Returning the same way, Heba, Guan Kai, and all his men were all startled.

In the mountains and forests, the corpses indicate death and the terror of the God of War.

At this moment, because Heba, who had paid 100 billion and was still a bit painful, didn't dare to complain anymore.

In the forest, after Han Ruoxue's tense nerves relaxed, her body instantly weakened.

Wang Ye put her in his arms and smiled faintly, "It's okay!"

"Guardian War God, are you really a guardian War God?" Han Ruoxue asked.

"I want to say, I was fooling Heba just now?" Wang Ye smiled slyly.

When he heard the legendary story of the Guardian War God and signed a contract with 18 foreign countries, making him afraid of China and not dare to set foot in half a step, he had already guessed that the most feared in Heba's heart was the Guardian War God.

Just at this time, the sign-in system gave him a god assist, the god of war!

Therefore, Wang Ye arranged for Zhong Li to hide in the dark, giving Heba the greatest shock by thunder means, and then at this time he took out the God of War Order, presumably Heba would not have the slightest doubt.

Everything, as he expected.

"But that War God order in your hand?" Han Ruoxue asked.

"Twenty dollars."

"What is twenty dollars?" Han Ruoxue frowned.

Wang Ye sly prevarication: "Twenty dollars, ask the roadside master, made of aluminum!"

Han Ruoxue couldn't help but chuckle when she heard the words, she stood up straight and looked at Wang Ye.

"You are so bold, even Heba dared to fudge, but your brother Zhong Li, it is indeed good to stretch out his hand. If it is not for my safety, you want to escape from Heba, or even kill him. easy."

Han Ruoxue's heart was warm, but she knew that Wang Ye was not the subordinate of the God of War.

During this period, don't look at her in simple terms, but she knew everything about Wang Ye, and the things that Luochuan had experienced were clearly understood by her investigation.

The only thing that made her and Zhong Li unexpected is that this War God order is not a fake, but a true War God order.


At the door of Lizhu Villa Villa, Luo Tiansha was about to get into the car when he saw Heba, sweating profusely, rushing over with a group of people.

Although he didn't know why, Luo Tiansha squatted on the ground with his head in his hands.

"General, general, have something to say! The misunderstanding between us has been resolved!"

Everyone in the Luo family squatted on the ground and trembled, and Heba went and returned, which made them very scared.

"Luo Tiansha!" Heba gritted his teeth, his eyes almost staring out, "How dare you give me Han Ruoxue and Wang Ye?"

Luo Tiansha was confused, didn't Heba ask for it?

He looked up and asked, "How about it?"

"Otherwise, your uncle! I can't wait to collapse you now!"

Heba took out a pistol around his waist, if it weren't for Guan Kai on one side to stop him, he would really have shot Luo Tiansha with one shot.

He said in his heart that Han Ruoxue and Wang Ye are the guardians of the war god, so Luo Tiansha did not say a word and handed them to him for disposal. This was deliberately framed him and made him offend the guardian war god, this time if not Wang Ye showed great compassion, he was about to expose the corpse wilderness!

Looking at Guan Kai's eyes, Heba put the pistol away.

"Luo Tiansha, let me tell you! From now on, you'd better be polite to Han Ruoxue and Wang Ye! Otherwise, I will come to China again, and you will not leave the Luo family!"

After Heba finished speaking, he hurriedly got into the car. The frightened driver pulled off, and a guard sat in the cab.

On the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Herba slammed the door shut.

The Luo family are all at a loss. It is Heba who is coming to Livzon Villa. He is the one who took the money and took the trouble. Why is it now warning the Luo family not to touch these two people.

Seeing like a robber, Heba's men snatched three luxury cars and prepared to leave, Luo Tiansha hurriedly gave Luo Tianao a wink.

He had some friendship with Guan Kai and tried to get him to inquire about the news.

Luo Tianxiang understood, and hurriedly got up, stepped forward to grab Guan Kai who was about to get into the car.

"Brother Guan Kai, please be clear."

With that, he handed Guan Kai a bank card.


Guan Kai knocked the bank card to the ground. It was all the time. Who would dare to collect the money if it was important to save his life.

Even Heba was so frightened that he didn't know how to get involved with the Luo family.

"Explicit a fart! Your Luo family provoked people who shouldn't be offended. Do you know who Han Ruoxue and Wang Ye are? People who protect the country and the god of war! You Luo family, ask for more blessings!"

Guan Kai said, opened the door and got into the car.

The number of luxury cars moved away, and Heba, sitting in the back row, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the duck to the mouth flew, it lost 50 billion yuan and lost more than a hundred men, but fortunately, he had no worries about his life, and now he could go back in a big way.

However, after this battle, Heba has already had a shadow on China, and will never dare to set foot in this place in the future.

This place is too much money!

Outside the door of Lizhu Villa, Luo Tianxiang was stunned for a while, and Luo Tiansha pushed his shoulder heavily, and this was his reaction.

"It's over, big brother." Luo Tianxiang trembled all over, and his words were crying.

"What's the matter?" Luo Tiansha asked anxiously.

"Guardian, God of War! Han Ruoxue and Wang Ye are the people of God of War!"

"Impossible!" Luo Tiansha waved his hand and shouted: "Han Ruoxue's identity, we Luo Jiacha knows clearly, how could it be possible for ten years of training to be...his, Wang, Wang Ye!"

At the end of the talk, Luo Tiansha's eyes widened.

He swallowed hard, so it seemed that there was only one possibility, that Wang Ye was the god of war to protect the country.

Thinking back to the previous experience, it is no wonder Wang Ye was so calm and calm in front of Heba, his eyes were extremely contemptuous.

"It's over!" He murmured in a daze, what should he do now with the attitude he used to treat Wang Ye.

"Go, walk around." After a while, Luo Tiansha waved his hand and said: "Immediately go back to Luo's house and order all Luo's family members to not have any conflicts with Wang Ye. All funds will be collected from me during this time. When I come back, I'm always ready, my eyes are polished, and my ears are erected! Once there is any disturbance, let's leave the magic city first!"

The Luo family was actually ready to run away.

Abandon the century-old foundation and ignore it!And none of the Luo family refuted!All nodded one after another.

Heba ran away in a hurry, how could Luo Family, the god of war protector of the country, know that it was strong and terrifying.

Who would have thought that this time I hit the iron plate.

A group of motorcades hurriedly headed down the mountain.

When they returned to Lizhu Villa, Wang Ye and Han Ruoxue, who were standing on the top of the mountain, had not yet descended, and they saw the hurried row of cars on Panshan Road.

"Congratulations, you are free." Wang Ye smiled brightly.

"Thank you." Han Ruoxue said, nestling her head in Wang Ye's arms.

Being able to regain a new life and get rid of the Luo family's control is all Wang Ye's credit. After this experience, Han Ruoxue's heart has long been completely occupied by Wang Ye.

Even though, she knew very well that Wang Ye had a wife, and it was because of her plan that Zhong Xiaomo had to deal with Luochuan.

But so what!

"Let's go down the mountain!" Wang Ye said, ready to leave.

Suddenly, Han Ruoxue hugged him and whispered softly in his ear: "Accept me, right here!"