Zheng Yiyi took the pen and smiled refreshingly: "Where to sign?"

"Here, here, here!"

Zhong Li pulled his clothes excitedly and motioned to Zheng Yiyi to sign on his chest.

After getting Zheng Yiyi's signature, Zhong Li was so excited, he turned his head and said, "Brother..."

"Boss, congratulations, you finally got the autograph of your favorite, goddess."

If you want to give face, you have to give enough. Since Zheng Yiyi is Zhongli's goddess on his way to chasing stars, Wang Ye naturally wants to hold him high, not only for the goddess to face him, but also for the goddess to admire him.

"But boss, after you acquire Mu's Entertainment, Ms. Zheng Yiyi will be your artist, and you can sign as many signatures as you want."

"Acquisition of Mu's Entertainment?" Zheng Yiyi asked in surprise.

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, "Yes, our boss is discussing this matter with Mu Chen."

When several women heard this, they felt excited to urinate. They bought Mu's Entertainment. How rich is this rich boy in front of him?Moreover, even his driver didn't address Mu Chen by his name, but by his first name, which shows the high status of this young master.

Zheng Yiyi was also a little moved, but she was more reserved than the women next to her. She stretched out a hand and smiled: "It's an honor to be able to meet the future boss so early! It was just the introduction. My name is Zheng Yiyi. I don't know this. How do you call Mr. Yi?"

Zhong Li held her hand and was speechless with excitement.

"Look at your urinary sex, aren't you just an actress! As for being so excited!" Wang Ye cursed in his heart, calmly on his face, and said, "Our boss's surname is Zhong, and his name is Zhong Li."

"Zhong Li?" Zheng Yiyi recollected for a moment and said, "Good name."

"The surname Zhong? Does the devil have a family surnamed Zhong?"

"Never heard of it!"

"It should be a low-key giant!"

Those women were quite realistic, and they started talking in this elevator.

At exactly this moment, the elevator door opened.

Zheng Yiyi smiled and walked out first, muttering silently in his heart, "After five seconds, I bet he will ask for a WeChat ID for me!"

She counted silently.

But Zhong Li's emotional intelligence doesn't even know this, he still stood in the elevator dazedly, staring at Zheng Yiyi's back excitedly.

It was Wang Ye who tugged him, took out his mobile phone and shook it in front of him, Zhong Li reacted and ran out of the elevator.

"Goddess, can you leave a phone call?" Zhong Li rarely uses things like WeChat.

With a smile on the corner of Zheng Yiyi's mouth, when he turned around, he nodded naturally: "Of course you can. After all, you may become my immediate boss soon."

In the elevator, Wang Ye sneered and said, "It's not the future, it is already!"

It is rare for Zhongli to see a girl so aggressively. Wang Ye tried to match him up and shouted: "Boss, you can talk here first. I will meet Mu Chen and pick you up later."

After speaking, he pressed the elevator door close button, and the elevator closed the door and continued to drive up.

The elevator door on the twenty-third floor opened. This was the office area, and Wang Ye went straight to the chairman's office.

With Zheng Yiyi's contract, he has the bargaining chip to negotiate with Mu Chen.

There are people coming and going here, and Wang Ye is wearing a suit, but no one stops him. Quan should be a new colleague here.

Until he walked outside the chairman's office, a female secretary hurriedly came up and asked: "Hello, sir, are you looking for Dong Mu?"

"Yes, I'm looking for Mu Chen!" Wang Ye nodded.

When he heard Jiang Mu Chen calling him by his name, the secretary was shocked. He secretly said that the identity of the person who came was not low, and hurriedly replied respectfully: "Dong Mu is in the magazine area, please wait for me to contact him."

"No need." Wang Ye waved his hand and turned away. "I'll go to him and learn about here by the way."

The secretary was at a loss. Seeing that the person was extraordinary, he didn't dare to ask more.

Each floor of the building has a different office area. The magazine department is on the 17th floor. Wang Ye walked down the elevator and circled here.

For the entertainment industry, I also have some understanding, but unfortunately I haven't found Mu Chen on this level.

Descending in turn, Wang Ye read the structure of Mu's entertainment as if he were visiting, followed by models, TV series, commercials, and film and television zones.

After a full turn for nearly an hour, I drove Mu's entertainment all around. I didn’t see Mu Chen, but just moved to the film and television area. Wang Ye thought about calling Zhongli a piece, and returned to the chairman’s office to negotiate with Mu Chen. .

When I walked to a dressing room, I heard the voice of several women talking.

"That Shao Zhong is really handsome!"

"Yeah, you didn't see it, his eyes were straight when he saw Yiyi just now."

"Yiyi, don't let the duck to your lips let him fly!"


Zheng Yiyi, who was putting on make-up, slammed the paintbrush in his hand on the table, and shouted with a calm face, "Where is the agent dead again? Didn't you just talk to Shao Mu, and prepare a separate dressing room for me!"

As she spoke, she walked out of the doorway opposite, lit a cigarette in the corridor, and dialed the agent's phone number, but no one answered at the other end.

Wang Ye frowned. Zheng Yiyi's performance just now was not as polite as in the elevator.

At this time, the voices of those women were also heard in the dressing room.

"Look at her like that, she really regards herself as a first-line star!"

"Huh, who doesn't know, she only got to where she is today while holding Mu Shao's legs. Not long after she became popular, she started playing big cards!"

"This kind of person wears a good skin, and it's dirty inside! Look at the way he was stunned to Zhong Shao just now, and he can't wait to post himself on it. Now I ask her a few words, and he looks upright!"

Knowing the person, knowing the face and not knowing the heart, seems even more so in the entertainment industry.

Wang Ye hesitated again and again, walked into the dressing room, and asked, "May I ask Miss Zheng Yiyi..."

"Outside, out there!"

Be polite to Zhong Li, these women didn't care about Wang Ye, the'driver' at all.

He smiled slightly and walked towards the opposite side of the dressing room. After opening the door, there was an open-air balcony. Zheng Yiyi was smoking a cigarette.

When she saw Wang Ye, she hurriedly threw the cigarette down.

"Miss Zheng smokes?" Wang Ye just asked casually.

But Zheng Yiyi's face changed in an instant. She strode forward and asked, "How long have you been a driver for Zhong Shao?"


"Ah what! I ask you, how long have you been a driver for Zhong Shao?" Zheng Yiyi asked again.

Counting days, less than a month after I met Zhong Li, Wang Ye truthfully replied: "It's almost a month."

"How much is the salary per month?" Zheng Yiyi asked.

After spreading his hands, there is really no way to answer this, Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "It's still in the probation period for the time being, and it hasn't been finalized. Why are you asking about this?"

"Here is half a million!" Zheng Yiyi took out a card from his pocket and threw it in Wang Ye's arms, arrogantly said: "Enough for you to drive for several years! Don't talk to Zhong Shao about smoking just now. He said about women who don't like smoking."

Hearing this, Wang Ye realized instantly, holding the bank card and smiling with interest.

It turned out that Zheng Yiyi was planning to attack Zhong Li. He was afraid of her smoking. He would tell Zhong Li that this was the intention to pay the hush money.

But what surprised Wang Ye was that Zheng Yiyi bluntly said: "You accept the money, and you will resign today when you go back. I will give you another half a million later! If you do not agree, Zhong Shao will also fire you. Because I have recommended a better driver to him, then you will only lose money."