The father and son, even the slight changes in their expressions, could hardly escape Wang Ye's eyes.

Obviously, Mu Fanhai didn't know anything about this, and Mu Chen frowned in thought.

This disappointed Wang Ye. The profound iron lotus was not in their hands. One of the keys to the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain did not seem to be in the Mu's house.

"By the way, I remember."

Suddenly, Mu Chen's words made Wang Ye happy.


Mu Chen hurriedly said: "That was a few years ago. I went to see my second uncle that night, originally talking about Mu's entertainment equity, but when I walked through the door of his room, someone inside was talking to him, saying It is Xuan Tie Lotus."

"I'm pretty sure, because the person at that time and this thing looked even crazy. Moreover, I saw him handing a photo to my second uncle. The thing in the photo was an iron lotus. "

This line is very important, Wang Ye hurriedly asked: "Do you know the person who talked to Mu Fanyang?"

"I don't know." Mu Chen shook his head, "The man was dirty and shaggy, like a beggar. I thought it was a cheat at first, so I walked in and reminded my second uncle, but you also know He was vying with my father, he didn't listen to me at all, and he was obsessed with that thing. Before I could say a few words, the beggar left."

"Then Huazi, who is nearly seventy years old? Good physique? There is a special fragrance on his body?" Wang Ye stared directly at Mu Chen.

The look in his eyes made him feel a little hairy.

"Yes, yes, I seem to be quite old, but my body looks very good, and I walked like a tiger. As for the fragrance, I didn't pay attention."

"It's him!" Wang Ye suddenly stood up and paced back and forth in the office.

How could it be him!In Zhongnan Mountain, I rescued him, and claimed to have been waiting for him in Zhongnan Mountain for more than 20 years!

However, the old beggar told him that one of the keys to the secret realm is in the magic capital!

As for the Xuantie lotus, the old beggar told Mu Fanyang, and it is even possible that the old beggar gave the Xuantie lotus to Mu Fanyang.

What is his intention to do this?

If he has the profound iron lotus, why bother to use the mystery, give it to Mu Fanyang, and guide himself without telling who is in his hands.

While Wang Ye was meditating, Mu Fanhai and his son did not dare to disturb.

The two of them looked at each other, not knowing what the black iron lotus was, but it was obvious that Wang Ye was very nervous.

Suddenly, Wang Ye's footsteps stopped, a glint in his eyes.

There is only one explanation. Back then, the old beggar found the clues of the black iron lotus, but couldn't stay in the magic capital for a long time, so he found Mu Fanyang, revealed the news to him, and tried to use his hand to find the black iron lotus. !

Wang Ye was sure in his heart that this was the only explanation.

The premise is that he firmly believes that the old beggar is helping him, at least helping him until the four keys are gathered.

The mysterious old beggar Huazi, no one knows his identity, but he seems to know everything, even if he has a check-in system, he even knows it!

Who is he?What is the purpose?

"Mr. Mu." Wang Ye turned around and said with a solemn expression: "The acquisition continues, and you need to cooperate with me! With your secret cooperation, I will take all of the Mu family's property in a very short time! But you Don't worry, the Mu Family will still be yours then! I have only one purpose, Mu Fanyang!

Mu Fanhai hurriedly bowed and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Wang, I believe you will cooperate with all your strength!"

"Someone will take over the rest! Today we are talking, I hope only the three of us know!" His eyes became sharper, and Mu Fanhai and his son hurriedly promised.

After leaving the office, Wang Ye called Zhongli and returned to Lizhu Villa without going anywhere.

"Dad, can Wang Ye trust it?" Mu Chen asked in the office.

"It's you who made trouble! Believe it or not, do we have room?" If it weren't for Mu Chen's already bruised nose and swollen face, he would like to step forward and kick again.

He was bound to win the position of the Shepherd Patriarch who was originally stable and stable.

But now, I have to cooperate with Wang Ye to secretly give away the Mujia's property. Who knows whether Wang Ye will fulfill his promise and return the Mujia back to him.

Seeing what Mu Chen was thinking about, Mu Fanhai slapped him on the back of his head.

"Don't worry about it! You can't beat that Wang Ye! The more you think about it, the harder it will make our situation! Now, don't say anything, don't think about anything, do what Wang Ye said, you and I will pray for that Wang Ye is the one who counts!"

"You didn't see it before, Luo Daxiong has moved out of his father, is it different that Wang Ye has two teeth knocked out!"

"But dad!" Mu Chen thought for a while, and couldn't help saying: "Luo Daxiong's dad is not easy. I heard that he is very powerful in both military and political circles. He has gained a lot of fame outside the territories over the years. It is because of such a Talent can be as stable as Mount Tai. He is a subordinate of the God of War Protector. If he returns, he will definitely avenge Luo Daxiong!"

Mu Fanhai frowned. Luo Shanwu was an old subordinate of the God of War Protector of the country, and the high-level figures knew this.

"Okay, that's all for a later story! Let's take one step at a time now. If we dare to disobey Wang Ye's meaning, we will be swept out before Luo Shanwu comes back to turn his face with him! Besides, who I know that Luo Shanwu is good or Wang Ye is good!"

He waved his hand, and Mu Fanhai said solemnly, "Remember, now we are done pretending to be confused! What Wang Ye said, let's do it! In the end, he claimed that he was forced! He hit, and our father was forced to be helpless, isn't that normal!"

"It's still a clever father." Mu Chen gave a thumbs up. "If Wang Ye wins, we will be able to win the Mu family. If Wang Ye loses, we can also be clean. Besides, we can provoke Luo Daxiong with my second uncle. It might be better for us to stabbed him out of the beating."

The father and son smiled at each other, quite a blessing in disguise.

At this time, Lizhu Villa Zhongli's room.

Wang Ye asked about the old beggar again, but the news provided by Zhong Li had no real meaning.

He was in the Zhong family in Zhongnanshan. When he was young, he ran into the old beggar with Zhong Ling in Houshan. The old beggar accepted them as disciples, taught them kung fu, and kept them secrets, so no one in the Zhong family knew the old beggar. The presence.

Returning without success, Wang Ye is depressed!

As soon as he opened the door of his room, a figure rushed over, holding him in his arms.

"Uh... Ruoxue." Wang Ye smiled, hugging him in his arms.

"The Mu family's matter has been resolved?" Han Ruoxue buried her head tenderly on his chest.

This woman who was frosty to outsiders, but tender to him, has become Wang Ye's trustworthy person.

He embraced Han Ruoxue and walked toward the room.

"It's solved! But it's not what I wanted. I want to talk to you about some things. It's about my purpose of coming to the magic city this time."