The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 313: Double Reward


Wang Ye slapped his forehead and was speechless.

Zhong Li is a very wise person with roughness and fineness, but his experience makes him very stubborn in some aspects.

Born in the Zhong family since he was a child, he was not favored by the Zhong family. The old beggar is his master and has taken care of him like his father for so many years. Therefore, he believed in the old beggar's words and never asked why.

"Zhong Li, can you contact him?" Wang Ye asked in a different way.

But Zhong Li shook his head, "Master left nothing when he left, but he once said that we will meet again."

He said nothing, and he couldn't ask anything.

Wang Ye simply got up and waved his hand: "No matter, rest early. There will be a tough battle tomorrow."

"Oh, good!"

Zhongli responded and walked out of the room and returned to his room.

He lay in bed for a long time and couldn't sleep, his mind echoed the words of Wang Ye just now.

Looking back on it carefully, things are indeed strange. When he first met the old beggar, he still had some doubts in his heart. This person was in Zhongnan Mountain, but he was not Zhong's family, and he had never stepped into Zhong's family for more than 20 years.

I asked the reason at first, but the old beggar did not explain.

After a long time, I gradually got used to it, and I never thought about this problem again.

But today, Jiang Ying's words shocked him. If he was out of the territory five years ago, and the old beggar who saved Jiang Long was the same person as his master, how did he escape thousands of miles away on that day?

In Wang Ye's room, lying on the bed, he was also pondering this question.

The news of Mufanyangde’s tomb and the rescue of Jiang Long outside the territory are all related to the old beggar, Wang Ye is certain.

There is also the same certainty as Zhong Li said, he is being taught by his mentor every day, and he has not changed for more than 20 years.

Even if he remembered it wrong, three or five days would not be enough to travel from Zhongnan Mountain to Modu, let alone outside the territory.

How did he do it?

Without understanding, Wang Ye couldn't sleep.

Tomorrow there will be a tough battle. Heba is coming from Southeast Asia. The last time he went to the mountains and forests, although there was a God of War order, he was more shocked by Zhong Li's assassination along the way.

This time, Heba had come prepared. Although Jiang Ying had notified the Guardian of War God and sent four Titans under his command, the situation was still tense. After all, the enemy was secretive.

Unable to sleep, he got up and took out a map to study.

A deserted mountain road is marked on the map. This is his first guess that Heba will go to Livzon Villa.

After studying carefully, there are three plans to reach Lizhu Villa.

The first is from the high seas by helicopter arriving in the mountains behind Livzon Villa, the three places where helicopters can be parked.

Second, it is marked, this mountain road leading to the coast of the Demon Sea.

In the end, he didn't dare to drive an armored car when he wanted to come and give Heba ten courage.

Livzon Villa is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the magic capital is on the front. The geographical position is still relatively advantageous!

"It shouldn't be wrong! Heba suffered a loss in the forest last time, so he shouldn't be so mindless!"

He knocked on the table with one hand and pondered for a long time. This was Wang Ye's definite plan.

At least I love to guard here, and use the technique of controlling the beast to control the beasts and snakes in the forest.

Stretched lazily, got up to check the time, it was already 12:30 midnight.

"It's Monday today, and I don't know which assets are rewarded by the system!"

Wang Ye muttered, called out the phone and pressed the sign-in keyboard, then threw the phone on the bed, taking off his clothes and preparing to go to sleep.

"Huh?" He turned his head to look, and was stunned.

A line of writing appeared on the screen.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in and signing in continuously, and get system rewards: Bingxin and Time and Space Bracelet!

Isn't it rewarding assets?

And still two things?!

Wang Ye suddenly became interested. This was the first time that the system rewarded two things at the same time when signing in.

And it's not in line with the past practice. Before every Monday and Tuesday, the rewards were assets, equity, buildings and so on.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the rewards for these three days will be some pills or antiques that enhance physical fitness and improve physical functions.

Only the rewards for two days on the weekend are some weird things!

Today is so abnormal that Wang Ye was surprised, but he had an ominous premonition.

He clicked on the item introduction.

Bingxin introduction: high-level nano-element technology, Bingxin can improve the body's perception of water elements after entering the body, and use the nano-element mechanism to condense water into ice!

"Fuck, the fire that was rewarded before is exactly the same!"

After Wang Ye finished reading, he couldn't help but explode, not because of Bing Xin's special feature, but because of a key word high-tech mentioned in the introduction!

Is this Nima still technology?!

This is simply magic, a routine in fantasy novels!

But the difference is that Wang Ye, who has owned fire, deeply realized that this thing does belong to the future technology, not like the magic in the novel.

Because it doesn't need to be practiced like magic at all, it needs practice like Guwu, once dissolved in the body, it is like a mini machine, as long as you need it to work, it will work.

Wang Ye is also a fan of novels. He has read a lot of fantasy novels. It is very common to control flames, control water or ice mist, but those fantasy things require cultivation.

But such things as Tinder and Bingxin, to put it bluntly, are a one-time income and will be used for life.

"What the hell is the time and space bracelet?"

Calming his excitement, Wang Ye clicked on the introduction of the time-space bracelet.

Time-space bracelet: A cutting-edge product in future technology that can help people travel through space and instantly reach any place they want to go.Note, this bracelet can only be used three times.

After reading the introduction, the air in the entire room seemed to freeze.

Traveling through space?

Arrived in an instant?

Doesn't this exist like a teleportation array or a portal?

This is too awesome!

Can future technology reach this point?

Wouldn't it be like a fairy in the myth, who can fly thousands of miles away in a flash of clouds and mist.


Suddenly, Wang Ye began to repeat the word "Xianxian" continuously.

Thousands of miles away in a flash of clouds and fog!

Old beggar!

Could it be that the old beggar is a fairy?!

Wang Ye’s body was tense, and his thoughts flew in his mind. After seeing the future cutting-edge technology time and space bracelet rewarded by the system, he was finally able to explain how the old beggar appeared in the outside world and Zhongnanshan at the same time in one day. These two are thousands of miles away.

If he is not an immortal, he must also be in control of this kind of future cutting-edge technology.

But the time and space bracelet is rewarded by the system. Does the old beggar also have such a system?

The more Wang Ye thought about it, the more incredible he became, and the more he thought about it, the more mysterious and weird the old beggar was.

There are no wonders in the world. If you can have a check-in system, can others not have other cutting-edge technology?

Thinking of this, Wang Ye was relieved!

In short, at least the old beggar currently has no hostility towards him, which is a good thing!

After calming down, he chose to withdraw these two things.