"Wang Dong!"

In the elevator, Jiang Ying just yelled something unsavory.

Immediately, as if intentionally, he leaned against the man beside him, who was overjoyed and tried to touch Jiang Ying's hand.

Knowing that man, holding Jiang Ying's hand, the latter only hesitated slightly before letting him hold it, which was enough to make the man's excited mouth unable to close.

The small demeanor never escaped Wang Ye's eyes.

"Yingying, who is this?" the man asked Jiang Ying's hand.

"A friend who isn't very familiar." Jiang Ying didn't respond after saying it.

Next to Wang Ye, when Zhong Yi was about to speak, Wang Ye grabbed her.

Naturally he took her hand, and then pulled it into his arms a little bit harder, keeping it in his arms.

Amazedly, he looked up at Wang Ye, who blinked at her.

It's obvious, this is Wang Ye deliberately.

"Turning flowers and making grass, huh! Scumbag!" Jiang Ying whispered behind her.

Seeing her unkind attitude, the man beside her stared at Wang Ye's back, showing unkindness.

"What I hate most is the kind of scumbag who asks for flowers and asks Liu. It is an insult to me to sit in the same elevator with this kind of person!"

The man's voice was unconcealed and full of hostility.

Wang Ye turned his head and glanced at him.

"What do you look at? Do you know who I am! Hong Zejun, have the Hong family heard of it?"

In fact, Wang Ye had guessed early in the morning that this person was the young master of the Yintai Group, Hong Zejun, a descendant of the Hong family.

But he grinned, "Sorry, I haven't heard of it."

"Things with short-sightedness, huh! I'm in the magic city, I haven't even heard of my Hong family..."

Hong Zejun also wanted to show off in front of Jiang Ying, but at this moment the phone rang.

He gave Wang Ye a disdainful look. When he took out the phone, his face was a little unnatural, and he let go of the hand that held Jiang Ying.

"A customer called!" Hong Zejun said.

The bell rang for a moment, and Hong Zejun connected the call.

When the phone was connected, he was speaking in Wiener, but after a few conversations, he hung up.

"It's really annoying. I told him last time. I just need to talk to my secretary about business matters in the future." Hong Zejun seemed a bit aggrieved when speaking.

When he stretched out his hand again and grabbed Jiang Ying's hand, the latter avoided it.

Seeing this, Hong Zejun turned his attention to Wang Ye.

"Yingying, how did you know this kind of scumbag? It really affects your appetite. Later, let's go to western food and drink some red wine to flush that scumbag's bad luck..."

Ding Dong!

The elevator door opened, and Wang Ye turned around with a faint smile.

"Do you hate scumbags most?"

Hong Zejun was stunned by his words, "So what?"

Wang Ye grinned and said, "Jiang Ying, I didn't expect you to be much better. You turned out to be a junior! Do you know who called him just now?"

"Who?" Jiang Ying's face was already a little gloomy.

"He speaks Wiener, a language of a small foreign country! He told his wife on the phone that he was discussing business with customers, and asked her to take care of her body in Wiener, and quickly finish her work. Go reunited with her!"

Listening to Wang Ye's narration, Jiang Ying had a calm face, but some doubts.

Hong Zejun couldn't sit still, staring at Wang Ye coldly, and said in Veena: "Do you understand Veena?"

"Fortunately, I learned a little with a friend." Wang Ye replied in Wiener.

The Western Regions are bordering the Wiener Country, and Liu Ruyan understands the Wiener language. When Wang Ye thought it was fun, he told her a little bit. In fact, what he said was not authentic and he didn't fully understand it, but the general meaning was correct.

Hong Zejun was cold-eyed and threatened in Wiener language: "Everyone is a man, you know! It's best not to ruin my good deeds, otherwise the anger of the Hong family will make you unable to stand in the devil."

"Sorry, I hate scumbags too!" Wang Ye grinned.

After that, he pulled Zhongyi and turned and walked out of the elevator.


In the elevator behind him, Jiang Ying pressed the elevator's door close button vigorously.

"That scumbag dare to slander me..." Hong Zejun defended.

"Shut up!" Jiang Ying's face sank, and angrily said: "You can go down later. I will go to the 21st floor to pick up a document. I will have to work later!"

After speaking, the elevator doors closed.

Originally, she had some doubts about Wang Ye's words, but when Wang Ye spoke with Hong Zejun in Wiener, Jiang Ying's doubts completely disappeared.

"Hello, who are you looking for?"

The lady at the front desk of the hair dryer asked politely.

Zhong Yi stepped forward, "This is Wang Ye, Chairman of the Amano Group. He came to see Huang Dong specially."

"Amano Group...you wait a moment, wait a moment."

When I heard that the person in front of me was the well-known chairman of Amano Group, the beauty front desk was both excited and nervous, and hurriedly dialed the phone in the chairman's office and hung up without a few words.

Soon, a stylish middle-aged man walked out quickly.

Before the person arrived, he stretched out his hand and walked quickly, and said with a complimentary smile: "Oh, Wang Dongzhen didn't expect you to come personally, and some miss far to welcome, some miss far to welcome."

This man is Huang Wenfa, the chairman of the hair dryer.

Xiaoxiaogong welcomed Wang Ye into the meeting room.

Huang Wenfa said politely: "I really didn't expect that Wang Dong could come here to inspect my work in a hurry. I'm really sorry. The contract was originally early in the morning and we should have our reporter go upstairs to get it. Unfortunately, the reporter's roof leaked. I took leave today, but..."

He hurriedly changed the conversation and said, "But Dong Zhong has already said hello, and I specially asked her to come. I just didn't expect you to come so soon."

As the owner of a small business, Huang Wenfa looked respectful when seeing entrepreneurs like the chairman of Amano Group.

At this time, in the lobby of Yuding Building, Hong Zejun was walking out with a depressed look.

"It's really bad luck! Seeing that it's about to succeed, what a silly fork will come out! Wang Ye? Good, good, you are so bad for me, I don't know how to die if you die!"

With an aggrieved expression on his face, Hong Zejun took out his mobile phone and called the secretary to investigate Wang Ye's identity.

After a brief chat in the conference room of the hair dryer, someone knocked on the door.

"Wang Dong, you have been waiting for a long time. It should be my reporter who came to get the contract." Huang Wenfa shouted at the door: "Come in."

Pushing the door in, it was Jiang Ying who held three contracts in her hand.

"Little Jiang, put things here, go get the camera and take pictures of the signing ceremony between me and Dong Wang." Huang Wenfa attached great importance to this signing.

This is simply a milestone signing for Fengtong Newspaper, and it will become famous in the magic capital in the future.

"Wait!" At this moment, Wang Ye raised his head and looked at Jiang Ying with interest.

"Huang Dong, this is what you said, the leaking employee at home?"

Huang Wen heard the words and nodded subconsciously, "Yes!"

"Oh, there is a water leak at home, but I am dating my boyfriend, and I am going to eat western food at noon!"

He shook the matter out, and Jiang Ying stared in anger.

But she never expected that Wang Ye stood up and turned to look at Huang Wenfa.

"Huang Dong, I'm really sorry! Your employees have poor integrity. I have to consider this contract again! Let's leave first."

After all, he walked out of the office first.