"In a colorful and prosperous city, to survive, you need more than just a brain, but also a pair of eyes!"

Han Ruoxue handed the tea to Zhong Yi.

"Drink a cup of tea to calm your breath."

"You mean Jiang Ying is a big man?" Zhong Yi took the teacup and looked at Zhong Xiaomo instead of drinking it.

"But even if she hides deep enough to be a big man, that Wang Ye treats her like this, it makes me feel sicker!"

"You mean climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix to the phoenix?" Zhong Xiaomo said with a sullen face.

Nodding her head willingly, she patted the table and scolded: "Naive!"

Under the pavilion, the atmosphere became very embarrassing, and I was a bit wronged, but more surprised.

For a long time, Zhong Xiaomo's feelings for their sisters were open-minded and kind. He had never seen her lose her temper, let alone her anger.

This is the first time!Moreover, so angry!

"Sister Zhongyi, you are too naive." Han Ruoxue said, "The reality is cruel. Although Wang Ye is a trillion, he is a person after all! And the pressure is greater than any one person!"

"Luochuan, in the Villa of Shuiyue Garden, there are his adoptive mother and Jiang Mengdie! In the magic city, in Lizhu Villa, there are you, me and Sister Xiaomo! Zhong Li and even Qiao Yong and Han Guanjia are in Wang Ye It seems that they are all my relatives and friends! Not long ago, you also saw the Luo family's methods, so my children are gone!"

"Sister Ruoxue..." Zhong Yi took Han Ruoxue's hand.

"The past is nothing to regret! But it is a painful lesson. What is the purpose of Houshan's day and night training? Isn't it for our safety? Wang Ye always put his interests and himself last in his work. Consider first for your relatives and friends!"

At this time, Zhong Xiaomo got up and sat beside Zhong Yi.

She took the hand of Zhongyi and apologized: "Zhongyi, my tone was a bit overwhelmed just now, don't forget to feel it."

"No, no, Sister Xiao Mo, I don't have one."

"No nature is the best! Zhongyi, you are a smart girl. You should be able to see that Wang Ye was busy during this time, not the company's business, and he rarely participated in the company's decision, but Amano Group can be so smooth. , But it's all his credit!"

Looking at the jungle in the distance, Zhong Xiaomo sighed.

"Jiang Ying is not easy. Judging from Wang Ye's approach, she should be a key figure who can protect you, me and others, and be self-sufficient in the magic capital! Wang Ye has worked so hard. You and I should understand and support you! Instead of selfish complaints!"

"Soon, you will know that Wang Ye's purpose for doing this!"

Zhong Xiaomo got up and took his favorite hand, "Well, I've been sitting for too long, let's turn around too!"

The three of them walked side by side towards the mountains and forests, feeling very guilty in their hearts, is it really that he was wrong?

In the mountains and forests, Wang Ye and Jiang Ying stood side by side, standing under a tree, looking at Qiao Yong and others who were still training in the darkness not far away.

They sweated like rain, but they had no complaints. Even Jiang Ying could feel the hard work.

"Are you training security guards or the army?" Jiang Ying laughed jokingly.

"Just to survive!"

Wang Ye's faint words made Jiang Ying suddenly turn to look at him.

"Just to survive? Is it so serious?"

Wang Ye sat on the ground, showing a sense of melancholy, "It's not easy to be alive. The Murong family of the imperial capital is staring at me. Now Murong Huixin is sitting on the Hong family as my enemy! Soon, Heba will come, definitely. Come prepared!"

"The great warlord of Southeast Asia! What brought it must be an army armed to the teeth! Lizhu Villa is just that person. If you don't step up your training, do you think you can get away with it!"

When Jiang Ying heard the words, she also sat down.

"But you are the son-in-law of the Zhong family. You can ask for help from the Zhong family and let the Zhong family send experts to support you. There are also the Liu family in the Western Regions and the Cai family in the northern borders, which have a lot to do with you! You don't plan on such a big thing. Help?"

"You know a lot!" Wang Ye grinned and shook his head immediately.

"If everything goes to other people for help, Wang Ye will not be able to go today, and maybe I will not live now!"

Jiang Ying did not speak, but stared at him.

She felt more and more that this glamorous man had extremely vicissitudes in his heart!

Moreover, he has shouldered too much.

In response to that sentence, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

"Those who offend China will be punishable even if they are far away!" Jiang Ying suddenly gritted her teeth.

Wang Ye turned his head and looked at her with profound meaning, "Almost thought you were an iron-blooded soldier! Haha, it's getting late, let's get here today! Rest early and accept your interview tomorrow."

After he finished speaking, he got up and walked towards Lizhu Villa, Jiang Ying followed him closely.

It's just that he didn't notice that Wang Ye's mouth finally raised a smile.

In the next period of time, the division of labor was clear, Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Yi managed the Amano Group, and Han Ruoxue joined them.

Zhong Li's duty is to train Qiao Yong and others, and the training effect during this period is extremely significant.

As for Wang Ye, in addition to his daily life, he accompanied Jiang Ying around Livzon Villa, seemingly doing nothing.

After more than ten days passed, the Magic Capital Hong Family did not make a big move, obviously waiting for the sharp sword of Heba to eradicate Wang Ye!

The setting sun fell in the jungle, and everyone led by Zhong Li stood neatly, accepting Wang Ye's inspection.

"not bad!"

Regarding their performance, Wang Ye said three words and immediately waved his hand: "This is the end of the training. Take a hot bath tonight and take a good rest. Follow me tomorrow and report your training during this period of time!"

"Heba is here, and he will never return!" Zhong Li shouted.

Everyone shouted in unison with high morale. Tomorrow is the 20th. It is confirmed that Heba will arrive at Mohai from the open sea tomorrow, and then the capital will come to Lizhu Villa for revenge!

After all, with a War God order, the scared Heba lost his face, and for this he lost tens of billions.

How can Herba bear this bad breath!

Wang Ye was very satisfied with such a high fighting spirit, and signaled that after they disbanded, he turned and looked at Zhong Xiaomo and others.

"Tomorrow is a fierce battle! In order to prevent the Hong family from fishing in troubled waters, Livzon Villa is currently the safest! As you wish, the safety of the Villa is up to you! Instead of waiting passively, it is better to take the initiative, I will take Zhong Li and the others, Ambush beforehand, hit a wave of ambushes!"

"But there is not enough manpower." Zhong Yi worried: "You only have this number of people. Heba brought it. It is an army, and it is not certain whether he will follow the route you expected."

"Have you forgotten Hong Huaian?" Wang Ye smiled confidently. "Heba will come and the Hong family will get news as soon as possible. If it is different from my guess, Hong Huaian will notify me of his route as soon as possible! It's just that there is a shortage of manpower. But it can only be one enemy ten!"

"Nothing will happen! I'll stay to help!" At this moment, Jiang Ying said.

Everyone looked at her, how could an ordinary reporter be so confident.

But Wang Yexin smiled tacitly and nodded: "With your words, I really feel relieved! Well, I will rest early today, and I will be busy tomorrow morning!"