The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 297 The Mysterious Jiang Ying

Although Jiang Ying made things difficult for him, the press conference came to a successful conclusion with the maintenance of her favor.

The destruction of the Luo family will soon be forgotten.

"Jiang Ying? I seem to have heard this name somewhere."

In the garden of Livzon Villa, Han Ruoxue frowned.

"A little reporter, can you get into your eyes?"

Wang Ye felt a little curious. At yesterday's press conference, Jiang Ying targeted sharp questions everywhere.

Moreover, she gave Wang Ye an intuition that this is not a simple woman.

After pondering for a long time, Han Ruoxue shook her head, "I seem to have heard it somewhere, but I can't remember it for a while."

"Are you talking about Jiang Ying?" A beautiful shadow came over, helped Han Ruoxue sit down with a smile, and then gave Wang Ye a glance.

"In just a few days, let Ruoxue go out, Wang Ye, how do you take care of this?"

Facing Zhong Xiaomo's question, Wang Ye spread his hands innocently.

"Don't blame him, I insisted on going out and walking." Han Ruoxue said, taking Zhong Xiaomo's hand along the way.

Logically speaking, she is considered the third person in Zhong Xiaomo and Wang Ye's marriage.

But what was unexpected is that Zhong Xiaomo not only never blamed her, cursed her, but even took care of her carefully these days as if he were a sister.

This made Han Ruoxue feel guilty and full of gratitude.

"Ruoxue, this miscarriage... is equivalent to confinement, at least one month in bed!"

When talking about the child, Zhong Xiaomo still had some worries, for fear that Han Ruoxue had not yet emerged from the shadows.

But fortunately during this time, with Wang Ye's enlightenment, Han Ruoxue has gradually accepted this fact.

"It's okay, Sister Xiao Mo, did you find something?" Han Ruoxue asked.

Zhong Xiaomo nodded and said: "Well, I found some. That Jiang Ying is indeed a reporter, a reporter from Hairstyle News, but she is very close to the young master Hong Zejun of Yintai Group."

"Hong family?!"

Han Ruoxue suddenly became nervous, and even her face changed a little.

"What's wrong with the Hong family?" Wang Ye approached and asked, "It seems that you are very nervous when you mention the Hong family."

Zhong Xiaomo also discovered this, and he was particularly curious.

"Tense? It's more than nervous. If it weren't for your presence, I should be afraid."

Han Ruoxue's words made Wang Ye and Zhong Xiaomo look at each other even more.

The Hong family has never heard of it before, is it so scary?

"The five major districts of the magic capital, and the Dongcheng District is in charge of the Luo family. Have you heard of the other three districts?

Wang Ye and Zhong Xiaomo nodded.

"I've heard it, but I have always said that there is another city in the five major districts of the capital, the four major cities in the southeast, northwest and northwest?"

"That is the Zhongcheng District, which is in charge of the Hong Family!" Han Ruoxue said sternly: "The Hong Family who manages the Zhongcheng District is the first of the four families. It can be said that the entire Demon Capital is in the hands of the Hong Family. I am worried about this. Murong Huixin will not let it go easily when she leaves. However, the only one who can fight you in the Demon Capital is the Hong Family."

"When you mentioned Jiang Ying earlier, I didn't expect it for a while, but when Xiao Mo sister mentioned Hong Zejun from Yintai Group, I just remembered them. They are lovers, right?"

Seeing Zhong Xiaomo nodded, Han Ruoxue continued.

"But to be precise, Hong Zejun should be pursuing Jiang Ying for more than a year! I remember seeing Hong Zejun again. He was in a crowd, regardless of the Hong family's face, and sullied Jiang Ying. This made me quite An impression."

These words sounded ordinary, but they made Wang Ye and Zhong Xiaomo's expressions a bit solemn.

Who is the Hong Family? He is the one who can cover the sky in Demon Capital.

However, Hong Zejun, the young master of the Hong family, went after a female reporter and bowed his knees in a low voice?!

Does Hong Zejun really love Jiang Ying?!

It is estimated that it is unlikely that such a rich and young man will not be humble enough to give up his face because of love. Then his pursuit of Jiang Ying for more than a year and his low-pitched behavior are conspiracies.

If there is a plan, then how terrifying Jiang Ying's identity will be!The people behind the Hong family want to climb can be imagined.

After being silent for a long time, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Regardless of the forces behind Jiang Ying, what attitude the Hong family has towards us, and whether this matter is related to Murong Huixin, after I met Jiang Ying, there should be eyebrows. By the way, didn’t that Jiang Ying gave me a business card, and just called her and said I wanted to ask her!"

Upon hearing this, Zhong Xiaomo took out his cell phone and called Jiang Ying.

Soon, the call was connected.

"Hello, Miss Jiang Ying, this is Zhong Xiaomo from Amano Group. Wang Dong wants to invite you, I don't know..."

"Yeah, Dong Zhong called me personally." On the other end of the phone, Jiang Ying interrupted Zhong Xiaomo's words.

"Unfortunately, I have too many interviews in the past two days and I can't get away. You ask Dong Wang to wait. I will find him when I have time."


Looking at the hung up phone, Zhong Xiaomo smiled bitterly.

This seems to confirm their guess, Jiang Ying’s identity is not simple, otherwise the wife of the chairman of the dignified Amano Group would call her personally to invite her, but any ordinary reporter would cherish this opportunity, but Jiang Ying His attitude is really abnormal.

"No time?" Wang Ye laughed, "I have personality. I will go to the Hair Dryer Newspaper to find out in person tomorrow morning. It happens that there is a contract to sign with the Hair Dryer!"

"Yes! But if you go there in person, you might lose your identity." Zhong Xiaomo reminded: "The Wind Tube News Agency signed a cooperation with the Propaganda Department of the Amano Group. The contract cost is not high, and the annual renewal fee is only about 100 million yuan. "

"It is indeed a bit of a loss of identity, but it is just right. With this heavy identity, it is better to speak." Han Ruoxue smiled.

Hairdryer News Agency is not a first-class large enterprise in Dongcheng District of Magic City. The cooperation with Amano Group is just to facilitate the propaganda work of the Propaganda Department.

Wang Ye personally signed this contract, and it would really flatter the hair dryer.

However, the identity of Jiang Ying made Wang Ye more curious.

The next day was approaching noon, and Wang Ye was walking towards the outside of Lizhu Villa.

"Wang Ye, are you going to the hair dryer?" In the hall, Zhong Yi seemed to be waiting for him.

Wang Ye nodded and asked, "Where is Zhong Li?"

"Since the incident last time, Sister Xiao Mo is very concerned about the security of Livzon Villa. She specifically explained Zhong Li, brought Qiao Yong, and recruited a group of people to train! Sister Xiao Mo explained that I would go with you today. "

"Training?" Wang Ye smacked his lips, but he was quite interested. He didn't know what Zhong Li and Qiao Yong could train the security guards.

"Let's go! Take time to see their training results!"

Wang Ye drove straight to the hair tube newspaper office.

The twelfth floor of the Yuding Building is leased to the hair dryer.

As soon as I walked into the building, near the elevator, I saw someone in the elevator, and kept pressing the close button.

When the elevator door was about to close, Wang Ye suddenly stretched out his hand to block the door.

In the elevator room, there were only a man and a woman standing side by side. The woman's eyes looked at Wang Ye with unkindness.

"Jiang Ying, Miss Jiang!" Walking into the elevator slowly, Wang Ye grinned, "It's a fate!"