The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 243: Extremely Cold Body

Under Wang Ye's eyes, Zhong Xiaomo nodded, leading Zhong Li and Bai Lingran to the outside of the hall.

A group of security guards carried out the previous six people and Mu Chen who had fainted.

"Sister Han, I really didn't aim at you about Muchen's matter just now..." Wang Ye said apologetically until only two of them were left in the hall.

Sister Han waved her hand and interrupted him, "It's just Mu Chen's ignorance and hit your gun! But Wang Ye, your wife seems to care about you very much."

"You mean Xiaomo?" When Wang Ye mentioned Zhong Xiaomo, he subconsciously showed a smile. "We have been together in wind and rain, and our relationship is indeed very good."

"Take the pulse!"

Sister Han stretched out her hand and urged. She spoke without beginning and ending, and a little strange.

Wang Ye didn't think much, stretched out two on Sister Han's wrists, and looked at her.

"I have long heard that there is a well-known entrepreneur in Luochuan who is very business savvy. It hasn't been half a month since Zeng Laimo, and that caused the Zhou family to be defeated!"

"Sister Han is absurdly praised." Wang Ye smiled faintly.

"But not only did I hear that you are an entrepreneur, but also a doctor with superb medical skills. The so-called healer looks at each other for a long time. Yesterday Mr. Wang looked at it for a long time. I thought there was no need to take the pulse anymore. I thought Mr. Wang was so cautious. A person!"

Hearing these words again, Wang Ye's heart thumped.

It turned out that Sister Han found him last night and walked over like that without wearing clothes, not to seduce and test him, but to deliberately make him look sick.

But in that case, Wang Ye couldn't take care of any illnesses, just admiring the beautiful body.

It was a bit embarrassing to be broken at this time.

Sister Han said calmly on her face, "I think Mr. Wang has to show herself first. The heartbeat increases and the shortness of breath is very serious!"

Wang Ye could only show a wry smile when Sister Han was ridiculed in a few words.

No wonder, in the Dongcheng District of the Magic City, this woman who seems to be only 27 or 28 years old, known as Sister Han, can cover the sky with one hand, but she can't hide anything from her.

From last night in the hot spring bathroom, Sister Han started to take the first move, but she didn't even know it.

After taking the pulse for a while, the bitter smile on Wang Ye's face gradually dissipated, replaced by a solemn touch.

"Extremely cold body!" He glanced at Sister Han in surprise.

Extremely cold bodies are rare. People with this physique generally cannot survive to adulthood. The body's Yin and Yang balance can only be healthy and longevity. However, those with extremely cold bodies will prosper and weaken yang, and the body's cold will be very heavy, which will make the body weak. Sick all the year round.

No wonder Sister Han has to soak in the hot springs every day, using the hot spring water to suppress the coldness of the body.

"Is there a cure?" Sister Han asked.

"Yes!" Wang Ye replied cleanly, "but it will take a while to adjust."

"Then there is Mr. Lao Wang!" Sister Han retracted her hand after speaking, and turned and walked towards the inner court without saying anything.

Looking at her back, Wang Ye thought this woman was very interesting, confident and arrogant.

She was so sure that Wang Ye could heal, and she turned and left without even asking about the cure method. This was to confirm that Wang Ye would treat her sister Han at all costs.

"There are indeed interesting women!"

Wang Ye slapped his lips, turned and walked outside the hall.

Zhong Xiaomo and the three were waiting outside, and they were relieved to see Wang Ye walking.

On the way back to the villa on Jingning Road, Bai Ling was chattering, first to remind Wang Ye not to do rash things in the future, and second to remind Wang Ye to find an opportunity to apologize to Sister Han again.

Finally, Zhong Li couldn't help driving, "Mr. Bai, who looks like my elder brother lowered his head! Even at the Zhong's house, in front of my grandfather Zhong Wuji, the eldest brother was neither humble nor overbearing! Isn't he just a woman, let you lift up too? It’s too high!"

