In the room, a weird scene was being staged, and Kukuina's soul merged into the Soul Orb.

Suzaku stood aside, no longer knowing what to do.

Now that Kukuina's corrupt body is destroyed, then Wang Ye's life path may be destroyed.

Kukuna said that this is the process of soul exchange. Once successful, Wang Ye's soul will be lodged in Kukuna's broken body.

But now, if Wang Ye's body was destroyed, he would never be able to go back.

No one can kill, nor can the soul be touched, Suzaku is helpless.

The souls of the two have been fused into the soul fixation beads.

On the dark beads, the faces of Wang Ye and Kuquina can be clearly seen.

"Are you using me?" Wang Ye's voice came from the soul fixed pearl.

"Hahaha, you know it's too late!" Kukuina's voice also came from the soul fixation beads.

Obviously, the souls of the two were talking in the Soul Orb, and that voice directly passed into Suzaku's mind.

"When the old beggar handed you the Ding Soul Orb, what did he tell you?" In the Ding Soul Orb, Wang Ye's soul asked.

Kuquina sneered, "I want to know that now, is there any point?"

"Yes! If you tell the truth, I might be able to consider letting you die!"

"Rampant! The soul fixation beads have been used by me, your soul will soon be replaced into my body, and now I dare to negotiate terms with me, idiot!"

After Kukuina said, a strong soul wave rippled from the soul fixation beads.

Immediately afterwards, the streamer flashed the soul bead toward Wang Ye's eyebrows, turning into a streamer to blend into it when it touched.

Wang Ye's body trembled fiercely, and then a sullen smile appeared on his cheeks.

"Successful, I finally succeeded!"

That was Kuquina's voice, he was laughing excitedly, feeling extremely satisfied with the physical body.

"Stupid guy, do you think I'm so good to fool around? Hahaha, it's too late now, I have borrowed Soul Orb as a carrier to successfully occupy this body! Suzaku, you really want to kill now me?"

Wang Ye turned around and stared at Suzaku, but his voice was hoarse, it was Kukuina.

Facing his question, Suzaku gritted his teeth, but didn't know what to do.

"Huaxia Army God, huh! It's also an idiot!" Kuquina sneered: "Between him and you, choose one! Is it you dead or his soul dying?"

Suzaku's face was solemn, and the person in front of him was Wang Ye and Kukuina!

He turned around, walked to the table, pushed Kuquina's body to the side, took out a gun from the drawer, and threw it to Suzaku.

"Choose, he died or you died!"

The bullet was loaded, and Suzaku pointed the gun at Kukuina, but that was Wang Ye's body!

Her gun hand was trembling.

"It seems you chose him to die, then do it!"

"You are not afraid, I will destroy your newly acquired physical body?" Suzaku asked.

Hearing this, Kukuina laughed loudly, "With Wang Ye's guidance, do you think I still care about this body? As long as there is a Soul Orb, anyone can become my carrier!"

"I will give you ten seconds to consider. If you don't choose, I will help you choose."

Kukuina finished speaking, strangling his throat with one hand, looking at Suzaku with a grinning grin.




When every number fell, it was like thunder blasted in Suzaku's heart.

Wasted, hard to choose made her feel confused!



"Haha, it seems that you still care about your life, so send him on the road!"

As he said, the hand holding his throat gradually tightened.

"Wait!" Suzaku shouted, turning his gun sharply at his head.

This is, occupied by Kukuina's soul, a sinister smile appeared on Wang Ye's physical cheek.

"Well! This may be the greatest weakness of human nature, hahaha..."

Suzaku closed her eyes slightly when she heard this, and gradually pulled the trigger with her finger.

"This is also the difference between human nature and beast!"

At this moment, Wang Ye's voice came from the flesh.

"Your soul is still there? You haven't been expelled?"

Wang Ye's mouth spit out Kuquina's voice.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Ye's laughter came out again.

"Do you think you are smart! Haha, as everyone knows, I just ask you to do me a favor and melt the Soul Orb into my body! This thing is integrated with the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip, but it has been controlled by you for many years. , So just use your hand!"

"Wang Ye, are you still alive?" Suzaku let out a long sigh of relief.

"Of course, thank you Suzaku. At this time, you are still ready to use your life to pay for my life." Wang Ye grinned, his eyes condensed suddenly.

A soul body was directly squeezed out from between his eyebrows, turned into a beam of light, and merged into Kukuina's rotting body.

"Much more comfortable!" Rubbing his eyebrows, Wang Ye smiled lightly.

When Suzaku saw this, there was mist in his eyes, and he rushed up and hugged Wang Ye.

"You scared me to death!"

Wang Ye was startled, but there was nowhere to put his hands. After a while, he stroked her waistcoat and said, "Apologize, I didn't talk to you before. I also saw Dinghunzhu only temporarily!"

"Wang Ye, you use me!"

The trembling Kuquina got up from the ground and stared at Wang Ye bitterly.

He thought he could use this to stop Wang Ye's physical body, who would have thought that Wang Ye would calculate it.

The opponent couldn't control the soul fixation orb, so he used Kukuina's hand to fuse the soul fixation orb into his Wangye body and perfectly integrated with the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip.

Now Wang Ye, after perfecting the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip, can already see where the human soul is.

Suzaku turned and pointed his pistol at Kuquina, "I will kill him!"

"Don't kill me, don't..." Kukuina staggered back two steps and threatened: "You can't kill me! If I die, you won't be able to leave the National Teacher's House!"

After he said, he pulled off his shirt abruptly, and there was an electronic instrument on his chest.

"My heartbeat is connected to the alarm equipment of the National Teacher's Office. As long as it stops beating, the nearby guards will be aimed here!"

"I want to lie again!" Suzaku sneered: "When your soul merged into Wang Ye's body, why didn't you sound the alarm!"

Wang Ye grabbed Suzaku, "This time, he didn't lie to you! Although his broken body did lose his soul just now, his heart was still beating for a short time!"

Hearing this, Kukuina secretly breathed a sigh of relief, as long as they were still alive, they would have a chance to recapture everything in the domain.

But at this moment, Wang Ye smiled slyly, "I planned to waste an opportunity, but now it seems that it is completely unnecessary!"

He stepped forward slowly and walked in front of Kuquina, holding his shoulder with one hand.

"I want to know how it feels when a person knows that he has only ten minutes of life left?"

As his words fell, I saw him tap a number of acupuncture points on Kuquina's broken body.

Kukuina's body, like Hengrui standing aside, unable to move, began to gradually congested.

What is different from Hengrui is that he is not only his arm, but his body is congested and starts to become purple and swollen.

Unable to move in pain, Hengrui looked at all this in horror, recalling the scene of his arm, and thinking about coming soon, Kuquina's body would swell and burst, leaving only a white bone!