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Chapter 293: Is This Still a Human?

"Rampant! Even the Zhong family's ancient martial arts masters are already at the end of the battle, relying on you?!"

Lu Laoba sneered and pointed his gun at Wang Ye.

A group of Luo family also sneered unscrupulously.

Everyone knew that there was a master Zhong Li beside Wang Ye, but no one knew that Wang Ye's strength was far above Zhong Li.

Standing with his hands behind him, he looked at the Luo family indifferently.

"Luo Shanwu's mistake, I don't want to destroy your entire Luo family, it's too late to leave now!"

Facing Wang Ye's warning, most of the Luo family sneered, only a few of them sneered.

Luo Patriarch Luo Tiansha is one of them. Even though he is Luo Shanwu's father, he still thinks about the overall situation at this moment.

"Luo's son!" Luo Tiansha gritted his teeth and stood up and shouted: "Luo's son doesn't want to interfere with this matter, leave with me."

After he finished speaking, he walked forward without hesitation.

For a moment, the Luo family was stunned, and Luo Shanwu's cheeks were twitching.

Even at this moment, if Luo's family came forward and tried to save their lives, Luo Shanwu could accept it, but he didn't expect that the first person to stand up was his father.

"Patriarch, the outcome has been divided, you are..."

"Grandpa, don't be confused!"

A group of Luo family members shouted and discouraged, but Luo Tiansha never stopped.

Luo Tianxiang walked out and glanced at the Luo family with cold eyes, "Enough! In your heart, is my elder brother Luo Tiansha still the Patriarch of the Luo family? Isn't the Patriarch in your heart his rebellious son Luo Shanwu!"

Luo Tianxiang is not old, he is the youngest of Luo Tiansha's generation.

But the seniority is here, and there is some weight in speaking.

He looked at Luo Shanwu with disappointment in his eyes, "Luo Shanwu! You have been in the military area in these years, and you have great power! It did bring a lot of convenience to the Luo family, but do you know that you have also provoked the Luo family over the years? A lot of trouble! My elder brother knows that you are an ambitious person, so you have always been tolerant of you, and he wipes your ass behind your back!"

"Now, you have done too much this thing! But you should understand that the eldest brother did this just to keep the Luo family!"

"Do it yourself!"

Luo Tianxiang finished speaking, resolutely turned and chased Luo Tiansha.

They had seen Wang Ye's calmness and resourcefulness in Livzon Villa. If he was not completely sure, he would not have come hastily.

It's a pity that the only people in the Luo family's generation who remain sane now are the young and old.

The rest of the people seem to have set the overall situation. If they leave here now, they will betray Luo Shanwu, and the consequences will be serious!

Think of Roger whose neck was broken, the little Jiujiu in their hearts disappeared in an instant.

Zhong Li took a step forward, blocking the path of the two.

Wang Ye said without looking back, "Let them go!"

Zhong Li heard this, this is to let go!

"Okay! Okay! Let's go, anyway, Luo Family was supported by me, Luo Shanwu!" Luo Shanwu roared.

At this time, Luo Tiansha and Luo Tianxiang had already reached the entrance of the lobby, glanced back with a headache, and resolutely turned and walked forward.

The four wolves stepped aside, and the snakes stepped aside.

Luo Tianxiang walked not far, spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Tianxiang, my brother, the Luo family is over! Take the Luo family's assets and leave the magic capital! Find a wife to continue the incense for the Luo family."

"Go, go!" Luo Tiansha gave Luo Tianxiang a heavy push.

In the face of big right and wrong, he hasn't lived in vain for several decades. The Luo family needs to continue and need a root!

Luo Tianxiang burst into tears, looked at his elder brother reluctantly, and gradually backed away.

"Remember my words, leave the magic city! Never find Wang Ye for revenge, otherwise, the Luo family will really be over!"

Luo Tiansha waved his hand to signal Luo Tianxiang to leave quickly. He was still young and yet to marry, and he was the only seedling left by the Luo family.

But at this time, in the lobby, Wang Ye stood with his hand with his hand behind him, his eyes gradually showing killing intent.

"Kill him!" Luo Shanwu roared.

"Haha, Wang Ye, die for me!"

Lu Laoba pulled the trigger, and bullets shot toward Wang Ye like a rain of bullets!

The Luo family opened their eyes wide, full of excitement, waiting for the moment Wang Ye was beaten into a hornet's nest.

Faced with the bullet coming quickly, Wang Ye didn't even move.

"This kid is dead!"

"What a damn, I was so scared that I could not move!"

"It's over, everything is over!"

The Luo family thought so in their hearts.

Seeing Wang Ye not moving, Zhong Li's fist was clenched with sweat, not knowing how Wang Ye would respond.

Bang bang bang...

One after another bullets landed on Wang Ye's body. When Zhong Li was about to rush forward in shock, he found that the bullets had actually fallen to the ground.

"Vajra glazed body! It's martial arts diamond glazed body!" Zhong Li's eyes were clear.

At the beginning, he had seen Wang Ye’s diamond glazed body outside the Zhong family ancestral hall, which could make his body bigger and invulnerable.

Luo family, stupid!

Lu Laoba also began to tremble.

The deadly bullets should have penetrated Wang Ye's body, but his body was like a steel plate, and the bullet hit it and fell.


There was a slight buzzing sound from Wang Ye's body, and suddenly the purple-gold brilliance flourished.


As if a tall giant suddenly stood up, Wang Ye's body was growing rapidly.

In an instant, a two-foot tall, purple-gold giant stood in front of the Luo family.

Diamond glass body is great!

When this pill was once rewarded by the system, it contained a set of ancient martial arts, the diamond glaze body!

According to martial arts records, in the early stage, you can wash your muscles and cut the marrow, and in the middle stage you can have the indestructible body of the King Kong. If there is a great master, the height of two feet will be like a maniac!

Cang Dang!

The gun in Lu Laoba's hand fell to the ground, and his lips trembled.

"This is, this is ancient martial arts? How could he have such a heaven-defying martial arts!"

"This, this is still human!"

"Devil, he is the devil!"

Some people of the Luo family with relatively small burdens, seeing Wang Ye like the King Kong God of War, had already fainted with black eyes.


Wang Ye stepped forward, landing on the ground, and the entire lobby was shaking.

A breath of death suddenly enveloped Lu Laoba's heart, he hurriedly leaned over and picked up the gun.

At this moment, a huge palm stretched out and held him in his hand.

Lu Laoba pulled the trigger, but the bullet seemed to be tickling Wang Ye.

After shooting for a while, Lu Laoba completely gave up and despaired.

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye, please, please don't kill me. I am the worship of the Murong family. You don't have to kill me. If you kill me, you will be an enemy of the Murong family. Even though you have such weird martial skills, But the Murong family is like a cloud, you must..."


The palm of his hand was tight, and Lu Laoba's body was directly crushed into flesh.

"I said, those who hurt my brother, die!"

The sound seemed to originate from hell. After the words were over, the body of Lu Laoba, who was not human, smashed against one wall, splashing blood.

"Luo Shanwu!"

Wang Ye looked down and stared at Luo Shanwu with murderous eyes.

The Luo family slumped to the ground, and Luo Shanwu staggered.


Facing Wang Ye, who is two feet tall and full of purple and golden brilliance, all they have is despair!