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Chapter 320: The Hong Family Compromises

"Huai'an! Huai'an, this matter is up to you."

Hong Tianqi finally reacted and hurriedly stepped forward and took Hong Huaian's hand.

"The life and death of the Hong family depends on you! The largest shareholder of the Yintai Group, isn't it Wang Ye! You have been in touch with him long ago to help the Hong family speak good things, this matter has nothing to do with the Hong family. We are also forced to be helpless."

"Hong Tianqi! Are you preparing to betray Murong's family!" Murong Huixin suddenly stood up and pointed at Hong Tianqi angrily.

"The Guardian War God has retired, and it's still uncertain whether he will help Wang Ye! Even if it is, my Murong family is not a vegetarian! There was an agreement that the major families of China obeyed the Guardian War God! However, Hu The God of War cannot participate in family disputes!"

"Don't tell me those great principles." Hong Tianqi waved his hand and said disdainfully: "Our Hong family has not yet arrived to the point where we can see the God of War protect the country! Your agreement has nothing to do with my Hong family! I just Said this!"

For the current life and death of the family, Hong Tianqi can no longer control so much.

He took Hong Huaian's hand and said, "Huai'an, if you can help the Hong family survive this disaster this time, you will have the final say in the future."

Upon hearing this, Hong Huaian's heart was so happy, he nodded heavily, and immediately walked out of the villa.

But before leaving the house, I was a little worried. After all, this time the Hong family also deceived him and asked him to pass false news to Wang Ye. If it weren’t for the four guardians to rush to Lizhu Villa, I’m afraid they will become big wrong.

Hong Huaian walked out and saw Heba, who was being carried half-dead, with all his vest and hair standing up.

He hurried forward and bowed before Wang Ye.

"Mr. Wang, congratulations on your victory..."

Before the flattering words were finished, Wang Ye waved his hand and Zhong Li threw Heba in front of Hong Huaian, and he jumped up and retreated in shock.

"Hong Dong."

"Hey, I am here." Hong Huaian walked a few steps forward, bypassing Heba.

Wang Ye was expressionless, and asked, "The Hong family sent you to intercede?"

Not dare to conceal it, Hong Huaian nodded and said: "The Hong family knew it was wrong. This time I was bewitched and threatened by the Murong family. I had no choice but to do such a foolish thing. My father Hong Tianqi regretted his intestines and hoped that Mr. Wang would read it to me. For Hong Huaian's loyalty, he can give the Hong family a way to survive and give me a few more words to the Hong family in front of the God of War."

When Zhong Li heard the words, he took a step forward and his face was gloomy.

"Your Hong family helped the gang to abuse you, so you sent someone to escort Heba's men across from the Devil's Capital and attacked Lizhu Villa! With this one, there is a reason to destroy your Hong family today!"

Zhongli was full of murderous, terrified Hong Huai trembling, he could only look at Wang Ye with his help.

Wang Ye was expressionless, with his hands behind his back. He wanted to stay in the Hong family, but he had to make sure that the Hong family was loyal, otherwise he would be a tiger.

Both grace and power are the best policy!

Seeing that Wang Ye hadn't spoken, Zhong Cheng knew it clearly, and suddenly put his foot on Heba's stomach.

He flew out and slammed on the door of the Hong's living room with a bang.

The iron door collapsed, and Herba's body became a corpse after crashing into the living room of Hong's family.

Just listen to a scream of fear in the Hong's living room.

When Zhong Li strode towards the Hong Family Hall, those people in the hall had already curled up into a ball, and the Luo Family's miserable situation subconsciously appeared in his mind.

"Mr. Wang forgive me, Mr. Wang forgive me! The Hong family was really forced to act helplessly and unintentionally. I hope Mr. Wang Haihan, Haihan." Hong Huai said in anxious circles.

Zhong Li is so murderous, if he walks into the living room, I am afraid that the Hong family will be hard to protect.

"Mr. Wang, I kneel for you!" Hong Huaian bent his knees, preparing to kneel.

Wang Ye stretched out his hand, dragged his arms, and helped him stand up.

"Zhong Li!" This was a soft voice.

Zhong Li stopped and Hong Huaian breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Mr. Wang, and thank Mr. Wang for his mercy." Hong Huaian said gratefully.

Wang Ye stared at him, "Hong Dong, you should know that the information you provided to me is fake..."

Seeing Hong Huaian preparing to explain, Wang Ye interrupted him by shaking his head.

"I know, the Hong family is wary of you! So I don't blame you, this time I went around the Hong family once, and it was entirely for your face! But you are at the Hong family, I am afraid it will be difficult to call the shots!"

"At this point, Mr. Wang can rest assured, my father has promised that if this matter can be calmed down, I will be the head of the Hong family in the future." After Hong Huaian had finished speaking, he hurriedly promised: "I promise Hong Huaian from now on. In the future, I will befriend the Amano Group and will always support any decision made by the Amano Group."

Hong Huaian said this truthfully, and it can be seen that it was not a postponement. The current Hong family has been frightened, especially when Heba was captured, which allowed the Hong family to see the situation clearly.

With the strength of the Hong family, it was impossible to fight Wang Ye at all.

Nodded in satisfaction, Wang Ye patted him on the shoulder, "If that's the case, that's good!"

"Mr. Xie Wang, please come in and sit down." Hong Huaian invited him, and when Wang Ye shook his head, he hurriedly said, "Then I will take Hong's family out, and I will apologize to you?"

"No need! Except you, I am not interested in the rest of the Hong family!"

"Zhong Li, bring Murong Huixin out!"

"Yes!" Zhong Li replied and strode towards the Hong's living room.

In the living room, a group of people was extremely disturbed.

Wang Ye commanded: "Okay, Hong Dong, you should go back first, I will leave after a few words with Murong Huixin! In the future, I hope you can fulfill your promise."

"Definitely, definitely." Hong Huaian backed away, turned around and ran out, rushing into the living room before Zhong Li.

Tell Hong Tianqi the matter, and signal them not to be nervous.

Soon, Murong Huixin walked out of the living room, Zhong Li pushed her shoulders, Murong Huixin shook her arm and glared at him in disgust.

Walking towards Wang Ye, Murong Huixin had no fear at all.

"Wang Ye! If you want to kill, you have to cut down on you!"

At this moment, Murong Huixin raised her head proudly.

"Killing a woman, that's not my style!" Wang Ye shook his head.

Murong Huixin was startled, "You won't kill me?"


"If you don't kill me, don't think I will be grateful to you! If I have the opportunity, I will do it!" Murong Huixin gritted her teeth.

Seeing her endless appearance, Wang Ye chuckled, "You have no feelings for Luo Shanwu. Such anger is nothing but the name of a widow, why bother!"

"Wang Ye, don't talk jokes here!"

"This is not cool talk." Wang Ye gradually reduced his smile, "If one day, Murong's family ceases to exist, your name as a widow won't matter."

The delicate body trembled, and Murong Huixin stared at Wang Ye in amazement, "You want to attack Murong's family? Then you have to weigh, do you have that ability!"

"I won't hold you up! Murong's family is far away in the imperial capital, but after I have finished the matter at hand, I am indeed going to the imperial capital! Therefore, I am going to let you return to Murong's house and bring me a sentence! Tell Murong's house if you dare If this happens, the Murong family will die!"

"It's a big tone, even if you have the patron of the God of War, the Murong family..."

Before Murong Huixin finished speaking, Wang Ye turned and walked outside the Hong's villa.

Looking at his back, Murong Huixin's heart is full of mixed flavors. He was so confident in the Luo family at the beginning, but he is still so in the Hong family!