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Chapter 328: Touching the Edge of Death

There was a hidden sniper in the distance, who had locked both sides of the bag.

"Wang Ye, I will run first when I count to three. You count three seconds in your heart and then follow me. Do you see the trenches over there? Run in an S shape and rush into the trenches. Okay?"

"Okay, I remember it!" Wang Ye replied after hearing this.

He is a layman in the strategic way on the battlefield, and everything can only be arranged by Suzaku.

When Suzaku counted to three, she rushed out and rolled immediately.

Before hearing the gunshot, the bullet had passed Suzaku's side. If it weren't for the rich combat experience, it wasn't for the tumbling, it would be impossible to avoid the gun.

After silently counting for three seconds, Wang Ye rushed out.


At this time, gunshots came from two kilometers away.

Running around, bullets passed by one by one.

Wang Ye was running the purple gold glazed body subconsciously, with a faint purple gold brilliance on his body.

With a wealth of experience, Suzaku rushed into the trench first, and then Wang Ye jumped in. The two of them nodded at each other in a tacit understanding, and immediately lowered their heads and moved forward along the trench.

The roar of cars can already be faintly heard, and a large number of people are coming here.


Suddenly, the pace of the galloping Suzaku stopped abruptly.

She frowned and looked at her feet, where there was a mine.

"Push mine! You can't go ahead, it should be minefields!" Suzaku was very calm, she suddenly probed out of the trench, and then quickly retracted.


A bullet, after she retracted her head, was nailed to the trench on one side.

"Three off-road vehicles, one heavy machine gun, and a total of twelve people are expected to arrive here in five minutes!" She turned her head to look at Wang Ye, "First throw the clothes, draw the sniper's attention, and then climb up the trenches and run all the way north. Pay attention to dodge. The low terrain on the north side can be the best shelter. A quarter of an hour ahead is a forest. Once you enter the forest, you are safe!"

"What about you?" Wang Ye asked.

"It takes at least three minutes to remove a push-type mine. After you run, those people will be drawn away. I have a chance to dismantle the bomb!"

At the moment of life and death, Suzaku could maintain such a rational thinking, which really made Wang Ye admire.

But Wang Ye shook his head, "Your strategy is very good, but there are no cars fast on foot! Don't worry, leave it to me, I will pick you up later!"

"Wang Ye, don't mess around! This is the battlefield..."

Before Suzaku finished speaking, Wang Ye took off his coat and threw it out.

A bullet traversed and pierced his jacket. He jumped out, not following Suzaku's instructions, but hurriedly toward the three off-road vehicles.

"Damn it! If this guy is my soldier, I definitely can't spare him!"

Suzaku glanced at it, before he could complain, drew the dagger from his waist and stretched it under his feet.

Push-type mines need to maintain the same pressure so that they will not detonate.

It is not difficult for Suzaku to remove it, but it takes a few minutes.

At this time, Wang Ye, headed for the three off-road vehicles.

In the car, the heavy machine gun was set up, and the hidden sniper had also aimed at Wang Ye.

But at this moment, Wang Ye disappeared suddenly!

With the help of invisibility cloak and shadowless shoes, he was as fast as lightning, and he had reached the three off-road vehicles in a moment.

I saw frost emerging, and the people in the car were instantly frozen.

On the remaining off-road vehicle, the four of them had their necks broken before they could see clearly.

A thousand meters away, on the deserted ground, a sniper in a cover is looking for prey in the scope.

"Where are people?"

He saw only those three cars, two cars covered with frost, and the four people in the other car had been thrown off and were motionless.

"Are you looking for me?"

Wang Ye's voice suddenly sounded from beside the man.

The sniper was startled and rolled on the spot. He pulled out the pistol from his waist and fired several shots at Wang Ye!

But he was desperate to find that the bullet hit Wang Ye and was bounced off.

"You, are you China's God of War to protect the country?" The sniper was pale in fright.

"Do you know me?" Wang Ye asked deliberately.

"It's you, it's you, you are the God of War to protect the country, only he can invulnerably cut off bullets."

The sniper turned in horror and was about to run, Wang Ye kicked him and fainted.

He was very detailed. He didn't get rid of the sniper, but saved him for life. After he wakes up, he will soon spread the appearance of the Guardian War God throughout the entire domain and even outside the domain.

In this way, countries outside the region will continue to maintain fear.

Only in this way can we find it faster in the kingdom of the feudal vassal, the national teacher Kukuina!

The appearance of the guardian war god at the border of the domain will surely make Kukuina think that he is coming back to solve the enemy five years ago, and he will definitely strengthen his defense by then!

Just go to the most defensive place, and you will be able to find Kukuina smoothly!

Wang Ye's figure flashed, he was already in front of the off-road vehicle and drove toward the trench.


Just when it was approaching, a figure suddenly rushed out of the trenches and jumped into the car with agility. A pistol had reached Wang Ye's forehead.

"Don't be impulsive." Wang Ye smiled.

"Wang Ye?" Zhuque was stunned and turned to see that those people were actually solved by Wang Ye.

Her eyebrows stared at Wang Ye tightly, "How did you do it? In such a short period of time, to solve these people and seize a car, in my knowledge, only a general can do it!"

Wang Ye smiled evasively, "I won't say the details, you can show the way where we are going..."


At this moment, his words stopped abruptly, and the buzzing sound from a few meters away rang again.

A bullet that came quickly, not at him, but from Suzaku!

Wang Ye turned around abruptly, hugged Suzaku, turning purple and gold on his body.


The bullet hit Wang Ye's vest, and the powerful impact lifted the two of them off the car.

At this moment, Wang Ye touched the edge of death for the first time.

Although the purple gold glazed body blocked the bullet of the sniper rifle, the terrible impact still shocked his internal organs.


Both Wang Ye fell to the ground, and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

Suzaku hugged Wang Ye and rolled on the spot, hid on the side of the off-road vehicle, and quickly turned over his body, only to see a big hole in his clothes and bruises on his back.

"Is the realm of Guwu already able to withstand the bullets of the M200 sniper rifle? The cultivation bases of you and the general are already comparable!" Suzaku said in amazement.

Wang Ye smiled bitterly and wiped the blood from his mouth. He didn't know how powerful Jiang Long, the guardian of the war god, was back then.

But he knew that the power of the sniper rifle was real. If it weren't for the diamond glass body, this gun would be enough for his life!

"It is not advisable to stay at the border for long, get in the car and leave here!"

Suzaku supported Wang Ye, stuffed him into the rear seat, and then turned over and shook his body.

When the sniper rifle bullet passed by and pierced the glass of the car, she took the opportunity to kick the accelerator and the car galloped northward.

If you don't leave here in time, the support troops will come soon, and you will be trapped here and in trouble!

At present, only by entering the small border town as soon as possible can he hide his whereabouts, and Wang Ye has suffered internal injuries and needs to be recuperated as soon as possible.