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Chapter 276: Did I Agree?

The situation has changed drastically and has been out of Mu Yuansheng's control.

Mu Fanyang poked a cold smile, "The world of people who win the hearts of the people! Mu Fanhai, now you can see it! Your father and son are just rubbish! Old man, and you are really dizzy! Actually planning to pass the Mu family down. To a sucker idiot!"

Mu Yuansheng was trembling with his words, "Nizi! Nizi!"

He pointed at Mu Fanyang, his fingers trembling and roared: "Jiang Zheng! Huaying! Give it to me, save this rebellious son!"

Around Mu Yuansheng, the man and the woman walked towards Mu Fanyang upon hearing this.

"Hi... Is this going to kill someone?"

"It's over, it seems that Mu Fanyang is dead this time!"

"Jiang Zheng and Huaying are confidants who have followed the elder for many years, and they are his right-hand men. One is a cold-blooded killer and the other is an iron-blooded soldier!"

"Hey, I didn't expect that Elder Mu would end up hurting the killer!"

In the lobby, the guests were silent.

Both of these two possess thunder means, and they will undoubtedly die when they shoot Mu Fanyang.

The father and son Mu Chen finally showed a secret smile, the old man ate the weight of the weight and became iron-hearted. This is to stand by their side, hesitate to clear the door!

In Mu Yuansheng's eyes, there is a deep hesitation and sadness at this moment. After all, although Mu Fanyang's heart is not correct, it is also his flesh and blood!

However, for the Mu Family, he had to choose to do this!

The reason why the Mu’s family was passed to Mu Chen was precisely because of the letter Mu Fanyang handed him. In the letter, the letter “Zhu Ji” in Luo Shanwu threatened to pass on the position of Patriarch to Mu Fanyang. But in Mu Yuansheng’s view, once this Handing over the position of Patriarch to him is equivalent to handing over to the Luo Family!

Besides, he still has the last hole card in his hand!

Coming slowly, walking in front of Mu Fanyang, suddenly Jiang Zheng and Hua Ying bowed and said, "Well, see the Patriarch!"


The field suddenly exploded.

"They betrayed Mr. Mu?"

"Hi...This Mu Fanyang's method..."

A group of people's eyes widened in amazement.

Mu Fanyang poked and sneered, and the supporters behind them finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But at this time, Mu Fanhai and his son trembled all over and sat on the stools like dead ashes.

"You..." Mu Yuansheng shivered.

"You are always confused!" Mu Fanyang sneered, "Jiang is the soldier brought out by Luo Shanwu. It was through my relationship that Jiang came to the Mu's house! Huaying was also the first one I hired! You count on them, Come against me! Hahaha!"

The situation has been determined, and Mu Fanyang has become the head of the Mu family.

At this moment, a slippery executive shouted: "Congratulations, Mr. Mu Fanyang, for becoming the new owner of the Mu family!"

"Congratulations, Mr. Mu, to take over the Mu's family!"


For a while, all those related to the Mu's family shouted loudly.

Mu Fanyang raised his head and chest, a look of pride.

"Did I agree?"

Suddenly, an out-of-group voice came, and everyone looked for the sound.

At the entrance of the lobby, three people came.

"Wang Ye!" Mu Fanyang's face suddenly sank.

Wang Ye and Han Ruoxue walked side by side, Zhong Li followed closely.

"Wang Ye! My Mu's family doesn't welcome you, get out!" Mu Fanyang shouted loudly.

But in the face of his roar, Wang Ye turned a deaf ear to his ears, walked to the chief and looked at Mu Yuansheng with a smile.

"Master." He smiled faintly.

Mu Yuansheng looked at him, and after staring at each other for a moment, he turned to one side, and then Wang Ye sat calmly on the chief.

This scene surprised many people.

Mu Fanhai and his son also seemed to be confused by Monk Zhang Er.

Wang Ye didn't say much just now, but Mu Yuansheng seemed to have a tacit understanding and took the initiative to give up the position of chief.

