The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 259: Han Ruoxue's Identity


Wang Ye responded and walked out of the hall.

Han Ruoxue followed him full of guilt.

"After leaving the magic city, never come back again. I will help you realize the assets of the magic city."

"Here, do you have anything to pack?"

When Han Ruoxue saw Wang Ye exiting the hall, instead of heading towards the door of the villa, he walked towards the inner courtyard and asked suspiciously.

"Isn't it time for acupuncture?" Wang Ye asked, turning his head.

"My body is almost restored, it's not bad this time, you can leave without worry."

"It will take some time to recuperate!"

"Wang Ye, I said no!"

"Didn't I say it?" Wang Ye patted his forehead and said, "Oh, I almost forgot. I did not say it. Then I will say it again. I have no plans to leave the magic city."


Han Ruoxue looked surprised, she ran forward and grabbed Wang Ye's wrist, "Do you know who you were hitting just now? Luo Family, Luo Tianxiang!"

"Very powerful?" Wang Ye smiled indifferently.

"Not only powerful, but also terrible!" Han Ruoxue shivered when he mentioned the Luo family.

"Then you have to tell me the Luo family well! Let's talk about acupuncture and moxibustion."

Wang Ye Cancan smiled and turned and walked towards the inner courtyard.

Looking at her back, Han Ruoxue was pleasantly surprised. She was happy that Wang Ye didn't choose to escape, but stayed, and she knew that Wang Ye stayed for her.

What I am afraid of is that what Wang Ye taught just now is that they belong to the Luo family and are called the Luo family of the Yan Luo clan!

But it seemed that nothing happened to Wang Ye. In the glass room of the hot spring bathroom, he used skillful techniques to pierce the acupuncture points on Han Ruoxue's body.

Seeing her perfect body and lying on the seat, Wang Ye sat aside.

"Now we can talk."

"Wang Ye, thank you for helping me today! But I advise you to leave the magic capital early!" Han Ruoxue turned her head.

"Don't you really want to know where I went in after I was fifteen!"

"I have really wanted to know." Wang Ye nodded.

"Then I'll tell you! I went to Luo's house!" A flash of fear flashed in Han Ruoxue's eyes.

"When I was fifteen years old, with my own hands and wisdom, I lay a piece of sky! I thought that my life was going to change, but that night someone suddenly rushed into my room and took me to a stranger. Place, Luo Family!"

"It was a hell-like place. The Luo family gave me hope, but it needed cruel means to survive. In that small base, it looked like a perfect city, with supermarkets, hospitals, and shopping malls. There are even various service places. It is a reduced world, where we have a hundred people, a full one hundred people!"

At this moment, her body had lost consciousness because of the injection, but when she mentioned it, she was instinctively twitching.

Wang Ye's brows frowned slightly. Is this Luo family training them to run a business?

"If you think that way, you are very wrong!" As if seeing through what he was thinking, Han Ruoxue gritted her teeth: "It was a game and a cruel fight, only constantly devouring the other party's industry. The ability to grow gradually, once the industry is lost, the participants will die!"

"A hundred people, running a hundred different companies, in ten years, in the fight with no blood, I stood out, I only survived, stepping on the bodies of the ninety-nine people to survive! Therefore, I was sent here by the Luo family to support the economy of Dongcheng District of Magic City."

When Wang Ye heard this, his hairs stood up, and this mysterious Luo family was not as terrifying as the invisible Zhong family.

Isn't that ten-year-old game like the various companies that have gone through in the city today!

Once you lose your business, you will lose everything, but that game is even more cruel, losing not only power and money but also life!

Wang Ye stared at Han Ruoxue, no wonder she looked cold from beginning to end.

If you have also experienced those ten years and experienced the experience of crawling out of the dead, perhaps you will no longer be moved by anything.

"Luo Family!" Wang Ye murmured playfully, and perhaps this mysterious family possessed the key that the old beggar said in his hand.

"Wang Ye." Han Ruoxue said earnestly, "I am very grateful for you to treat me during this period of time. It is because of me today that I have offended the Luo family. I am deeply sorry! Leave the magic city, lest you get angry. "

"I heard that Luo Tianxiang said, you seem to have provoke someone who shouldn't be offended?" Wang Ye deliberately changed the subject.

Han Ruoxue frowned, "You..."

"It's almost time, as you say, I'll help you withdraw the needle at the same time, it's time to change the front!" Wang Ye grinned.

Although Han Ruoxue sighed, there was a smile in her eyes.

"Just got rid of two rubbish! The director of the orphanage and his mistress!"

"I've heard that you were sent to the orphanage when you were swaddling." Wang Ye pulled out the last silver needle and patted Han Ruoxue's upturned butt as usual.

Almost used to it, Han Ruoxue's delicate body trembled slightly before turning around consciously to wait for Wang Ye to give the needle.

"That's a pair of beasts!" Han Ruoxue's eyes were cruel, "The dean has a special hobby. To the little girl in the orphanage..."

Speaking of this, she did not continue, Wang Ye Shizhen's hand paused slightly, and there was a killing intent in her eyes, which was clear in her heart.

"That's damn it!"

"Yes, so I left the orphanage and made a living by picking up wastes and begging. You know the rest! I came to the magic city to take office, and I have been searching for him secretly, trying to avenge those poor children back then! Finally, the first paragraph Time allowed me to find him!"

Han Ruoxue gritted her teeth, "But who would have thought that this damn thing has already changed its career, started a business in Southeast Asia, and became General Heba's subordinate! I got rid of him, and therefore let General Heba's goods sink in? In the sea, the Luo family was afraid of General Heba in Southeast Asia, so he came to Xingshi to inquire!"

The last needle pierced Han Ruoxue's body, and Wang Ye got up and stretched lazily.

"General Heba! The business in Southeast Asia is nothing more than smuggling and drug trafficking, but if this is quite in line with the character of the dean you mentioned! Forget it, people who the Luo family can't afford, I will handle it!"

"You?" Han Ruoxue questioned.

General Heba's tens of thousands of troops, let alone his Wang Ye alone, even the Luo family did not dare to face it head-on.

However, Han Ruoxue couldn't question the bright smile on Wang Ye's face.

It seems that as long as you look at him, that kind of solid and reliable feeling will emerge spontaneously.

For more than ten years, in Han Ruoxue's heart, this kind of dependence has appeared for the first time!

After the acupuncture and moxibustion, he was sent to the room for Chinese medicine bath. Han Ruoxue mentioned many times that he suggested that Wang Ye leave the magic capital as early as possible, but he refused.

For the next two days, Han Ruoxue was worried, but instead of waiting for the revenge from Luo's house, he waited for the special envoy sent by General Heba.

This person came alone, sitting in the hall, that arrogant color was beyond words, Luo Tianxiang, the representative of the Luo family, could only stand beside him.