The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 250: What Do You Choose?

In front of Zhong Li, Zheng Yiyi acted like a little bird.

But in front of his Wang Ye, she was so arrogant, and her words were harsh.

Holding the bank card in his hand, Wang Ye smiled and asked, "It doesn't matter if you keep your smoking secret. I'm just curious, why have to resign me?"

"You don't need to know this!"

"If I don't know, I'm afraid this will not be done!" Wang Ye smiled lightly, but wanted to see what medicine Zheng Yiyi sold in the gourd.

At this moment, he quietly pressed his pocket phone and dialed Zhong Li's cell phone.

This is the first one given to him after leaving Zhongnan Mountain with Zhong Li.

In response to Zheng Yiyi's threatening eyes, Wang Ye smiled calmly, the phone vibrated, and it was Zhong Li who connected the call.

"Miss Zheng Yiyi, you told me to quit my job as a driver. At least let me know why?"

"Okay! Then let you give up, and you are not afraid that you, a driver, could ruin my business! You can see the admiration of Zhong Shao for me?"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, Zheng Yiyi continued: "My agent signed a contract with a company last night, a ten-year contract with me. Today I asked Zhong Shao about this contract with his company. Signed!"

Wang Ye nodded again. How could he not know about this? The system rewards Zheng Yiyi's ten-year contract.

"Mu's Entertainment is about to be acquired by Zhong Shao. I am his most dazzling artist, so I must make full preparations to arrange my people with Zhong Shao! Of course you can rest assured that your benefits are indispensable! One million for you For the driver, it will take at least ten years, or even longer."

"Basically understand!" Wang Yecancan smiled, "You are going to approach Shao Zhong, put your eyeliner beside him, and then wait for the future to give you a hug, and then let him continue to praise you and become a superstar, right?"

Looking at each other, Zheng Yiyi hesitated for a moment, but thought that the other party was just a driver, so he did not hide it.

"The words are rough but not rough!"

"Oh!" Wang Ye raised the bank card in his hand, "I'll accept your money. I didn't resign as his driver. I promise you this!"

After all, he turned around and smiled, and the 500,000 yuan was a lesson for Zheng Yiyi.

Zheng Yiyi's voice came from behind, "Also, my smoking is kept secret for me."

Wang Ye left without looking back, and walked out of the dressing room. This was when he took out his mobile phone and asked with a smile, "Zhong Li, have you heard clearly!"

"Hey, big brother, people in the world are sinister! On the screen, I think she is a pure goddess. I didn't expect that in reality, only scum is left!" Zhong Li said with emotion.

"Hehe, there is no need to be depressed, this is the first lesson my brother taught you! Where are you?"

"The elevator door in the movie district."

"Okay, I'll come to you now!" Wang Ye hung up the phone and walked towards the elevator door. He saw Zhongli waiting here from a distance.

Looking at each other and smiling, Zhong Li understood that Wang Ye was doing this for his good.

He patted the neutral shoulder heavily, and Wang Ye smiled and said, "You have chosen an idol, now you can see it clearly! You should also understand, you can't look at the surface in everything, well, go to Muchen!"

"Wang Ye?"

At this moment, a person walked out of the office of the film and television district and exclaimed when he saw Wang Ye.

He was Mu Chen, his face was red and swollen, and he shivered subconsciously when he saw Wang Ye.

"Mu Chen, looking for you!"

Wang Ye grinned and walked towards Mu Chen.

The latter's face suddenly changed in fright and shouted, "Security, security..."

"Stop screaming, it's not here to clean up you today!" Wang Ye sneered and waved his hand, pointing to the office behind him, and said, "Save you a little face, go in and say?"

Mu Chen was a little frightened, but after all, this is the headquarters of Mu's Entertainment. He plucked up the courage to ask: "What are you going to say, hurry up, I have nothing to discuss with you, and I will remember that few slaps. lifetime."

"You think too much, I'm not here to apologize to you!" Wang Ye chuckled, and reached out to accept a contract from Zhong Li, and said, "Big business, if you don't talk about your Mu Family Entertainment Club It's a terrible death!"

Hearing this, Mu Chen hesitated for a long time before he turned around, opened the door of the office, and shouted at a woman inside: "You go out first!"

"Young Master Mu, didn't you just finish it off? What are you going to do again? You changed? Today is so interesting?"

In the office, a woman is smiling charmingly while wearing clothes.

"Stop talking nonsense, get out quickly!"

Mu Chen yelled, and the scared woman shivered, and hurriedly lifted her coat and ran out of the house.

Walking into the office, Wang Ye looked down at the kits thrown in the trash basket, and sneered: "Young Master Mu has a good taste. You don't want to let go of that stuff just now? I really don't know, why would Zhou Yingying like it? You, by the way, I’m even more curious, how would you care about a Zhou Yingying when you are so arrogant, and do everything against me for her?"

Mu Chen said with a cold face, and urged: "Don't talk about that, let's talk about what is going on?"

"Good thing! One contract for all the shares in Yuding Building!" Wang Ye placed the contract on the table.

"It's ridiculous, do you think it's possible? I invested nearly 400 million yuan in Yuding Building before I got 49% of the equity. Your contract is so valuable..."

At the end of the talk, Mu Chen, whose eyes were on the contract, trembled and could not speak.

He hurriedly picked up the contract and looked at it, his face became colder and gloomy, and the flush of anger made his red and swollen face even more flushed.

"Zheng Yiyi's agent Zhang Lun, this damn dog thing!" At the end of sight, Mu Chen kicked on the stool, almost roaring, "This damn gambler, the thing of the whole family, yesterday Zheng Yiyi three The annual contract is full. I made a special appointment with him and signed a contract for three years with 300 million yuan. He did not agree. It turned out that he hooked up with you. No wonder I saw him panicked yesterday!"

Wang Ye didn't answer, it was a slander for him. He hadn't seen Zhang Lun. This contract was given by the system.

"Let's talk about Wang Ye, how much did you spend to buy Zhang Lun?" Mu Chen complained angrily. "I should have guessed that he secretly tried to find another owner. This gambling enthusiast, he owes something. Ass debt!"

Mu Chen thought that Wang Ye dug the corner and bought Zheng Yiyi's agent, Zhang Lun, who was addicted to gambling.

As for the misunderstanding during the period, Wang Ye disdain to explain, and directly asked: "How about this contract for my equity in Yuding Building?"

Originally, Wang Ye didn't want to sell this contract, but after seeing Zheng Yiyi's true face, he felt that this contract was worthless. With Zheng Yiyi's character, it would be effortless to dig her out.

It is more appropriate to exchange for Mu Chen's shares in Yuding Building.

"Impossible!" Mu Chen refused.

Wang Ye sneered, beckoned, and motioned to him to take over the contract, "Then I will take Zheng Yiyi away today. As far as I know, you Mushi Entertainment signed three movies and the schedule is full! If she is As soon as you leave, let alone that Mu's Entertainment has no pillars, even if it is a penalty, you have to drink a pot!"

After Wang Ye spoke confidently, he turned around, and after not taking a few steps, he heard Mu Chen gritted his teeth behind him.

"Wait, wait! This matter can be discussed!"