The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 270 The Arrogant Luo Daxiong

Mu Chen is a small character, and it is meaningless to embarrass him.

Wang Ye waved for him to get up, feeling his chin with one hand and pondering.

The Mujia's clues about the profound iron lotus were what he wanted most, and that was one of the keys to the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain.

"Sit down and talk." He gestured.

Mu Fanhai was a little surprised and hesitated.

"Sit down!"

Wang Ye frowned, and he sat down in a hurry.

The young man in front of him made him very jealous. Not only did the Mu's entertainment pay for the breach of contract, the Mu's entertainment also had to pay a large sum of money. If this matter is not handled properly when running for the housekeeper's housekeeper, it will last many years. The hard work that came was wasted.

Thinking of this, Mu Fanhai could no longer take care of face.

"Brother Wang." He directly commensurate with Wang Yeyi's brother, and said respectfully: "The enemy should be settled and not settled. You and I have no grudges. As long as Brother Wang can let me go, I will be grateful to Mu Fanhai. ."

"Let it go, it is impossible! After all, it is worth tens of billions."

Wang Ye's words made Mu Fanhai despair in his heart.

He signaled Zhong Li to take Zheng Yiyi out first, and it was not good for Zheng Yiyi to know something.

When Zhong Li closed the door, Wang Ye was lying lazily on the sofa, looking at Mu Fanhai with a smile on his face.

"I know the current situation of your Mu's family. You are afraid that this will affect your campaign for Patriarch." Seeing Mu Fanhai nodded without hiding, Wang Ye continued.

"The biggest competitor is Mu Fanyang! Actually, you and I have a common enemy. Mu Fanyang is deceived by Zhou Yingying and must be against me! Therefore, you and I can stand on the united front."

Upon hearing this, Mu Fanhai became interested.

"Brother Wang, do you have a plan?"

"Yes!" Wang Ye smiled cunningly, "As long as I win the Mu Family, Mu Fanyang will fight with you!"

"Take the Mu's family?!"

Mu Fanhai suddenly stood up and stared at Wang Ye with a vigilant look.

What a big ambition, you want to take the entire Mu Family?!

This kid is so arrogant!

Is it possible to think that my Mu's family is a soft persimmon?!

Coming out of a small town in Luochuan, it's so deceptive!

At this moment, Mu Fanhai's heart was tumbling with anger, and the glimmer of hope he had previously held had been burned with anger.

If Wang Ye wants to take down the Mu Family, that is to strip him Mu Fan Hai!

"Brother Wang's appetite is too great! I'm afraid, you can't swallow it!" Mu Fanhai's tone changed.

The idea of ​​fighting the shepherd's family is to use the interests of him to Mu Fanhai. Naturally, he would not agree to it.

Wang Ye looked up and looked at him with a smile.

Mu Fanhai had this kind of reaction, which he expected, but he hadn't finished speaking yet, and it is estimated that Mu Fanhai would agree to it after he finished speaking.

"Bang!" Just then, the door was kicked open.

A man walked in angrily, "Mu Chen, you bastard, what do you mean?"

"Big, why are you here? Didn't I ask you to wait for my call?" Mu Chen ran over in shock.


Putting a foot on Mu Chen's stomach, he kicked him and turned him on his back.

"Yeah, it turned out to be Mu Fanhai. Your father is here! No wonder, I asked me to let me dove again."

Luo Daxiong sneered, and pulled a stool forward and sat down.

Mu Chen got up and met Mu Fanhai's gloomy eyes. He hurriedly explained: "Brother Big Xiong, this is a small matter. I meant that if my father can solve it, you don't have to You have taken a trip."

"Yes, Big Bear, you really misunderstood this matter." Mu Fanhai smiled.

"Misunderstand Nima's forcing, you treat Lao Tzu as a fool, right?"

Luo Daxiong opened his mouth and cursed with an aggrieved look, but Mu Fanhai and his son were obviously quite afraid of him and couldn't help explaining.

"Fuck Nima, don't beep with me anymore!" Luo Daxiong raised his hand to fight, and Mu Fanhai, who came forward to explain, hurried back two steps.

In the Luo family, Luo Tiansha, the old man of the Luo family, was the least dared to provoke, but who knows, let alone provoke, it was Luo Daxiong.

He is a well-known peacemaker. No one can dare not listen to his mediation. He is so arrogant and domineering, not because of his identity in the Luo family, but because he has an extremely awesome father, which is the Luo family. The pillars!

Patriarch Luo Tiansha had to be respectful when he saw him.

Luo Daxiong said angrily: "I received the news early in the morning, you Mu Fanhai invited to deal with this matter, to deal with Nima's force, you have the ability to deal with, don't use my name to bluff. "

With his temper, Luo Daxiong didn't give Mu Fanhai any face, even he scolded him, let alone scolding him, he wanted to beat people.

Although Mu Fanhai was angry in his heart, he still had to smile on his face, "Who are you listening to, how can I shepherd someone..."

"Shao Te is so gentle, what is wrong with your brother Mu Fanyang's phone call to me personally? And I saw it with my own eyes, you dare to deny it!"

"Mu Fanyang!" Mu Fanhai gritted his teeth.

It turned out that Mu Fanyang provoked all this, and it must have been Mu Fanyang that Zhou Yingying had informed him, so he took this opportunity to use Luo Daxiong to deal with him.

But now is not the time to complain about Mu Fanyang, Mu Fanhai hurriedly explained: "Big Xiong, don't get me wrong, Mu Fanyang was used as a spear..."

"Go to Nima! Are you saying that I'm stupid? What kind of nonsense, believe it or not, I will smoke you?"

Luo Daxiong raised his hand, frightened Mu Fanhai hurriedly shut up.

"At this critical period, my Luo family was originally not mixed up! I agreed to the special thing, why can't I bear to pay a billion?"

This Luo Daxiong is arrogant and domineering, even more rampant than Luo Tianxiang or even Luo Tiansha.

Wang Ye, lying reclining on the sofa, smiled faintly listening to all this.

"Who made you laugh?" Luo Daxiong suddenly saw that there were people sitting in front of him, and they were still laughing!

"You are especially Mu Chen's enemy, right? Okay, I'm in charge of this matter. Even if it is not a common grudge, I have to put it down. This is the matter. Do you have any comments?"

Wang Ye shrugged, "Of course there are opinions."

"Do you dare to have any opinions? Do you know who Lao Tzu is? Luo Daxiong, a member of the Mordu Luo family!"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, Luo Daxiong said angrily: "Do you know how to pretend to be forced?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye finally stood up and looked at Luo Daxiong with a smile.

"Not only do you have opinions, but also quite a lot. For a business of tens of billions of dollars, do you say that you don’t want to be held accountable? I think too much of myself. And I have opinions about you, and one more thing! How long has your mouth been since you brushed your teeth? ! One mouth is full of feces!"


Luo Daxiong stood up and stared at Wang Ye angrily.

Both Mu Fanhai and his son were stunned. There were still people who dared to talk to Luo Daxiong like this!

This makes it clear that the Luo family is an enemy!

However, after a while, a smile flashed across Mu Fanhai's eyes. Wang Ye and Luo Daxiong were enemies, and there must be no good fruit to eat. It irritated him and estimated that Wang Ye would not see the sun tomorrow.

If he is forced, he can sit back and relax!

But when Luo Daxiong was about to go crazy, Wang Ye stretched out his hand, "Get to know, my name is Wang Ye!"

"Wang, Wang Ye?!"

Luo Daxiong's lips suddenly trembled.