Enwei and Shi let Han steward know that he offended Wang Ye, but also let him know that Wang Ye is an extremely kind and straightforward person.

All the way to Livzon Villa, the two chatted happily in the car.

"Oh? Butler Han is also a fond collector?" Wang Ye exclaimed a little exaggeratedly when he talked about hobbies.

"Counting collections." The housekeeper Han waved his hand and said modestly: "It's just a special hobby about antiques and cultural relics! Following Sister Han's side, I have gained some insights, and occasionally had a blessing."

At this point in the conversation, Wang Ye already knew that Steward Han was only a failed entrepreneur. His business failed more than ten years ago and his wife ran away with him. He was nearly 40 years old and had nothing and was heavily in debt.

At that time, I met Sister Han, who was only a teenager. She took him in and let the housekeeper Han know what an amazing business talent was.

For more than ten years, the housekeeper Han has been loyal, and it was sister Han who paid off his debts for him and gave him a new identity.

Therefore, Han Guanjia's loyalty to Sister Han can be imagined.

If this person can serve himself, it will be of great benefit in the future.

At this point, Wang Yecancan smiled and said: "Brothers, there are indeed a few rare items in his hands. Anyway, I will live in Livzon Villa during this time. I just took it to the housekeeper Han to have a look."

"Don't dare to be it! Mr. Wang is a big hand, and it is my honor to let the old one pass his eyes!" Despite this, Han Guanjia said that there was a glimmer in his eyes that could not be concealed.

From the moment Wang Ye took out the Luanfeng bracelet, Steward Han knew that the young man in front of him had a rich background.

As he expected, Wang Ye, the antique treasure, checked in to the warehouse of the system, but there were many more.

Conversing all the way to Livzon Villa, Housekeeper Han's expression was reduced.

"Sister Han should be in the hot spring bath at this time, I'll report it."

Steward Han said, just after walking a few steps, the woman serving Sister Han walked quickly.

She glanced at Wang Ye, and then whispered to the housekeeper Han: "Sister Han ordered, Mr. Wang has come and asked him to go directly to the hot spring bathroom."

"Okay, I see, go down!"

Housekeeper Han turned and said politely: "Mr. Wang, let me help you carry the medicine box. Sister Han ordered you to go directly to the hot spring bathroom."

Raising the bag in his hand, Wang Ye smiled and said, "It's nothing! I know the hot spring bath, so I don't have to bother the housekeeper Han for a trip."

"So... that's okay! Then Mr. Zhongli, I will take you to the arranged accommodation first."

Housekeeper Han left with Zhong Li, and Wang Ye carried his bag and went straight to the woods outside the villa.

Passing through the small woods, I saw the hot spring bathroom made of glass. Four security guards stepped forward and blocked Wang Ye's way.

But after seeing Zhong Li's skill, these security guards seemed very cautious.

"He is the doctor I invited, let him in!" Sister Han's voice came from the hot spring bath.

The four security guards gave way. Wang Ye smiled brightly and walked into the misty hot spring bathroom.

In the room, the temperature was high, and Sister Han was lying on a seat in a thick bathrobe.

"You are here." She asked lightly without looking back.

"Here." Wang Ye answered very simply.

"Start treating?" Sister Han asked.

Wang Ye nodded, and as soon as she walked to her, Sister Han stood up and turned to look at him.

"I think it should be stripped off?"

"Huh?" Wang Ye was startled, this woman is not at all reserved!

"Don't need it?" Sister Han asked.

Quietly swallowing his throat, Wang Ye spread his hands, "Then take it off."

Her willow eyebrows wrinkled slightly, as if hesitated, her eyes were asking if Wang Ye must take it off completely.

After waiting for a while, Sister Han just explained: "In the past few years, many doctors have been hired, and there are some folk doctors, basically like doctors of your age, I have to be stripped for treatment here! "

It's so naive, they obviously want to lick it!

Wang Ye thought so in his heart.

But Sister Han turned her words, "Healers, there are only patients in their eyes, nothing else! It's just that those who have evil thoughts are basically not still lying in the hospital or have been disabled for life, at least their eyes are gone. existing!"

Threat, intimidate me?

Wang Ye's face remained silent, but he was contemptuous in his heart. Although this extremely cold body was born with a special physique, he possessed the Divine Doctor Encyclopedia chip, he naturally had special means to improve this physique, without the need Take off his clothes for treatment.

But since Sister Han is so unreserved, and her words also reveal threats, Wang Ye wants to see what the beauty does.

Flicker, this is Wang Ye's unique skill.

"I really feel sad for those people! The so-called winter sickness and summer treatment is to get rid of the dampness and cold in the body under high temperature, and your extremely cold body must be so. The clothes on your body will prevent the moisture from dissipating! You dig It’s really a mistake to blame them if they lost their eyes!"

"Then you mean to take off?" Sister Han asked blankly.

Wang Ye nodded and reiterated, "Then take it off."

He stared at Sister Han, and still didn't know what the full name of this mysterious woman was.

Sister Han stared at him, untied the straps with both hands, as if treating Wang Ye as air, she took off the thick bathrobe.

Her perfect body appeared in front of Wang Ye.

"Lying down, or lying down." Sister Han asked.

At this moment, Wang Ye didn't have the slightest urge, but the opponent's indifference made him feel a chill.

"Lie on your stomach first, I will release the cold inside your body by applying the needle..."

"You don't need to explain so much to me, just tell me what to do."

After Sister Han finished speaking, she lay down on the reclining chair.

Wang Ye took out the silver needle and pressed one finger on Sister Han's back. The skin was delicate and elastic. When the fingers moved down, the skin was like water waves.

With a pinch, the silver needle pierced into the acupuncture point accurately.

After more than ten stitches, the last stitch was on Sister Han's spine. Wang Ye reminded: "This stitch will temporarily lose consciousness in your body!"

"I said, you don't need to explain to me." Sister Han said indifferently.

Wang Ye smiled slyly, and stabbed it down.

Suddenly, Sister Han's body twitched slightly, and her whole body was paralyzed and she lost consciousness.

Wang Ye sat next to her, admiring her attractive back. If Sister Han showed the slightest timidity or shyness, perhaps he would have the impulse to go to the brain.

However, from the beginning to the end, what Sister Han showed was calm and indifferent, as if none of this was important at all, and as if there was a feeling that even if Wang Ye read it all over, she would not lose a bit of meat. As long as the disease can be cured, anything is fine.

The more so, the more cautious Wang Ye was. This calm and surprising woman would be quite terrifying once she became angry.

But what kind of person she is, Wang Ye must secretly test.

An hour later, Wang Ye pulled out the silver needles on the back of Sister Han one by one, and asked softly: "Move your body and try to recover yourself."

Sister Han's body moved and her arms stretched out. At this moment, her body really recovered.

"I have to try, whether you have regained consciousness now, especially pain, oh, yes, I don't need to explain to you..."


After speaking, he slapped Sister Han's white buttocks.

The beautiful buttocks swayed from side to side, and a slap print suddenly appeared on it. Wang Ye smiled slyly, and the scene of healing for Zhongyi in the depths of Zhongnan Mountain appeared in his mind.

But at this moment, Sister Han Huo Ran turned around, staring at him with cold eyes.