After hearing the words, everyone laughed.

The restaurant was full of fun, and Wang Ye also forgot Suzaku's previous words.

Seeing someone with a glass of wine, he swept through a customs clearance, Wang Ye's alcohol volume was indeed not very dripping, and he was already a little dizzy.

"Drink it again, I'm afraid that the bottom of the table is his final destination." Suzaku laughed teasingly.

What about her, Zhong Xiaomo smiled, "If Sister Suzaku has something to do, let Wang Ye accompany you to leave the scene first, so as not to wait for his sex, I will definitely not stop getting drunk."

"There really is something more important, so I'm temporarily absent."

Zhong Xiaomo nodded and gestured, Zhuque stood up, walked to Wang Ye and patted him on the shoulder.

"Suzaku sister, something?" Wang Ye asked drunkly, turning his head.

"Brother, there are no girls in the army." Suzaku gave him a white look, "Come out with me, I'll tell you something."

"Okay!" Wang Ye replied, and he didn't forget to hold Zhong Li when he turned and left. "Brother, you are dereliction of duty if you don't drink the three Fanqinglong brothers tonight!"

"Don't worry, big brother, I will definitely accompany you big brothers well." Zhong Li motioned him to rest assured.

Amidst the bitter laughter, Wang Ye was dragged out of the restaurant by Suzaku.

It's autumn, and the night wind has blown a bit cold, and the drunkenness has subsided with a chill.

Suzaku left the restaurant without speaking, and walked forward until he reached under the pavilion in the garden, and then looked around vigilantly, and when he was sure there was no one, he beckoned Wang Ye to sit down.

", what's the matter? Can't you say it tomorrow? Tonight is the drinking time!" Wang Ye said with a smile.

Seeing Suzaku's expression, Wang Ye's smile appeared a little embarrassed and gradually receded.

"Cough!" He coughed lightly, concealing his embarrassment, and said: "Such serious, okay, then you can say it."

"Today's conversation is highly classified, and no one should be told." Suzaku said.

Although not a soldier, Wang Ye understood the military system and nodded solemnly.

"I'm here to ask for something."

When Wang Ye heard the words, his face remained silent, but he was smiling bitterly in his heart. Is this so serious to ask?

Suzaku was very cautious, looked around again, and after confirming that no one was eavesdropping, she lowered her voice.

"Five years ago in an extraterritorial battle, Brother Long entered the enemy's camp alone and took the first level in the army, but he was seriously injured! The shrapnel penetrated the lung lobes, and the other bullet was only a few millimeters from the heart. The operation was extremely difficult! It has not been taken out so far, and more importantly, a strange person in the foreign domain has damaged Brother Long's mind!"

Listening to Suzaku's words, Wang Ye was completely drunk. What she said should be that the old beggar died of Jiang Long five years ago and got the order of the God of War.

Sure enough, Suzaku continued: "Brother Long, who was wounded all over, broke out of the siege, and on the way back to the barracks, he fell too badly. Fortunately, an expert was saved..."

"Is it an old beggar?"

Suzaku nodded, "It seems that Jiang Ying has already told you about this! But what she doesn't know is that although the old beggar helped Longer to take out the bullet from the lung lobe, the bullet closest to the heart, and Longer was mentally affected. The damaged condition has not been cured!"

"What do you mean by not being healed?" The night wind blew by, and Wang Ye felt his whole body standing upside down. He had a very strange feeling.

It's like being in the dark, with a pair of eyes staring at him, making him do every step he takes according to the other's wishes.

"Can be saved, but not saved!" Suzaku said in a deep voice, "He saved Brother Long's life, but he told him that if he wants to eradicate it, he will have to wait five years before a destined person appears! The old beggar will guide him. This destined person is both. A well-known entrepreneur who is also proficient in medical skills, and he is decisive! Five years later, if he asks for him, it is me who asks for him!"

Suzaku's clever eyes stared at Wang Ye.

"The destined person he refers to is you! In the past five years, Brother Long has retired, and no one has ever bothered! The time limit is just right. After five years, Jiang Ying called for help. We guessed at that time, this is the old beggar. Said destined person! Only after you came, I learned that you are not only an entrepreneur, but also proficient in medical skills. Not to mention, you can get the first level of Heba among the three thousand talents of the original high seas. Yu!"

Seeing Wang Ye's dream, Suzaku asked: "The God of War order was from Brother Long, thank you for the gift of the old beggar. Now it falls into your hands, what is the relationship between you and the old beggar?"

"It's okay! I want to find him too!"

Wang Ye felt like he had fallen into a round, an old beggar set up a good round!

Jiang Long was injured five years ago, but he was able to save it, but he couldn't. But waiting for his Wang Ye to appear five years later, what is the purpose of the old beggar?

Moreover, this guy can unexpectedly predict that everything is in his plan.

"What's the current situation of the Guardian War God?" Wang Ye asked, raising his head.

"Very bad!" Zhu Que sighed: "The bullet in his body has caused him to suffer for five years. China's most cutting-edge medical team is also helpless. It is too close to the heart. If there is a difference, it will definitely die! But more importantly, Fan. That capable person and stranger in the country caused Brother Long's mentality to be damaged, and can't wake up!"

Jiang Long's condition was expected by Wang Ye.

He stared at Suzaku, "Do you want me to heal the god of war?"

Suzaku nodded.

"You can trust me?"

"Trust it!" Suzaku nodded again.

"I think you are more convinced of the old beggar's prophecy!" Wang Ye grinned, making Suzaku startled.

Indeed, they have seen Wang Ye's bravery, but they have never seen his medical skills. Moreover, China's top medical team is at a loss. It is hard to imagine Wang Ye being so young and capable.

"Okay, since Suzaku sister! No no, brother! Brother Suzaku can believe it, then I will leave with you tomorrow morning, so now, should I continue drinking?" Wang Ye stood up.

"Still drinking?" Suzaku stood up and added: "This matter must be kept secret, it is a matter of national safety! Even your wife must keep it secret."

"Understood!" Wang Ye smiled and nodded, "Let's go, drinking will not delay things, it will be half a day away at most tomorrow morning!"

Suzaku's face suddenly changed when he heard the words, "Do you know where Long Brother lives in seclusion?"

This is a high-secret secret. The guardian war god trembles the four countries, but there are also many people who want to take their lives. In addition to the four of them, few people know about Jiang Long’s seclusion, even Jiang Ying. I don't even know.

Wang Ye Cancan smiled and pointed to the direction of Qianmo Mountain, and then pointed to the direction of Niu Ti Mountain to the north.

"It's nothing more than these two mountains. I've been to Qianmo Mountain. It shouldn't be! If you guessed right, the God of War should live in Niuti Mountain!"

This remark was like thunder, making Suzaku's eyes widened, and Wang Ye's secrets were revealed at a glance.

"There is nothing to be surprised." Wang Ye explained: "Jiang Ying is in the magic city, which means that Jiang Long will not be too far away! How can the two brothers and sisters rely on each other to keep her away from her sight. Plus, you are going ahead this time. Come to support, Jiang Long is already in a coma, and you will definitely leave before your eyes. The only distance you can do for a long time is in these two mountains."

"Walk and drink! I will leave with you tomorrow morning!"

After Wang Ye said, he dragged Suzaku to the restaurant.