The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 339 I Have Wine Do You Have A Story

After a brief shock, Zhong Li didn't think much, praised his teacher's methods, and begged him to teach.

But the old beggar used drinking as an excuse and temporarily refused.

Wang Ye really didn't want Zhong Li to be sad. As an outsider, he saw clearly.

Although Zhong Li is very powerful, he possesses some violent and crude fighting methods, and he has no skills at all.

In Wang Ye's view, the old beggar had only trained him to become a killing machine. If he really wanted to teach Zhong Li, then he could teach more with his skills.

But wanting to come and keep one hand has always been an unwritten rule passed down from generation to generation in Guwu.

The master teaches apprentices to keep one hand.

Because it was on the way, Wang Ye had already booked it, so the food and drinks came soon.

The centuries-old sweet-scented osmanthus is very fragrant. Just after opening the wine stopper, a strong wine aroma fills the box.

The old beggar rubbed his hands. As soon as Wang Ye poured him a bowl, he couldn't wait to drink it up.

After a bowl of wine, the old beggar smacked his lips, "Good wine, really good wine! I thought that this high-end winery only has red wine! I didn't expect that there are also aged spirits."

"Master, you don't know anything." Zhong Li explained: "The average winery is indeed a collection of red wines, with few white wines. But Huaxin Winery is the largest and best winery in the capital, and naturally there are a lot of white wines. ."

"It has nothing to do with what it is." The old beggar finished speaking and looked at Wang Ye.

Wang Ye poured him another bowl and smiled: "Baijiu culture is extensive and profound. The wine region has a history of hundreds of years. How does it compare with white wine. Drinking here is not elegance, but culture. Red wine is elegant, but white wine culture. The background is rich, the two are incomparable, just like a bowl."

Wang Ye picked up the wine bowl, "Red wine glasses, ancient Chinese wines, are actually the predecessors of red wine. As the so-called grape wine luminous glass, you need good utensils to drink red wine, and the same is true for white wine! A white jade bowl can be used to drink all night. The color and lustre can not only be seen on the surface, but also on the inside!"

"Senior, this bowl of wine, I toast you." Wang Ye took a glass of wine and drank it first.

He draws on the wine culture, but the truth is there is something in the words.

The old beggar Huazi turned his eyes around and drank a bowl of wine. "Hey, I always ask Huazi to love wine. I just simply enjoy the power of wine. I don't know much about those saucy things."

"Really? That's the highest level of drinking!" Wang Ye smiled.

"Wang Ye, when have you been like this!" Suzaku heard the implication of Wang Ye and the old beggar.

Although they were talking about wine, the illocutionary voice was to discuss the purpose of the old beggar, and the old beggar had already explained that he had no other meanings, just cherishing his love for money.

But Zhong Li and Suzaku couldn't hear these words.

Suzaku picked up the wine bowl and stood up and said, "Old man, on the wine table, I won't let you go! Do it!"

Her heroic appearance was not only a titan on the battlefield, but also a titan on the wine table, as can be seen from the wine banquet at Livzon Villa that night.

But she obviously overestimated her drinking capacity. Instead of Zhong Li and the other two toasting in turn, the old beggars did not refuse, Shi Tan Jiu had only half of the drink, Zhong Li and Suzaku were already drunk and confused.

Wang Ye glanced at the five jars of wine.

"Old senior, it's boring to drink! I have some wine here, but I don't know about senior, can there be stories?" He asked with a smile.

"Yes, the story of drinking, I'm a lot of beggars! Come on, fill me up."

The old beggar put the wine bowl in front of Wang Ye.

A bowl of wine was poured for him, and the latter drank it all, and Wang Ye just took a sip.

"Then tell a more interesting story and use the bar!"

The old beggar groaned slightly and began to tell the story.

"Hua Xia talents come forth in large numbers. Today, there is Jiang Long, the god of war to protect the country, and protect the country and Anbang! There was a prince and general who shocked the world! This time, let’s talk about the prince and general. Thirty years ago, China was more peaceful than it is now. At that time, Huaxia had a big family, which was a hermit family that was passed down for thousands of years. No one knew the family name, no one knew where the family was, but whenever Huaxia had trouble, its family would be shocked to the world. The world has always been called the patron saint of China."

"But more than 20 years ago, a long-planned catastrophe came quietly. Although the family patriarch was in his old age, he had a son! He was nearly 60 years old and held a full moon wine for his newborn son. It was extremely grand. At that time, the Huaxia Hidden Family was sent by people!"

Wang Ye listened quietly. He knew that what the old beggar told was definitely not a simple story.

Speaking of this, the old beggar said happily as if he was on the scene.

"That scene is so spectacular! At the full moon banquet, the patriarch was overjoyed. Two big families happened to have given birth to two girls, and they were willing to marry the kid at the same time. Tell me, the little guy who just got the full moon will have this kind of blessing. , You can imagine in the future."

"This is the baby kiss." Wang Ye nodded and said: "The two big families are afraid that they want to marry and climb into this big family."

"The purpose of marriage is definitely there! But it is more to fear this hidden family, so I am willing to marry the little guy with my own daughter, and the two women will serve the same husband. Even so, many hidden families in China, who dare to mock Everyone was envy from the heart, even self-blame, why didn't they give birth to a female doll of the same year. But on the night when the full moon wine ended, a sudden change occurred!"

The old beggar took a sip of wine, motioned Wang Ye to fill him up, and then said.

"That night, the black and windy night, the beaming big family, was slaughtered overnight, and only one loyal servant of the family fled with the infant baby! Then he disappeared."

"It's over?" After waiting for a while, when the old beggar was silent, Wang Ye asked, "The story is over here?"

"How about it?" the old beggar asked rhetorically.

Wang Ye frowned, and smiled bitterly: "Who is the one who killed the hidden family? Why did you want to kill him? What happened to the baby in the swaddling family? Is it still alive? All these are gone?"

"Didn't I say it! I don't know where to go." The old beggar smiled and drank a bowl of wine.

"You have a story with no end, it really makes the younger generation puzzled!"

"If you know the truth, you should check it yourself!" The old beggar's expression suddenly became serious.

"Who did it? Why did you kill it all? What kind of mission does the infant child have? Are you not curious, Wang Ye? If that's the case, why don't you check it out and see what's hidden behind it? What are you doing!"

In response to the old beggar's eyes, Wang Ye's heart trembled inexplicably.

The first half of this story sounds to him just a story, but the second half touches him deeply.

Isn't he an orphan?Swaddled and adopted by adoptive parents, could it be that the baby mentioned by the old beggar was Wang Ye?

Thinking of this, Wang Ye suddenly raised his head and asked: "Senior..."

But when he looked up, the old beggar had disappeared.

"Your little daughter-in-law Liu Ruyan is in trouble. Maybe you can find some clues in the story you want to know."

The old beggar was nowhere to be found, but his voice seemed to ring in Wang Ye's ears.

Sitting quietly in the box, Wang Ye's heart was overwhelmed.