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Chapter 336 Jiang Long Awakens

Jiang Long's soul space is like a vast white universe, and his body is floating in this universe.

After shouting for a while, Jiang Long's soul did not react.

"That's not right! His soul has gradually healed itself over the past five years, and now he can wake it up by calling it, but he..."

Wang Ye pondered, Jiang Long's state was a little abnormal.

He stared at Jiang Long, his eyes condensed again, and those eyes began to penetrate Jiang Long's soul.


An unprecedented feeling came, and Wang Ye only felt that his gaze seemed to penetrate time and space.

In the next moment, countless pictures appeared before his eyes.

"This is the silent past of Jiang Long's soul?"

Each picture is as fast as a movie, changing quickly in front of Wang Ye's eyes.

He saw everything about Jiang Long.

Jiang Long, born in a wealthy family, was originally a carefree and rich second-generation. He was kind and honest, even a little cowardly.

He fell in love with a woman, that woman was beautiful, and after numerous ups and downs, the two finally came together.

But on the eve of the big wedding, Jiang’s family was slaughtered. Before his parents died, they desperately pushed him and his sister into the river, trying to give them their only chance.

"Old beggar?!"

In the subsequent scenes, Wang Ye saw a person who put on a mask to rescue Jiang Long brother and sister, and taught Jiang Long Guwu.

Jiang Long, who is bent on revenge, seems to be a different person. He trained hard and got out of the school in just a few years!

After joining the army, he became famous in World War I, and he fought outside the territory for eight years, casting the name of the god of war to protect the country, and eventually destroying his enemies.

Wang Ye knew what happened next. Five years ago, he was wounded by Kukuina and his soul was retired in a battle outside the territory.

The picture reaches here, and it starts to cycle from the first scene again.

"He still hasn't come out of the ruined home! Hey... is that person?!"

Suddenly, in Jiang Long's memory, he saw a weird figure. It was a person who was mixed in the crowd on the night of studying the Jiang family.

He was tall, dressed in rags, and standing in a very unremarkable position at the end of the crowd with shaggy head.

"Old beggar Huazi!" Wang Ye trembled in his heart, he was sure that that person was his hometown Huazi!

"all of these……"

A terrible thought arose in Wang Ye's heart.

Could it be that the Jiang family destroyed the family? All this was done by the old beggar, and Jiang Long was just a pawn in his layout for decades!



If this is the case, this old beggar would be too scary.

Jiang Long must be awakened as soon as possible to figure out the ins and outs of the matter.

His mind turned, and he shouted in a deep voice in his mind: "Jiang Long listens to the order! The country is in trouble, wake up quickly!"


These words echoed in Jiang Long's soul, a humming soul waved, Jiang Long's eyelids blinked trying to break free from the endless memories and release the silent soul.

This is the will of the iron-blooded soldiers, and the safety of the country is above all else.


After only a few breaths, as Jiang Long's soul awakened, a strong repulsive force expelled Wang Ye's gaze.

"Guys and soldiers, follow me to protect the country!"

Jiang Long suddenly sat up on the hospital bed and shouted loudly in his eyes.

Suzaku and others outside the door were overjoyed when they heard Jiang Long wake up, and everyone was about to rush into the room, but saw Wang Ye raise his hand to stop it.

"Brother Jiang feels better?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Jiang Long looked around, then his eyes fell on Wang Ye, and he looked at him for a moment, "Wang Ye?"

Wang Ye nodded, "It seems that Brother Jiang still knows everything about the outside world when his soul is silent."

Jiang Long tried to stand up and thank him, but was stopped by Wang Ye. He just woke up and it took some time to adapt.

Sitting on the hospital bed, Jiang Long arched his hands and said, "Thank you, Brother Wang Ye, for your rescue."

"Yes, the layout of the old beggar, even if I want to avoid it, I can't do it! Brother Jiang, I want to talk to you about something!"

When he heard the old beggar, Jiang Long's expression became solemn.

Regarding the events of the year and the rescue of Jiang Long by the old beggar five years ago, Wang Ye asked all the doubts in his mind.

For a whole night, the two had a long conversation, and their expressions became more solemn.

The four Suzaku outside the ward waited here all night, not knowing what they were talking about.

It was not until early the next morning that Wang Ye supported Jiang Long and walked outside the ward.

"Subordinates pay homage to the general!"

The four Qinglong men stood upright and saluted.

"In the past few years, I have worked hard." Jiang Long smiled and looked at the four of them, and then said, "Send brother Wang Ye with me."

"Huh? He's leaving?" Suzaku exclaimed first.

Jiang Long took a deep look at her, and immediately said: "Brother Wang Ye has important things inconvenience to delay."

After all, the two of them should walk out of the small building first.

"Brother Wang Ye, I hope everything goes well for your trip, and I, Jiang Long, will surely be your backing."

In a mountain forest far from the small building, Jiang Long clasped his fists in his hands and said: "The things discussed last night are important, you and I just know it."

Wang Ye nodded, holding a fist in return, "Brother Jiang, leave the next thing to me, and take care of your body. Looking forward to the day when you and I will fight together!"


The two looked at each other and smiled heartily.

This made the Qinglong four look puzzled. The two of them had a long conversation last night, and they didn't know what they said. Why is it like a major enemy is approaching today, and they said they are preparing to fight together.

But although there were doubts, Jiang Long had also said clearly before, and they could understand clearly, and only hoped that the two of them knew what was said, so Qinglong did not ask much.

"Then say goodbye to you!"

Wang Ye clasped his fists and gestured at Qinglong and the others, and finally his eyes fell on Suzaku with a slight smile.

The Suzaku tried to hide it, but the color of reluctance was still visible in those eyes.

Following Jiang Long since she was a child, and after enlisting in the army, she has never thought that her children's personal relationship will be more like a woman.

But acquaintance with Wang Ye, especially Fan Guo and her group, gave her the first idea of ​​a man. It was also the first time that she was moved by being alone. However, she hadn't fully felt the love, but the other party was leaving.

Wang Ye suddenly turned around and walked away.

"Wang..." Suzaku said to her lips but swallowed.

"Brother Wang Ye, wait a minute!" At this moment, Jiang Long stopped Wang Ye.

"It must be quite dangerous to go this time. Although I know that Brother Wangye is not short of Titans, but I don't know the person who contacted me Jiang Long! So please bring Suzaku! With her by your side, not only can Take care of you and keep in touch with me as soon as you need it!"


This time, not only Suzaku but also Wang Ye was stunned.

Jiang Long smiled, turned around and patted Suzaku on the shoulder, "This is a military order!"

Suzaku met his gaze, how could he not see that this was Jiang Long deliberately matching her with Wang Ye.

"Subordinates, take orders!" Suzaku stood up and saluted, and then walked broadly to Wang Ye's side.

"Military orders." Suzaku laughed slyly in a low voice.

When Wang Ye heard the words, he spread his hands, "If that's the case, then thank Brother Jiang for his kindness and goodbye!"

After he had finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the forest, with a smile on his mouth. Now Suzaku is following him as the idea of ​​Jiang Long, the god of war protector of the country. That is why the teacher is famous!