The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 240-Rewarding Luan Phoenix Bracelet

Sister Han walked towards her residence, Wang Ye hid in the dark with the help of invisibility cloak, quietly following behind her.

Seeing that she was about to enter the villa, Wang Ye gave a worried glance at the second floor of the villa.

Zhong Li should still be in that bedroom. Wang Ye just glanced at the safe in that room before he discovered that it is purely imported and has extremely strong anti-theft performance!

Even if Zhongli can be opened, it will take a while. If Sister Han returns to the bedroom at this time, she will definitely find Zhongli in the room.

He was so anxious that he picked up a stone to attract Sister Han’s attention, but the latter stopped, turned and walked under the pavilion, and said: "Get my skin care products here. "

"Good Sister Han." The servant at the door responded and turned and walked into the villa.

Sitting under the pavilion, four security guards are guarding outside the pavilion, standing with their backs to her.

After the servant fetched the skin care products, Sister Han stepped on the stone table, and then wiped the lotion on her slender legs.

Wang Ye is like a ghost, standing not far away and witnessing all this.

But in his opinion, Sister Han seemed to have spotted him a long time ago, and everything he did seemed to make him look at it intentionally.

Without saying a word, Sister Han was under the pavilion and wiped her hair after wiping the skin care products. After a full quarter of an hour, when Wang Ye saw Zhongli quietly coming out of the villa, then Sister Han got up and headed towards the villa. Walk in.

It was like a special trip here, giving Zhongli enough time.

Wang Ye stood quietly, looking at Sister Han's back, a sense of crisis surging out inexplicably in his heart.

In the glass room of the hot spring, the poisonous pastry that was about to be sent to the entrance should have been discovered by Sister Han at that time. Otherwise, after leaving the glass room, why would she notify the security and immediately fire Xiao Rong.

Moreover, in that room she walked slowly, without the slightest cover, her expression calmly, as if taking the invisible him as a mirror, wiping her body.

Could it be that this woman had found him when she threw a stone from him.

What makes Wang Ye even more suspicious is that she should have entered the villa and wiped the skin care products in the room, but she chose to stay under this pavilion. It seemed that she had discovered that there was someone in her room, but she deliberately never exposed it. same!

If everything is like this, then this seemingly young Sister Han is terrible!

Standing in the garden, Wang Ye's thoughts flowed in his mind. He looked up at the bedroom on the second floor. The light in the room was turned on. Sister Han walked to the window, as if looking down at him. Ye doubted the effectiveness of the cloak of invisibility.

After a while, Sister Han closed the curtains.

Wang Ye turned around, headed outside Lizhu Villa, and returned to the foot of the mountain quietly.

"Brother, you are back!" By the car, Zhong Li smiled and took out the camera, "Guess what I found?"

"Go home and talk about it." Wang Ye was a little absent-minded.

Zhong Li was a little strange when he saw this, and drove towards the villa on Jingning Road.

Until they returned to the villa and told Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Li about the beginning and the end of the matter and their own guesses, the two of them looked solemn.

"It shouldn't be!" Zhong Li said stunned: "With my means, let alone ordinary people, it is difficult even for experts to detect! And I have seen your concealed methods, brother, and it is absolutely impossible to be discovered! Even you Hidden by Grandpa's side, he can't even detect it, let alone that sister Han!"

At the end of the talk, Zhong Li was firm.

Wang Ye didn't doubt this. The effect of the invisibility cloak was amazing, and it would make him disappear out of thin air, like a ghost, coupled with deliberately holding his breath, no one would even notice.

"Leave aside this matter, that sister Han is indeed not easy! Zhong Li, let me see what you find."

Wang Ye took the camera Zhong Li handed over. It was shot inside, and it was in the safe.

Looking at the photos, Wang Ye turned his head and stared at Zhong Xiaomo in amazement. In this large and small enterprise in Dongcheng District, Sister Han has more or less shares. How did such a young woman achieve this? A little bit.

"Are these?" Wang Ye zoomed in on the photo, and there were a few antiques in the safe. The objects were not large. There were fingers and bracelets, and some were similar to dzi bead necklaces.

"It should be an antique." Zhong Xiaomo said: "Remember the Chang'an City Antique Street? After that, in my spare time, I learned a little about antiques. Although these are not real objects, they are at least in the late Qing Dynasty from the photos. Period, and very distinctive."

Zhong Li, who grew up in the ancient family of Zhong's family, naturally knew this antique quite well. He nodded in response to Wang Ye's eyes.

"I have checked and it is indeed antique, but what is interesting is that as far as I know, these things were used by the Empress Dowager Cixi!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye grinned and looked at Zhong Xiaomo at each other, and they laughed at each other.

"This is the most valuable thing you found tonight!" Zhong Xiaomo smiled bitterly: "If you guessed correctly, sister Han's washed, it is antique jewelry, and it is a royal item, if you can get one This piece, Wu Zetian's imperial object in the Tang Dynasty, I must go to see you, it will be much smoother!"

Everyone has a hobby, and sister Han's hobby is to collect these antiques, and they are jewellery used by women and famous royals in ancient times.

"Leave this gift to me! Xiao Mo called to inform Brother Bai that she would go to see that sister Han together tomorrow morning!"

Wang Ye was confident. In the system warehouse, he saw antique jewelry from the royal family in the Tang Dynasty.

Zhong Xiaomo nodded, and when he contacted Bai Lingran according to his instructions, Wang Ye walked to the bathroom.

Regarding that peculiar mobile phone and the check-in system, he also kept Zhong Xiaomo secret for the time being. There are some things that less people know the better, and Wang Ye faintly felt that the check-in system might hide even greater secrets.

He squatted on the toilet, called out his cell phone, and was about to open the warehouse. It was already 12:30 in the morning, and it was time to check in on a new day.

He clicked the sign-in button casually.

[Congratulations to the host, you have successfully clocked in and checked in continuously, and you will get the system reward: Luanfeng Bracelet.

Introduction to Luanfeng Bracelet: It comes from Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, and it was a token of his personal sisterhood with Shangguan Waner.

Wang Ye quietly looked at the phone. Just as he guessed, he gradually discovered that this peculiar phone seemed to be wise, able to sense what he wanted and needed in his heart, and provide corresponding help.

Originally, there was an antique in the warehouse, but it was incomparable with the Luanfeng bracelet. It should be that the system sensed his needs and rewarded it.

After a long silence, Wang Ye stroked the screen of the phone with one hand, and he could fit it into his body, as if the phone was a part of his body.

However, apart from this feeling, there is no clue to corroborate it.

In desperation, Wang Ye extracted the Luanfeng bracelet, and after a few breaths, a pair of dark green bracelets appeared in his hands. The textures were like Luanfeng-like bracelets.

It is the best way to make friends with nobles, and it is natural for the first time to come to Demon Capital Wangye to be secular.

The next morning, together with his Bailing, he headed towards Lizhu Villa.

With this heavy gift, Wang Ye believes that sister Han will no longer target and make things difficult for him!