him. Lord!"

"Hey, I said, the person is not big, but the temper is not small!" Huang Yuanbao shook his fan, turned to look at the bodyguard next to him, and smiled: "They all say that they have big breasts and no brains. I don’t know if I was cheated!"

The bodyguard smiled in agreement after hearing this.

Cai Ying's eyes motioned Liu Ruyan to ignore him, but Liu Ruyan's personality would endure such humiliation.

Seeing that Wang Ye didn't say anything, he immediately smiled and said, "Okay, you have a small chest, how about a bet?"