Inside Livzon Villa, the rare few days were calm.

Wang Ye took care of Han Ruoxue wholeheartedly. As for the external affairs, Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Yi were both handling them.

The Zhong family's property in the magic capital, as Zhongyi said, soon assembled under Wang Ye's name.

It can be seen that Zhong Wuji has already regarded Wang Ye as a family.

In just three days, the destruction of the Luo family quickly subsided, only for the person involved, Wang Ye, to come forward and explain a little, and the incident was deemed to have passed.

Zhongyi's adaptability is very strong, and he has been integrated into this bustling city in just a few days.

Moreover, her gentleness and kindness are very suitable as a spokesperson for the Amano Group's Foreign Ministry.

The scene of the press conference on the 17th floor of Yuding Building.

There were more than 20 reporters sitting in the audience, answering questions from the reporters one by one.

"Mr. Zhong, Amano Group has officially entered the magic city. Today's ribbon-cutting as chairman Wang Ye and his wife Zhong Xiaomo are just a flash in the pan. Are you deliberately avoiding something?"

A capable female reporter got up and asked.

She has a beautiful face and looks free and easy, but the questions asked are very sharp.

"What to avoid?" Zhong Yi asked with a smile.

"Sorry, I was asking you." the female reporter asked.

"You don't even know, how should I answer you? Do I have to fabricate something out of thin air to be a gossip that Wang Dongrili was used to tease in his spare time!"

A group of reporters laughed, and the female reporter Liu frowned.

"Then why didn't Wang Dong appear at the press conference?" The female reporter continued to ask.

"You are not a qualified reporter! Although I don't know how you got in, please leave time to others." After Zhong Yi said, he added: "By the way, you should look at the interview process first. ."

"Which newspaper reporter is this?"


"That's not to be smart! The process is very clear, and finally Wang Donghui came forward for an interview."

A group of reporters whispered, giving the female reporter a sense of self-confidence, and she could only sit down with a sullen expression.

On the stage, I like to face the questions of the reporters, and the answers were simple and straightforward, and everything was centered on the interests of the Amano Group.

Backstage, Wang Ye poked a smile.

"I didn't see it, Zhongyi still has this kind of talent!"

Zhong Xiaomo smiled, "I like it, but I don't want to behave too much in front of you. This girl is kind and shrewd! Otherwise, the Zhong family can safely send her to take over the business to meet you."

"That's true. The key is to meet you, a good Bole." Wang Ye pinched Zhong Xiaomo's face.

Taking a slap on the back of his hand, Zhong Xiaomo curled his lips and said, "Don't just pick up good things! Wang Ye, let me tell you! The reporters will definitely ask questions about the Luo family later! You must remember, The Luo family was condemned by the heavens and was killed by a poisonous snake and beast. It has nothing to do with you."

"That's too fake!" Wang Ye spread his hands.

"Be serious!" Zhong Xiaomo glared at him, "Although I can't convince even myself! But it can convince most of the people! If you don't evade this, then I and Zhong Yi's efforts these days can just It was in vain!"

"Understand, don't worry."

Wang Ye patted his chest and said with a vow.

"Well, I leave the next time for everyone to interview the chairman of Amano Group, Wang Dong! Would you please Wang Dong!"

Zhong Yi stood up, a group of reporters looked at the backstage, and the assistants were all taking pictures in a hurry.

Backstage, Zhong Xiaomo walked slowly holding Wang Ye.

As soon as he sat firmly, a reporter raised a placard to ask questions.

"Wang Dong, the Luo family was destroyed. It is rumored that it was condemned by the gods! But that day, many witnesses saw that you and your men went to the Luo family wedding scene carrying a coffin. Does this matter have anything to do with you?"

A reporter came up straight to the point and asked about the Luo family's destruction.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "I have the ability? If I can control the Scourge, then I will be the first to take Luo Shanwu's life!"

His previous words were quite satisfactory, but the last sentence made Zhong Xiaomo very worried and secretly dragged him.

"You mean, the Luo family's destruction of the door has nothing to do with you?"

"That day, I did fight against the coffin, and I was going to fight Luo Shanwu! As for the reason, everyone knows! But without me, God accepted the heinous Luo family! I was helpless." Wang Yetan She slapped her hands and smiled jokingly.

As reporters, everyone didn't dare to be unscrupulous, so after Wang Ye had already expressed his attitude, no one asked more about this matter.

But at this moment, the female reporter raised a placard and asked, "Wang Dong is going to take revenge! That is to say, Han Ruoxue is Wang Dong's lover? And is pregnant with your child? You are an extramarital affair. , Isn’t there a wife Zhong Xiaomo Zhong Dong!"

This remark attracted much attention, after all, Zhong Xiaomo was sitting here.

Wang Ye clenched his fists tightly, although his face was poked with a smile, but there was anger hidden in his eyes.

He is very annoying, those whose relatives and friends talk about things, let alone she mentioned Han Ruoxue's aborted child!

"Dare you say it again?" Wang Ye asked word by word.

The female reporter smiled and said, "Are you threatening me?"

"Nonsense, of course it is a threat to you, or else you will go straight up with your big mouth!" Zhong Xiaomo said these words first, slapped the table angrily.

When everyone was surprised, Zhong Xiaomo continued.

"This reporter is a bit annoying! Everyone tells us that there are no cats that do not steal fishy in this world, especially those successful entrepreneurs. Everyone knows that you have to speak out in public. This is not to provoke our husband and wife and argue back. Why should a woman embarrass a woman?"

The funny words and Zhong Xiaomo's slightly funny expression greeted the laughter of the male reporters.

Finally, under self-defeating face, this matter was covered.

Wang Ye took a deep breath. As a shopkeeper, this is the first time to participate in a press conference, and he is still not used to this kind of high-sounding cheating.

However, he can easily answer the next questions.

Just looking at the female reporter from time to time, he is a person with an extremely keen sense of danger.

When the female reporter's gaze met his gaze when she asked, Wang Ye already felt that this woman was not a simple reporter.

"Wang Dong, your life is very rich. It is said that your lover is not only Han Ruoxue, but also Jiang Mengdie who is in charge of the group in Luochuan..."

Wang Ye slowly stood up, "If you are interested in my private life, I will give you the opportunity to do an interview for you."

"That would be great! My name is Jiang Ying. This is my business card. I hope I can wait for Wang Dong's call."

Jiang Ying stepped forward and placed a business card in front of Wang Ye.

His eyes poked at her with a smile.

"Okay, I will contact you! But before that, you have to be mentally prepared so that you can't control yourself and become part of my private life!"

Wang Ye smiled jokingly, and all the reporters laughed when they heard this.

It's rare to see people being interviewed, so casual.

Picking up the business card, he raised his voice at Jiang Ying, "I will contact you."

After speaking, he turned and walked towards the backstage, Zhong Xiaomo took his arm, and the back of that affection was photographed by everyone.

"Xiao Mo, help me look up this person named Jiang Ying! I think her identity is not that simple!"