The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 290 Who else wants face?

Until the man yelled and approached, everyone in the lobby reacted.

Yes, this Wang Ye is just a newcomer!

Although I don't know what kind of grievances I have with the Luo family, but if I came here to make trouble today, I just can't get along with everyone!

"Quiete, get out, otherwise tomorrow morning, the devil can't tolerate you!"

"Don't look at your identity!"

"If you want to make trouble, you have to pick a time, what a fool!"

A crowd of onlookers began to clamor and criticize.

The man who came forward was even more confident.

He pointed to Wang Ye and shouted: "Do you know who I am? Zhou Mang, chairman of Qualcomm Technology! Quickly lift the thing and get out of me, otherwise it won't give me face, the consequences..."

"Zhong Li!" Wang Ye shouted lightly.

Zhong Li's figure flashed, he already appeared beside Wang Ye, grabbed the man's finger and twisted it sharply.


There was the sound of bone fracture, Zhou Mang opened his mouth wide, and was about to scream in pain.


Zhong Li put his foot on his front door, Zhou Mang spouted a mouthful of blood, and a few front teeth that had been kicked off, his body dragged on the ground several meters away, and then he stopped.

Lie there motionless!

The court was dumb and silent.

This Wang Ye is crazy!

Bite when you see someone!

This is going against the sky, this is!

Everyone was panicking, and a few prominent figures gathered beside a middle-aged man to talk in a low voice.

"Chairman Yang! This Wang Ye is too crazy!"

"If you always don't show up, the Luo family will come later, I'm afraid it's hard to say!"

"Yes, you are the president of Dongcheng District. Not only do you have a deep personal relationship with Luo's family, but the other four districts also have intersections. Today's matter..."

President Yang gritted his teeth, and he was also a little scared in his heart. Without saying anything, Wang Ye told his subordinates to kick Zhou Mang out, whether he was dead or alive!

But if I didn't show up, I would not only throw people away today, but also possibly offend the Luo family afterwards and make the chambers of commerce in the other three major cities look down upon!

As if being forced to a corner, Chairman Yang had to come forward.

He pulled his clothes, walked out of the crowd slowly, and walked towards Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye! I am the president of the Dongcheng District Chamber of Commerce, Yang Tianxian!"

As soon as he walked, Yang Tianxian reported himself to his family, for fear that Wang Ye would say nothing again and give him Zhou Mang's end.

"As the president of the Dongcheng District Chamber of Commerce, I have to remind you that this is not your place to make trouble! Don't look at the monk's face and look at the Buddha's face. Today's matter depends on my face. Give it up for now! You leave as soon as possible."

Wang Ye's wandering gaze glanced at Yang Tianxian.

"Your face?"

Yang Tianxian nodded, and deliberately stopped two meters away from Wang Ye, "Yes! Give me a face!"

"I'm afraid you can't afford my face." Wang Ye said lightly.



"This is too crazy, right?!"

"The president of the first chamber of commerce, he actually said that Yang Tianxian can't afford his face!"

"This Nima, you don't want to get mixed up in the demons!"

The scene exploded, and there were constant discussions.

Although Yang Tianxian has no wealth comparable to that of the Luo family, the relationship he has, even the president of the Luo family and even the president of other districts, has to give him a bit of face.

To do business is to build relationships!And Yang Tianxian has a huge network of relationships.

In the magic city, no one has ever dared to humiliate Yang Tianxian in public!

Yang Tianxian's expression gradually darkened amidst the crowd of discussions.

"Wang Ye, let me tell you, I..."

"Zhong Li, waste!" Wang Ye's faint voice interrupted Yang Tianxian.

His words stopped abruptly, and his eyes were almost staring out.

What's the situation with Nima?!

Haven't said a few words, will you destroy me?!

Yang Tianxian couldn't believe it.

Just when he was astonished, Zhong Li rushed forward like a shadow, swept out and kicked Yang Tianxian in the face.

He flew up, and after spinning a few times in the air, he slammed his head heavily on the ground.

With his mouth full of blood, he sat up hard, whimpering in his mouth as he spoke, and blood kept flowing out.


Did not hear clearly what he said, he saw Yang Tianxian face up and fall down.

I don't know if he was really kicked out, or because he couldn't fight back and lost his face and pretended to be dizzy.

From the noise, the scene fell silent again.

All eyes were surprised, but they were also daring not to speak.

Even so, it can still be seen that some people are ready to move, just waiting for the opportunity!

Wang Ye knows the psychology of these people very well.

If it was a soft persimmon who came to make trouble today, it would become a stepping stone for these people who climbed to prosperity and wealth. They would be mercilessly humiliated as a dedication to the Luo family.

I saw this scene at the wedding of Liang's family in Guanbian County, and Wang Ye hated such unnecessary trouble.

He patrolled with cold eyes, but everyone who met his eyes quickly dodged.

"Who else wants face?" Wang Ye's faint voice echoed in the lobby.

There was dead silence, no one dared to speak.

In front of Wang Ye, the brawny man who looked like an iron tower had acted mercilessly, already scaring them.

This person is obedient to Wangye, who dares to be the first bird now.

"Since no one wants face, do you still plan to watch the fun?"

Everyone wasted upon hearing the words.

This is a difficult thing to choose.

Leave now?If Wang Ye is swept out by the Luo family later, then they leave the wedding hall, wouldn't it be ugly for themselves.

If you don't leave?If Wang Ye ordered the man next to him to take action, wouldn't it be like Zhou Mang and Yang Tianxian's fate?

Go, or not go!Became a problem.

Seeing everyone hesitating, Wang Ye couldn't help but sneer.

"It seems that it is still face! Since face is more important than fate, then it will satisfy you, Zhong Li, do you know what to do?"

"Brother, understand!"

Zhong Li squeezed his fists and strode towards the group of people.

"Ah... to kill, to kill."

Facing the killing god Zhongli, a woman's scream came from the crowd first.

Immediately, several women in luxurious dresses ran out of the lobby screaming.

Someone took the lead, and the others naturally followed the crowd and rushed out of the lobby quickly.

For a time, hundreds of people swarmed out, some of them ran unsteadily and fell to the ground, and they would be trampled on by those who followed, making a miserable howl.

Wang Ye looked calm and sat on the coffin. The purpose of coming today is revenge!Just murder!

How could he care about such a high profile!


Outside the lobby, after the crowd rushed out, dozens of people in security uniforms but with machetes blocked the entrance to the lobby.

These people are not ordinary security guards, but killers raised by the Luo family.

The Luo family has a high status in the magic capital. These assassins are all well-trained, and they are in charge of protecting the Luo family from eradicating dissidents.

After escaping from the lobby, the wealthy businessmen did not go far, watching a group of Luo family thugs, surrounding the entrance of the lobby, they started talking and mocking again.

Some people even got angry and began to curse Wang Ye for being innocent, coming to die and so on!

However, just when they were far away from Wang Ye and began to curse unscrupulously, a strange thing happened.


The creepy sound came from the green belts in the Luo Family Manor.