In the Mu's family, that place is not a place for ordinary people to sit, it is the position of the head of the Mu's family.

"Are you special, what right do you have to sit there, get out of here!" Mu Fanyang said, and walked towards Wang Ye.


Not yet approaching, Zhong Li kicked out and Mu Fanyang flew upside down. If Jiang Zheng and Hua Ying hadn't caught it, he would hit the ground heavily.

"Patriarch? Mu Fanyang, you are too stupid! My Wang Ye didn't nod, so you dare to call yourself the Patriarch of the Mu family!" Wang Ye smiled calmly.

Mu Fanyang stood up straight, and roared with a grim look: "Dare to do it with me, Wang Ye, you have completely offended my Mu family and Luo family today! Jiang Zheng, Hua Ying! Give it to me and dispose of this idiot. !"

Jiang Zheng and Hua Ying took a step forward, staring at Wang Ye coldly.

"Is your hand itchy?" Wang Ye smiled and looked aside, Zhong Li was already gearing up.

Zhong Li grinned, "Brother, let's see how I teach these two trash!"

"Well, don't do it too hard." Wang Ye smiled faintly.


As soon as his voice fell, Zhong Li jumped out, and a stride had already rushed in front of Jiang Zheng.

With a fist and the sound of a strong wind, he went straight to Jiang Zheng.

Lifting his fist to block, his fists banged loudly, Jiang Zheng's expression changed suddenly, and his footsteps quickly retreated.

"Too weak!" Zhong Li grinned still, turning his head to look at Hua Ying, "I didn't hit a woman! But you don't seem to want to be a woman!"

As soon as the ridiculous words were spoken, Hua Ying lifted her skirt, drew a dagger from the base of her thigh, and stared at Zhong Li coldly.

The people around had already dispersed a large area, giving up an empty space.

Wang Ye was obviously not interested in this battle, he turned his head and looked at Zhou Yingying with a smile.

The latter looked nervous and was staring at him.

When her eyes met, Zhou Yingying finally showed a sense of fear in her heart. The man in front of her was so terrible, it seemed that everything was under his control.

"I persuaded you to let go of your hatred!" Wang Ye said lightly.

Zhou Yingying didn't answer, just clenched her fists nervously.

"Fine!" Wang Ye sighed lightly and looked at Zhong Li who was in battle, "Don't play, do business!"

"yes, Sir!"

Zhong Li replied, brushed against Huaying's dagger, and grabbed her throat with his backhand.


At the same time, a punch fell on Jiang Zheng's chest, like a broken kite, he spurted blood and flew upside down several meters away, and his body fell heavily to the ground and passed out to death!


I saw Zhong Li, his wrist was broken, and there was no pity for Xiangyu Yu, Huaying broke both arms, and he threw it to the ground casually.

Without even looking at them, they took a second look, and walked out of the lobby.

The sound of bone fracture before, like a muffled thunder blasted in everyone's hearts.

Mu Fanyang's face was intimidated, and he was able to reluctantly stand firm by supporting the table.

"Mr. Wang, thank you for your help." Mu Yuansheng just walked over and said with a bow: "The Mu family can have your kindness, I am so grateful for this old bone."

"You don't have to be polite, old man! It is my honour for Wang Ye to get rid of the rebels of the Mu Family." Wang Ye smiled faintly.

In the lobby, these people were stunned, even Mu Fanhai and Mu Chen.

Seeing this, Mu Yuansheng and Wang Ye seem to have known each other a long time ago.

Wang Ye got up and motioned to Mu Yuansheng to sit on the chief, but he insisted on rejecting it, and personally pulled Wang Ye to sit on the chief.

"Mu Fanyang! I'm afraid you don't know yet! How can there be any other Mu Family? Now the Mu Family's all belong to Mr. Wang long ago!"

Mu Yuansheng looked at Mu Fanyang with a hatred of iron and steel, and sighed: "Your brothers only know that they are fighting against each other, but they have never considered the future of the Mu family! Hey, it's sad! My lifelong hero Mu Yuansheng , Why are you two rubbish things left!"