In the dreamland full of surprises, Wang Ye also felt melancholy.

That is, the flowers blooming on this towering tree are limited. If one is removed, one will be missing. Although there are hundreds of flowers on the tree at first glance, there will be a day of exhaustion.

Standing under this tree like a wishing tree, Wang Ye stretched out his hand to pluck a flower with colorful flowers.

"I hope that the flowers on this tree are endless and will never be finished." He said piously.

"His... it hurts, it hurts!"

A painful cry awakened Wang Ye, who was sleeping, and opened his eyes to see that Zhong Li's ears were being pulled in his hands. The latter grinned and sweated.

Hastily loosened his ears, Wang Ye said in amazement, "Why did you come in and gave me your ears to twist!"

"Brother, the conscience of heaven and earth, wronged!" Zhong Li's ears were red, and he muttered with a gloomy face: "I think you were so late today and haven't gotten up. You originally planned to knock on the door, but you stood outside the door. I heard you say, no, no...I really thought you were being assaulted! Then I opened the door to see that you were talking in a dream."

"Vaguely, I just leaned forward to listen. It seemed that you were making a wish, saying what flowers and what you can't finish, and then you just twisted my ears. I pushed you for a long time and you couldn't wake up. !"

"Really?" Wang Ye asked solemnly.

Pointing to his ears, Zhong Li said sternly: "I swear by my ears, I have shaken you for a long time!"

A biting chill rose from Wang Ye's vest.

It's the phone, it's the check-in system!

In the dream world, he still remembered that the greed under the wishing tree made him concentrate and forget everything. He, who has five senses, didn't even know that anyone came in.

Moreover, Zhong Li said that he had shaken him for a long time, but he didn't feel at all.


Wang Ye's heart sank, all of this was caused by greed, and he lost all his defenses.

"Big brother, what's the matter with you?" Zhong Li saw that his face was not very good, and asked: "Are you not feeling well? You are really abnormal this morning. With your five senses, let alone pushing the door, even if someone At the door, you should be able to feel it too."

Wang Ye's heart was filled with a sense of crisis, dispelling the joy that the system had a wish-making function that was verified last night.

Indeed, I rely too much on this check-in system, and most of everything I get comes from it.

But the endless greed and dependence will definitely bring him fatal danger in the end.

At this moment, Wang Ye was much more sober and realistic!

He deeply realized that if the check-in system were aside, Wang Ye would be nothing more than a smarter mortal!

"Big Brother?" Zhong Li cried tentatively when Wang Ye was in a daze.

"Oh, it's okay. I was thinking about it just now." He pointed to the contract on the bedside and said: "Get the contract, let's go to Mu's Entertainment."

Zhong Li nodded, took a look at the contract, and said in astonishment: "Zheng Yiyi? Today's popular second-tier actress will soon be among the first-tier! I'm a loyal fan of her, big brother, you contract..."

"Sister Han helped to get it." Wang Ye changed his clothes in a daze.

After going downstairs, Butler Han had asked the kitchen to prepare a hearty breakfast. Wang Ye said to Butler Han after eating.

"I'm going out to do something today. This is a prescription. Please take care of the medicine according to the prescription, and make it into a medicinal soup. I have to give Han a medicated bath at night! By the way, Mr. Han, I will go to you tonight and let you see Those antiques!"

Upon hearing of antiques, the housekeeper Han hurriedly said: "Okay, well, Mr. Wang, you are busy with you, just leave the medicine to me."

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, and drove that knight fifteenth away from Livzon Villa and headed towards Mu's Entertainment Company.

The first time he came, he followed the navigation to the outside of Mu's Entertainment Building, and looked up to see that the scale of this building was not smaller than that of Yuding Building.

Wang Ye grabbed his Banerzheng suit and walked out of the car. Seeing the bell before getting out of the car, he opened the door of the co-pilot.

"Big brother, wait two minutes, this game will end soon!" Zhong Li's only hobby is that single-player fighting game.

Wang Ye smiled and nodded without urging him, but stood outside the door and waited.

"Look, that car is so beautiful!"

"It must be worth the old nose money!"

"Whose boyfriend is that? Really handsome, elegant in his casual dress, handsome in his focus on playing mobile phones, tsk, if I had such a boyfriend, it would be great!"

Several fashionable women walked side by side toward the entrance of Mu's Entertainment Building, their eyes full of envy.

"Sister Yiyi, do you have any thoughts about the handsome guy in the car who plays with the mobile phone?" a woman with heavy makeup asked.

The woman next to her poked her nose and sneered, "That's a rich second generation at best. Sister Yiyi is about to become a superstar. In the future, it will be the rich generation, like this young man. , You have to line up!"

The eyes of a few women fell among them, a girl who looked refreshed with a ponytail.

She is Zheng Yiyi, a treasure-level actor of Mu's entertainment and the pillar of Mu's entertainment today.

Zheng Yiyi glanced not far away. Zhong Li, who was playing with his mobile phone in the co-pilot and wearing sportswear, just smiled and never answered the sister's words.

They mistakenly thought that Zhong Li was the boss and Wang Ye was just the driver, but that was true. The real rich would only wear this formality on formal occasions.

But what they don't know is that today's Wang Ye is indeed planning to treat this place as a'formal occasion'!

After a game was over, Zhong Li glanced at Wang Ye standing at the door, and smiled: "Ah, brother, you have been waiting for a long time, making you seem like a driver and I am the boss!"

"We brothers, aren't they all the same!" Wang Ye grinned, "Then today, let you experience the feeling of being a boss, please get out of the car!"

Wang Ye made a gesture of asking, Zhong Li was not polite, rolled over and got out of the car, pulled his sportswear, and strode towards the building.

Upon seeing this, Wang Ye followed him with a wry smile.

"Very good, raise your head and chest, eyes sharper! Don't let your enemies see any of your flaws! Later, it will be a fight with Mu Chen!"

Wang Ye teased the country behind him, and Zhong Li was also a little weird, holding his chest and stepping away with great excitement.

Seeing the elevator opened, a group of women walked in, and the elevator door was about to close. Wang Ye rushed over and blocked the elevator door.

"Boss, please!"

Zhong Li nodded, enjoying this kind of treatment. He walked into the elevator arrogantly, his eyes slammed on one of the women, his eyes were clear, and his hands were rubbing unconsciously.

"Zheng, Zheng Yiyi! My goddess, I finally saw you in person, Bibibi, how about it?" Zhong Li turned his head and looked at Wang Ye, "Give me the pen."

Wang Ye took out a pen from his pocket and handed it to Zhong Li.

Zhong Li snatched it over and put his hands in front of Zheng Yiyi, "Goddess, help me sign my name."

In the elevator, several girls waved their hands and tried to attract Zhong Li's attention. They had previously seen Zhong Li from the fifteenth world of Knights and believed that this was a wealthy man.

But in Zhong Li's eyes, there is no one beside him, only Zheng Yiyi.

Wang Ye is dim, this Zhongli has a good vision, Zheng Yiyi is worthy of being a popular actress, she looks pure and refined, and her temperament is the same, she looks simple.