"That's not a simple woman!" Zhong Xiaomo said solemnly: "Moreover, I think she is hostile to me!"

"I agree with that."

Wang Ye grinned. Sister Han's hostility towards Zhong Xiaomo and even the Zhong family was obvious, but with him, there shouldn't be any surprises.

But something strange happened. The four of them returned to the villa. Not long after they sat down, Wang Ye's cell phone rang, and it was Jiang Mengdie.


"Wang Ye, I'm sorry..." Jiang Mengdie said apologetically: "I promised to protect the rear base area for you, but you only left for a few days and the group went into trouble."

"Oh, let's talk about it." Wang Ye was curious, and he pressed the hands-free button.

Based on his understanding of Jiang Mengdie, if it was not a major event, Jiang Mengdie would not worry him who was far away in the magic capital.

Sure enough, Jiang Mengdie said apologetically: "Half an hour ago, the supplier of the Nanshan project announced at the same time that the equipment and materials supplied were in short supply! It is unclear for the time being when we can replenish the goods! But, let's Nanshan There are more than a dozen construction teams working on the project. If this order of raw materials cannot keep up, it will continue to be dragged on. I have asked many questions, but these suppliers are very tight-lipped."

"How is it possible!" Zhong Xiaomo looked solemnly, and said: "They must be in collusion. There is no shortage of construction materials. The shortage of materials must be an excuse. Do they want to increase prices?"

"I have thought about it too, but I have clicked on the side-by-side reminder. The supplier answered clearly, not the price! I was wondering, did I offend someone!"

"You will contact these suppliers first, and I will ask again, see if it is..."

Wang Ye spoke and interrupted the conversation between Zhong Xiaomo and Jiang Mengdie.

"Mengdie, don’t worry, just take a few days off and take a break! Tell the staff, especially the related engineering team, that the salary is still paid in full during the break. As for asking the supplier, it’s not necessary. Tomorrow morning, I will send Xiaomo back to assist you temporarily. Anyway, there is not yet a foothold here, and there is nothing to do!"

"Do I need to go back?" Zhong Xiaomo asked.

Seeing Wang Ye Zheng nodded his head, Zhong Xiaomo said, "In that case, you don't have to worry about Mengdie. I'll book my ticket back tonight."

While they were talking, Wang Ye was already on his mobile phone and booked Zhong Xiaomo the latest flight to Luochuan.

"The time is set, what time?" Zhong Xiaomo hung up and asked.

Wang Ye handed her her mobile phone.

"So hastily, in an hour!" Zhong Xiaomo was startled.

"Hurry is a bit hasty, but work stoppage is not a trivial matter, but Xiaomo, don't worry when you go back, and communicate slowly. If I'm not mistaken, several suppliers will start supplying goods one after another under your coordination. !"

After Wang Ye said, he got up and walked out of the door. There was still some way to go from the airport, and he needed to rush over as soon as possible.

An hour later, the plane to Luochuan took off, and Zhong Xiaomo left the magic capital.

Walking out of the airport, watching Wang Ye cry and laugh all the way, Zhong Li and Bai Lingran were very curious.

"Big Brother, you don't seem to worry about something as big as Luochuan?"

"What can happen!" Wang Ye smiled and spread his hands. "It's all sister Han who has opinions on you Xiaomo. This is a deliberate trick to let her leave the magic city! But I have to admire her, just short Within a few hours, he was able to make such a big movement."

"In this case, I really wanted to distract your sister, and secondly, I was also giving me Wang Ye Liwei, wanting to tell me, as long as she destroys everything I have now, it will be easy!"

Listening to Wang Ye's narration, Bai Lingran and Zhong Li were stunned, "Sister Han did this?"

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, looking at the phone, "It is estimated that within half an hour, Livzon Villa will call. Please let us settle in Livzon Villa overnight!"