The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 303 It's a mule, a horse drawn out for a walk

"Zhong Li, don't let his subordinates show mercy, as long as they don't cause disability."

Wang Ye left a word and dragged Qiao Yong to the stool.

Looking back at one step three times, Qiao Yong's heart was tugging at the sight of the clock.

"Boss, my brothers are too crazy, I apologize for them..."

"There is no need to apologize. If it can't be done, I'm afraid you will have to play a scene with me."

"Acting?" Qiao Yong asked suspiciously.

"You'll know later, let's watch the show first!" Wang Ye grinned, patted the stool next to him, and motioned Qiao Yong to sit down.

A few feet away, Zhong Li stood with his hands hanging down, a man squeezed his fist and twisted his neck provocatively.

"Hi!" Wang Ye shouted loudly: "It's one dozen four, don't be embarrassed!"

"Boss, you look too high on your brother. Our brothers have long wanted to see and see the strength of this instructor! I will fight alone, instructor Zhong, I'm going to take action!"

Zhong Li looked at him indifferently, and immediately beckoned.

This man is a working mercenary, and his skill is pretty good. Seeing that Zhongli sneered so proudly, he rushed up.

When he was about to approach, the man smiled slyly and rolled on the spot. He was already in front of Zhong Li and hit his belly with a fist.

But at this moment, Zhong Li kicked out abruptly, very fast.


A kick hit the man facing the door.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, and the man flew out on his back and hit the ground ten feet away.

His mouth was full of blood, his jaw dislocated, and he got up with pain.

The atmosphere in the court instantly cooled down. After a brief surprise, those people looked at one of the men with a stern expression and seemed to be asking with their eyes.

"Who is that person?" Wang Ye asked in a low voice.

"Zhao Tai!" Qiao Yong replied, "Born from the Lone Wolf Special Forces team, he has a good reputation outside the territory, and his skill is good!"

"Compared with you?" Wang Ye asked with great interest.

Qiao Yong was unambiguous, "Between the two! I still have a chance to win with my bare hands. I still play a knife. I am not as good as him."

"Oh!" Wang Ye just replied, and immediately shouted at those people: "Don't insult yourself. It's a loss to save face. I said you can do it together."

After a fiasco of defeating the enemy with one move, the others dare not be careless.

Four people glanced at each other, nodded and walked out of the line, and immediately held fists at Zhong Li, and the four of them dispersed.

Looking at the formation, there was some cooperation. One of them attacked head-on, while the other three wandered sideways. At first glance, they had the upper hand when they met each other.

But when Wang Ye saw this, he shook his head frequently.

"Qiao Yong, although these people you recruited are all good at their skills, they are not what I want! What I want is to be one enemy to ten, or even one to one hundred! They have a good foundation. , But it’s a pity that everyone is proud and arrogant. If you can’t take your heart down, don’t accept one by one, let alone training, even if a strong enemy comes, it will be a mess!"

Qiao Yong nodded when he heard the words, he knew all the problems.

It's just that most of the time, Zhong Li's reprimands are not accepted by these people, but he can't be too straightforward.

"Let Zhong Li today and teach them a lesson first!"

Wang Ye patted Qiao Yong's shoulder with profound meaning.


Only a moment after the fight, three people had been knocked to the ground. If Zhongli hadn't left their hands, they would have at least become disabled.

Although they were all mercenaries who licked their blood, firearms might be their strengths, but if Wang Ye was confident that he was unarmed, even if these people went together, he would not be Zhong Li's opponent.

Zhong Li, who practiced ancient martial arts since his childhood, was the strongest among the juniors of the Zhong family. He once quietly eliminated more than a dozen soldiers under Heba's guns.

If these people were Heba's subordinates, I'm afraid he would have seen Hades long ago.

Kicking the last person with one kick, Zhong Li was just warming up and exclaimed excitedly: "Can't you get on together?"

"Although this is so capable, it's too crazy!"

"Brother Zhao, let's go together?" someone asked.

Zhao Tai's face was solemn, and after seeing Zhong Li's shot, he no longer dared to look down upon this man who was younger than himself!

He touched the dagger around his waist and walked out, while the other three followed closely.

Zhong Li glanced at him, "During this period of training, seeing you is not bad, I should be able to pick up a few tricks, not like them!"


When Zhao Tai heard the words, he drew a dagger from his waist and said coldly: "Choose a weapon."

"No need." Zhong Li sneered and shook his head.

"How crazy, Brother Zhao, let's go!"

One person scolded, ready to act first.

"Wait a minute!" Wang Ye shouted just then.

He walked over slowly, patted Zhongli's shoulder, "You rest!"

Zhongli nodded and took a step back.

Wang Ye glanced at the person who had spoken before, and immediately looked at Zhao Tai.

"I heard that your dagger is very slippery. Today, on a whim, I am also moving my muscles and bones. You must be kept in your hand."

"How can this work!" The person who called out earlier, smiled bitterly again: "You are the boss, we can't afford to hurt you."

"is it!"

Wang Ye smiled faintly and waved at Qiao Yong.

After Qiao Yong quickly walked to his side, Wang Ye asked coldly: "The person you recruited?"


"It's your responsibility to guard Lizhu Villa, right?"

"Yes!" Qiao Yong replied.

"Then you are looking for these people who can only speak louder than words, did you come to shame me on purpose?"

"I..." Qiao Yong was speechless.

Wang Ye's expression turned cold, "I allow the four of them to join together. If you can't even handle all four of my moves, Qiao Yong, this is your fault. In the future, you will train with them. There is only one instructor here, that is Zhong Li! "

"Yes!" Qiao Yong replied in a deep voice.

"Too much bullying!" The man's face was gloomy, his fists clenched tightly.

There is also a touch of anger in Zhao Tai's eyes. They and Qiao Yong are comrades-in-arms who have fought before, brothers of life and death!But now Qiao Yong was so humiliated by Wang Ye because of them.

Wang Ye turned his head and asked, "Now, don't worry about hurting me, right?"

"excuse me!"

The man gave a violent shout, rushed towards Wang Ye, and slammed his fist.

Wang Ye poked a smile, raised his hand to greet him.

Seeing that his fists were about to hit, the figure dodged and kicked Wang Ye's waist with one leg.

But when he was about to touch him, his legs were bent as if being clamped by iron tongs, unable to move any minute.

Turning his head, he saw Wang Ye was grabbing his ankle with one hand.

"Too rubbish!" Wang Ye sighed and shook his head. With a flick of his arm, the man's body was directly thrown out and hit a tree trunk heavily.


After falling to the ground, a squirt of blood came out suddenly.

"A lot of strength!"

"Brothers, let's go together!"

The other two were more cautious when they saw this, and rushed towards Wang Ye one left and the other right. At the same time, Zhao Tai didn't dare to neglect, and rushed from the front with a dagger.

The three teammates, especially Zhao Tai who was holding the dagger in front, made Qiao Yong's heart startled.

Just imagine, at this moment, Wang Ye is replaced by him, Qiao Yong, and I am afraid it will be difficult for him to take this offensive.