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Chapter 335 You Don't Want To Marry Me?

Kuquina's body began to swell.

It was skinny and wrinkled, and in a moment he had gained weight.

Wang Ye smiled faintly. He originally planned to hold Ku Kwai Na and leave here with a time and space bracelet. It seemed that there was only one chance left.

He turned around and patted Hengrui's face, "In the future, don't pat other people's faces...oh, you have no future!"

"Aren't you taking other people's faces too!" Suzaku muttered.


Wang Ye was taken aback, smiled faintly, turned and walked outside the room.

"Hengrui, lead the way!"

After his words fell, Hengrui's body was not only able to move, but also took a quick step to lead the way.

The strange scene scared Suzaku.

"What's wrong with him?" Suzaku asked.

"This is the benefit of the soul fixation pearl! It not only makes the soul live, but also has a hypnotic effect."

Wang Ye grabbed a piece of clothing and threw it to Hengrui. His bursting arm with only bones was too infiltrating, and it was not easy to sway away.

The soul is controlled. Simply put, it is like being hypnotized. Hengrui has seen the coat put on his body and opened the door and walked out.

Kukuina, unable to move, could only watch Wang Ye and Suzaku leave.

With Hengrui leading the way, the journey to the teacher's residence was unimpeded. Not only that, under Wang Ye's control, Hengrui also got a car.

"What will he do?" Suzaku looked at Hengrui who was like a puppet.

"Fend for yourself!"

Wang Ye smiled faintly, and drove straight out of the capital.

The military jeep sounded its sirens and galloped past the capital. When the car was tens of kilometers away from the capital, the air defense alarm in the capital sounded.

At this time, Kukuina in the National Teacher's Mansion had only one leftover bone.

More than ten snipers were aimed at the room where Kukuina was located, and the well-equipped army was rushing towards his room.

But at this moment, Wang Ye and Suzaku have long gone.

Galloping in this small place, towards the border.

When crossing the border, the news of the death of the national teacher Kukuina was spread throughout the feudal military area. Before the border blockade, Wang Ye and Suzaku had already left.

On the way back to Mt. Niu Ti, the gunship, Suzaku pointed to the earphone on the side.

Wang Ye picked up the headphones and put them on his ears, the roaring sound was covered up.

"Wang Ye! Are you sure to save the general?" Suzaku asked when she tuned the channel to the channel where only the two of them were.

Wang Ye nodded, "With Soul Fixing Pearl, there is no big problem!"

"Then will you marry me?"

Suzaku's seemingly casual question made Wang Ye startled, not knowing how to answer.

There were a lot of experiences this time, cooperating with each other and relying on each other. Under the coercion of Kuquina, Suzaku would rather die by himself than hurt Wang Ye's body, which moved him very much.

Moreover, looking at the Suzaku at this moment, the exquisite makeup is painted, and the beauty is suffocating.

I don't want to take her as my own, that's a lie!

But it is not a simple matter to accept it. Don't forget that Suzaku is talking about marrying!

And he, already has a wife, marrying and receiving are two completely different concepts, and Suzaku's identity is different from other people, he is the soul of the army, and is called the existence of the army god.

Wang Ye had many worries in his heart, he smiled faintly, and said: "Let's talk about it when Jiang Long is saved!"

"Are you unwilling to marry me? Because of my identity?" Suzaku asked.

Wang Ye could only laugh and speak without being broken by her.

"Then wait until the general wakes up!" Suzaku said, don't go too far.

Wang Ye took off the headphones. He didn't like the noise, but at this moment, he felt that the roar of the plane was his best cover.

Suzaku deliberately stayed in the safe house outside Niuti Mountain for a while, and she stared at the mirror for a long time.

Wang Ye was sitting in this small room, watching her silently.

Although she is the soul of the army, she is also a woman. When the heart is touched, the essence of a woman will emerge. She is beautiful in the mirror. Suzaku doesn't want to remove this perfect makeup so quickly.

But at this moment, when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel lonely and admiring myself.

She lowered her head and took a handful of water, then sprinkled it on her face, rubbing it vigorously.

The makeup was gone. Looking at her back, Wang Ye felt that her heart seemed to be broken.

"Could this Suzaku really be enamored with me? I want to keep you by my side too, but your status is too high, too high for Wang Ye to bear!"

Wang Ye muttered in his heart.

Just imagine, if people know that the Suzaku, one of the four war gods of the army today, has become his king's follower, then where is the military might?What is the face of the Chinese military?

This matter is serious, so Wang Ye is very cautious!

"Let's go! Go back to Niuti Mountain!" After washing, Suzaku turned and walked outside the safe house.

Suzaku didn't say a word along the way back to the small building in Niuti Mountain.


In the small building, outside the room where Jiang Long was located, the Qinglong trio grabbed Suzaku and asked questions.

"Such a bull breaking, alone in the clan's national teacher's residence?"

"Furthermore, under such severe conditions, it is said that the vassal kingdom is already on first-level alert, because it is rumored that the God of War Protecting the Country has appeared. You can still succeed at this juncture!"

"Is this Wang Ye so powerful!"

The three of them were talking about it, but their eyes were fixed on the room. No one noticed the depression on Suzaku's face.

"I'm asking you something! You squeaked!"

Suzaku did not answer for a while, Qinglong turned his head and asked.


Suzaku kicked him and said angrily: "I want to know, just ask him later! Can it be annoying!"

"Did you take gunpowder?" Qinglong slapped his mouth after patted his butt.

Seeing that Suzaku was about to fight, he hurriedly said: "Well, don't ask, don't ask!"

He approached the door again, leaned in front of the glass, and whispered at Baihu and Xuanwu: "I guess something happened to them during this trip! Wang Ye can do it, even this man can handle it."

"Who said no!"

"Fuck, you treat me as air, right!" Suzaku directly exploded and shouted in a cold voice: "Forcing you to go out!"

"Can't beat it!" Qinglong shrank his neck.

"Can't beat it!"

"I surrender!"

Baihu and Xuanwu learned the appearance of a green dragon.

It's not that they can't beat it, it's because they have a good relationship, and they are used to this kind of noise, and they all take care of the only woman in the team.

In the ward, Wang Ye was staring at Jiang Long intently.

With his eyes narrowed, the soul bead in his body exudes a strange wave.

Gradually, Wang Ye's eyes seemed to shuttle through the layers of light curtains, and quickly sink.


After a few breaths, his eyes seemed to penetrate a water curtain, and a strange sight appeared in front of Wang Ye.

It is pale and vast here, like a universe.

In the pale white space, there is a person floating, Jiang Long!

He was suspended in midair, his eyes closed slightly as if a leaf fell on the calm sea.

"Jiang Long! God of War Protector, Jiang Long!"

Wang Ye didn't speak, but his voice echoed in this space.

This is Jiang Long's soul space, and what is floating in it is Jiang Long's silent soul. As long as it is awakened, Jiang Long can wake up.

Wang Ye still has many doubts in his heart, waiting for Jiang Long to wake up and answer them one by one!