Outside the bathroom hot spring, Qiao Yong's four people were on alert, and suddenly they felt a chill coming and shivered unconsciously.

The cold air quickly approached, and then saw the murderous Wang Ye approaching.

Along with the murderous aura, there is also a pressure that makes people hard to breathe.

The four of Qiao Yong wanted to say hello to Wang Ye, but when he approached, the four of them unexpectedly agreed, and it was difficult to open their mouths under the pressure.

Stepping into the glass room of the hot spring bathroom, the shocking intent on his body disappeared in vain.

In the bathroom, on the recliner, Han Ruoxue lay there, her face pale as paper. Although she fell asleep tiredly crying, there were still tears rolling down.

Her pants were stained with blood, and there was still a drop of blood dripping on the recliner.

Tick, tick...

The blood dripped down the couch, mixed with the sound of tears falling down the cheeks, it seemed that everything around was quiet, only these two voices echoed in Wang Ye's ears.

His efforts suppressed his anger, and he walked over gently.

He suddenly stopped and waved his hand, motioning Zhongli and Zhongyi, who rushed to the door, not to make a sound.

The two stood at the door, watching Wang Ye walk to Han Ruoxue's side, and then squatted down, quietly staring at her sad cheek.

In my heart, there seemed to be a volcano, which was crushed by Wang Ye when it erupted.

The more suppressed this anger, the more terrifying it will erupt.

Still unable to constrain, a trace of killing intent gushed out.

Han Ruoxue, who fell asleep tiredly, trembled slightly, sobbing and opening her eyes.

When she looked at Wang Ye next to her, she threw her head into her arms without saying a word, just choked and sobbed.

"I'm back, sorry, sorry..."

Wang Ye stroked her waistcoat lightly, his eyes moist.

In his arms, Han Ruoxue kept shaking her head, shaking violently all over.


With a long sigh of breath, Wang Ye said softly: "Ruoxue, cry out if you want to cry, that will make you feel better."

"Child, the child is gone...our child is gone..."

When Han Ruoxue finished sobbing and saying this, she suddenly burst into tears.

Heart-piercing crying makes people's heart tremble and painful to hear.

Wang Ye hugged her tightly, his heart was full of guilt, it was because of himself, too greedy for the black iron lotus, that Luo Shanwu could take advantage of it.

It was because of myself that I had taken too much action on that unrealistic fantasy and ignored the person in front of me.

Originally, she should have given birth to her and Wang Ye's heirs happily and lived a life of family happiness, but everything was shattered.

Suddenly, at this moment, Wang Ye heard Han Ruoxue's previous words.

Life is short, cherish the people in front of you!

"It's okay Ruoxue, everything can be done again!" Wang Ye said softly.

But no matter how she comforted her, Han Ruoxue kept crying, only in this way could she vent the grievances and perseverance in her heart.

child!That is a piece of meat on her body!

At the entrance of the hot spring bathroom, everyone stood quietly, feeling uneasy.

"Housekeeper Han, please clean Ruoxue's room."

It wasn't until Han Ruoxue was tired of crying and fell asleep in Wang Ye's arms that he picked up Han Ruoxue and walked outside the hot spring bath.

Housekeeper Han nodded and hurriedly turned around and went to clean up Han Ruoxue's room.

The fighting during the day left no security staff at Livzon Villa. As for those servants, they had already run away.

Walked into Han Ruoxue's room, put her on the bed, wiped her body, and then covered the bedding.

Touching her cheek gently, Wang Ye said softly: "Ruoxue, don't worry! I will avenge our children and let the Luo family pay the price!"

After he finished speaking, he got up and walked outside the house. Downstairs, Zhongli and Zhongyi, and Qiao Yong were waiting here.

He handed a piece of prescription to the steward Han, and said politely: "I'm tired, miscarriage... Ruoxue's body needs recuperation."

"I know Mr. Wang, I went to prepare medicine overnight."

Housekeeper Han took the prescription and ran to the outside of Lizhu Villa.

"Big brother, how's your sister-in-law?" Zhong Likou asked.

"The child is gone! She is very sad, and she may not be able to hold it, so she will have to rest for a while." Wang Ye said calmly, his calmness a little surprising.

With a clenched fist, Zhong Li's killing intent shot in his eyes, and he suddenly turned to look at the four of Qiao Yong.

"What do you do for food! My elder brother gave his life to save you from the ancient tomb, but you can't even handle this thing properly, so what's the use of keeping you..."

After all, Zhong Li was ready to do it.

Qiao Yong and the others were ashamed, stood upright and did not resist. Indeed, Wang Ye saved their lives!

"Stop it!" Wang Ye yelled softly, and glared at Zhong Li, "If Brother Qiao Yong and others arrived in time, I'm afraid Lian Ruoxue..."

He turned around and waited for Qiao Yong, bowed his hands in a fist and bowed, "Brother, I thank you for Ruoxue."

"Brother Wang Ye!"

The four Qiao Yong hurriedly responded.

"I'm waiting for my brother to feel ashamed!" Qiao Yong lowered his head, "When we rushed, I met the Luo family halfway down the mountain. When we rescued the sister-in-law, she, she was already... hey, Blame our brothers for being late!"

"Brother Wang Ye, you saved our brother's life. We are willing to pay for each other's life!"

With that, Qiao Yong pulled out the dagger from his waist and wiped it toward his neck, but Wang Ye grabbed it with his bare hands.

He held the blade tightly in his hand, because blood spilled between his fingers.

But he was smiling, very sad.

"Keep your life and avenge Wang Ye's children!"

Zhong Yi stepped forward and stared at Qiao Yong, "A big man, you will commit suicide at every turn. Your life is really worthless! But now your life is not your decision!"

"Luo Shanwu is fierce and cunning, this person should be killed! As far as I know, tomorrow morning will be his wedding day! Let's make his wedding a funeral!"

This time, even the kind heart uttered murderous words, which shows how shame Luo Shanwu's despicable behavior is.

"Yes, Miss Zhong Yi is right! I, Qiao Yong, are four of us, and Wang Ye's life in the future!"

The four of Qiao Yong looked at each other, their eyes extremely firm.

"Zhong Li, take Qiao Yong and the others down and arrange the room for a good rest."

After Wang Ye said, he walked towards the pavilion, his heart depressed too much.

Zhong Li stepped forward and patted Qiao Yong's shoulder. Although he didn't say much, his eyes apologized to Qiao Yong.

Looking at the lonely figure under the pavilion, Zhong Yi walked over slowly.

"I'll bandage it for you." Then she sat down.

"No." Wang Ye said lightly.

But she insisted on holding Wang Ye's hand and bandaging his wound with gauze.

The moonlight was bright, reflecting on Wang Ye's face, his expressionless face, but his body twitched slightly from time to time.

Feeling distressed, she reached out and put her arms around Wang Ye's neck, and slowly put his head in her arms.

Caressing Wang Ye's hair, he said in a low voice, "If you want to cry, you can cry too. I know your heart hurts and your heart hurts."

Zhong Yi's embrace is so warm. When I first went to the Hukou Cliff of Zhongnan Mountain, I finally hugged him like this, and when he was parting at Zhong's house, Zhong Yi still hugged him like this.

Today, it is still!

Wang Ye's tears could no longer be controlled, and finally burst out, and he sobbed softly.