When Wang Ye walked out of the cabin with Heba in one hand, dozens of people were already holding guns outside the door, staring at him vigilantly.

Poking a smile like a spring breeze, Wang Ye walked forward blindly.

Surrounded by the crowd, they stepped aside voluntarily, looking at each in horror. Heba, who had lost his feet, felt extremely incredible.

Standing on the deck of a freighter, looking around, the scene is truly spectacular.

This is a huge freighter. The modified freighter is surrounded by heavy machine guns. There are four cannons on both ends of the freighter.

The most terrifying thing is that the freighter is even equipped with missiles!

There are as many as a hundred escort boats around, and Heba's 3,000 elite and well-equipped, staring at him sternly.

Seeing these subordinates, Herba felt a little more emboldened, and he actually talked about conditions with Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye, the money and the money are all yours. Let me go, I promise my brothers will not embarrass you."

"Are you here to be funny?" Wang Ye smiled faintly, "Although you said earlier that your money saved your life, but forgot to tell you, it was only temporarily!"

He strode towards the bow of the boat, and as he stepped, the whole body of Heba he was holding was frozen stiff, and he could not speak a word.

In front of us is the blue sea, there are speedboats, and those well-equipped bandits.

Standing proudly on the bow, there is quite a man who has the momentum of being a man.

Wang Ye swept his eyes, although among these people there may be wicked people, but there are also people who are forced to do nothing!

"I don't want to kill, as long as I lose my helmet and armor, I allow you to leave!"

Wang Ye's voice reverberated in this sea area, but those people heard that, not only did they not put down their weapons, but they held them tighter.

His eyes were slightly cold, and if he was not shocked this time, even if one Heba died, I am afraid there will be another Heba in the future!

The point is that the time-space bracelet has only three chances. He has already used it once to capture Heba, so he doesn't want to waste another chance.

With a stomping, ice thorns suddenly appeared, Wang Ye's thoughts turned, and Bing Xin was used to the extreme.

Frost centered on where he was, and quickly spread out toward the sea.


There were three thousand elites present, only a piece of white color spread rapidly, and the whole freighter was like a huge ice lump in the cold for a moment.

"Let down the weapon and get out! Otherwise, die!"

Wang Ye shouted loudly.

This is no longer what human power can resist. The Wang Ye in front of them seems like a divine residence.



The irresistible fear caused these people to quickly throw their guns and ammunition into the sea under the ship.


There are several speedboats, ready to take the opportunity to escape.

But he didn't want to go out. Suddenly, the sea was frozen, the speedboat could not move, and was surrounded by ice crystals.

Those who still have the heart to resist, watched the frozen speedboat, being swallowed by the ice ball.

No one dared to hesitate anymore, discarding their helmets and unloading their armor, and in accordance with Wang Ye's instructions, they absconded to the speedboats.

Three thousand elites seemed vulnerable, almost all of them were naked, squeezing into those speedboats.

Seeing Wang Ye signaled, they also drove the speedboat toward the distance as if they were fleeing.

With a leap, Wang Ye carried Heba and landed on a speedboat.

However, as he gradually left, this sea area began to freeze and became an extremely cold field.

Tens of nautical miles away, the people on the speedboats turned their heads to see that an iceberg suddenly appeared on the open sea, and the iceberg was sinking at an alarming speed.

Three thousand people, except for gasping, were already scared and speechless.

I must have experienced this scene. From now on, no one of these people dared to touch the gun again, no one dared to mention the name Wang Ye again.

A few years ago, China had a god of war to protect the country, and now the name of Wang Ye will shake the world from Southeast Asia.

A speedboat, from the open sea to the enchanted sea.

On the coast, Zhongli, who was notified, was already driving here and waiting.

In the fifteenth world of the Cavaliers, the driving Zhong couldn't help turning his head, looking at Heba, who was trembling in the back row, his face was as pale as paper, and he lost his feet but did not shed a drop of blood.

"Brother, awesome!"

After holding back for a long time, Zhong Li admired: "Crossing into the tiger's lair alone, using the power of one person to take Heba alone among the three thousand elites, let me just say it! My elder brother will definitely become the next god of war!"

"Your kid is good at slapping horses!" Wang Ye gave him a smile.

"Jianlong's four major guardians are still in Lizhu Villa?"

"Yes, waiting to go back and have a drink with you!" Zhong Li smiled.

In China, there is probably only Wang Ye who dares to call the name of the God of War.

"Back to Lizhu Villa?" Zhong Li asked after entering the magic city.

"Go to Hong's house first." Wang Ye closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

This time, it was all because the Murong family instigated and encouraged the Hong family to do this.

In the magic city, these big families have not seen the situation clearly. They are still indulging in the hegemony that controlled one party at the time. They did not realize that when Wang Ye destroyed the Luo family, the Amano Group officially established a foothold in the magic city. Its rivals no longer exist!

The Hong family is not Wang Ye's opponent either!

It is not difficult to get rid of the Hong Family, but the Demon Capital is so large that it cannot be controlled by the Amano Group alone. This is why the Demon Capital has been divided into five major urban areas for many years, and the Hong Family controls the remaining four major urban areas.

A big family is true, but you need a man!As for the Hong Family, Wang Ye prepared Zhao'an!

To put it bluntly, this farce was made by the Murong family.

At the entrance of Hong's villa, Zhongli pulled the door, Wang Ye got out of the car and glanced at the huge villa of Hong's family. Zhong Li singled Heba in his hand, followed Wang Ye and walked towards the villa.

A large wave of security guards surrounded Wang and Ye, but they did not dare to act rashly.

Walking through a garden, Wang Ye stopped.

He and Zhong Li stood quietly like this, and the strong aura could make those security guards moved with fear.

In the living room of the villa, there were many people sitting, all turning their heads to look trembling outside the window.

"It's over! Wang Ye is looking for you!"

"It's over this time! Murong Huixin, your Murong family must be responsible for this matter!"

"Yes, Murong's family is responsible! Didn't it mean that the God of War order is fake! This time, Heba's five hundred elite, more than a hundred members of the Hong family, only a dozen escaped! And they saw it with their own eyes, protecting the country? The four-element champions of the God of War are here!"

"Look, even Heba was captured alive! According to reliable sources, Heba didn't come at all, and waited on the high seas with three thousand elites. If the Guardian War God led the army, could Heba be captured?"

"This incident has alarmed the God of War Protector of the Nation himself to come forward. How can the Hong family contend in this district!"

Everyone in the Hong family was filled with fear and decided that all this was done by the Guardian War God himself!

The Hong family is in danger, and the head of the family, Hong Tianqi, has a pale face.

In the living room, Murong Huixin's eyes were desperate. This failure not only meant the failure of the plan, but also meant that there was a God of War to protect the country behind Wang Ye. How could Murong's family contend with him!

"Father, should I go out and ask first to see what Mr. Wang Ye is here for?"

When the crowd had no master, Hong Huaian stood up.