"Brother, you look at that sister Han too mysteriously!"

Zhong Li didn't believe in evil, he felt that these things were just accidental.

Although Sister Han is in the Dongcheng district of the magic city, the top business tycoons are like gods in their hearts, but everyone knows the truth about the strong dragon not crushing the snakes. In just a few hours, she can be far away in the magic capital. Luochuan's economy?

Not only Zhong Li didn't believe this, but Bai Lingran also silently shook his head.

But when he got into the car, Wang Ye didn't start, but waited for the phone to ring.

In the hall, Sister Han made a few inexplicable words. When Jiang Mengdie called, Wang Ye had already understood Sister Han's intention.

She didn't like Zhong Xiaomo, this was intentional, and it would take her pulse. Wang Ye claimed that it could be cured, but she did not ask for the cure, so Wang Ye guessed that Sister Han would definitely invite him to Livzon Villa Stay in until healed her extremely cold body.

Wang Ye poked a smile at the corner of his mouth, which was a good thing for him.

After waiting for about a quarter of an hour, Bai Lingran smiled bitterly: "Brother Wang, I am afraid you have misguided this time! As far as I know, sister Han is only mysterious because there is a larger force behind him, but the devil The principal of the city is not the only one, she is covered by different people in each district, and they are representatives of major families."

"By the way, the Zhong family is among them, don't you know?"

Zhong Li shook his head. He only knew that his favorite father was indeed the representative of the family. He had an estate in the devil. As for everything he operated, he knew nothing about those things.

At this moment, Wang Ye's cell phone rang, and Bai Lingran and Zhong Li subconsciously looked at it.

The reality on the phone is an unfamiliar number.

Wang Ye smiled confidently and pressed the answer button and hands-free button.

"Hello, is it Wang Ye, Mr. Wang?"

The voice on the other end of the phone stunned Bai Lingran and the other two. The familiar voice was the housekeeper Han.

"Yes, who are you?" Wang Ye asked deliberately.

"I'm the housekeeper Han of Livzon Villa. We met a few hours ago."

Wang Ye was silent for a moment deliberately before asking, "Housekeeper Han, is there anything wrong with me? Is it because he taught Mu Chen today that the Mu family is looking for Lizhu Villa to reconcile?"

"Mr. Wang misunderstood. Mu Chen was beaten at Livzon Villa. He could only smash his teeth and swallow in his stomach. He never dared to claim that it happened in Livzon Villa..."

Wang Ye didn’t have much favor with this butler Han. Although he knew the purpose of the call, he still interrupted his words and said, “Oh, that’s the case, thank you but steward Han. I’m not driving. It's convenient to answer the phone and I will contact you later."

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Bai Lingran in the back row finally gave Wang Ye a thumbs up.

"Brother Wang, I have to admire you! You are not only brilliant, but also calm and steady. If an ordinary person guesses that Livzon Villa will invite, I am afraid to agree to it, but you actually hung up the call of Han Butler!"

"What's this called..." Zhong Li pondered for a moment, and said in unison with Bai Lingran: "I want to catch it!"

"Haha, it's not like trying to get caught up! I just want to teach that housekeeper Han, today at the mansion, although he did not leak, it can still be seen that he obviously accepted the gift of Mu Chen, and his attitude was very friendly! Now that he knows that Mu Chen is my enemy, he should give him time and let him consider where he should stand!"

After Wang Ye said, this is the start of the car, "Brother Bai, I will take you home first!"

"Okay! Thank you, Brother Wang!" Bai Lingran nodded with a mocking smile.

Imagine if he was replaced by Wang Ye, Shicai would be waiting for the call. Once the call was connected, if he would definitely go straight to the subject, he would go to Livzon Villa as soon as possible.

You know, if you first come to the magic city, you can build a relationship with Livzon Villa, and then business in the magic city, at least in Dongcheng District, will go smoothly in the future.

But Wang Ye was not in a hurry.

At Livzon Villa, the housekeeper Han was walking back and forth in the room with his mobile phone.

He frowned and muttered, "This Wang Ye really doesn't know how to praise him. Before I finished speaking, he dared to hang up my phone! Humph, Sister Han, his business in Luochuan is in jeopardy with a word. At this time, I dare to put on airs!"

After waiting for half an hour, but without waiting for Wang Ye to call back, Housekeeper Han could only call him again.

"Mr. Wang..."

"Housekeeper Han, I'm driving! I'll call you later."


Wang Ye hung up.


Housekeeper Han slapped the table angrily, and shouted: "It's not a thing, it's like this!"

But is there any way to be anxious and get angry? Sister Han told me to invite Wang Ye to Lizhu Villa tonight, but it was noon now, and Wang Ye hung up after making two calls.

From time to time, Housekeeper Han calls Wang Ye.

But the other party did not claim to be driving, that is, it is inconvenient to talk about something now, and will come back later.

But wait and wait, I never saw Wang Ye call back.

In the villa on Jingning Road, Wang Ye raised Erlang's legs, put his feet on the table, and leaned on the sofa to send a WeChat chat to Zhong Xiaomo.

Zhong Li is on the side, holding a thick book of economics and management, and is carefully pondering it.

The phone rang again, and Wang Ye jokingly answered the phone, "Housekeeper Han, I'm really sorry, I've been busy before..."

"Nothing to be embarrassed! At Livzon Villa this morning, I was the one who didn't treat guests well. I am here to apologize for you! I'm just outside your house. Please also Mr. Wang can take the time to see me."

When Wang Ye heard this, he was not surprised at all. He is now the guest of Livzon Villa, the person Sister Han specially invited.

Slowly getting up, Wang Ye replied, "How dare you let Housekeeper Han take a trip in person, wait for me to go out to meet you."

Hanging up, Wang Ye stopped him when he was about to get up to open the door.

After looking in the mirror to clean up, after a few minutes, Wang Ye walked out of the villa, before seeing the housekeeper Han waiting at the gate.

He trot all the way, ran over, and opened the door to hold housekeeper Han's hand.

"If you miss far to welcome, if you miss far to welcome, please let me know, Manager Han."

"I won't go in." Butler Han suppressed the fire in his heart.

Wang Ye smiled slyly and said: "You are the housekeeper of Livzon Villa. If you have something to do with Wang Ye, I should come to my door and wait for your dispatch. Let you take a trip by yourself. You have grievances in your heart! I will apologize to you."

Speaking of seeing Wang Ye holding his fist and bowing, butler Han hurriedly stopped him.

He is the steward of Livzon Villa, and he is so sophisticated and sophisticated. How can he not know what Wang Ye said?

However, although the other party deliberately made things difficult, he had already expressed his apology at this moment. If he pursued it any more, he might only suffer.

As for the young man Wang Ye, butler Han took a different look.

He bowed his hand, his attitude became more polite, "Mr. Wang, I really have something to do with you. Sister Han ordered you to go to Lizhu Mountain Villa. Please stay in Lizhu Mountain Villa temporarily. Sister Han was treated. So the old man came personally to pick you up to the villa, and asked Mr. Wang not to embarrass me!"

"What is housekeeper Han talking about! How can I not agree to the invitation of Sister Han, besides, even if it’s on the face of housekeeper Han running in person, I must go!"

"Don't dare, it's all from Sister Han's face." Steward Han waved his hand hurriedly.