The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 340 Ruyan Liu is in trouble

Zhong Li and Suzaku were already drunk and confused, they were half lying on the table, chatting vaguely.

Wang Ye sat quietly with thoughts in his mind.

If he guessed correctly, what the old beggar Huazi said was his Wang Ye's life experience.

The family is destroyed?

Who was the murderer?What is it for?

Over the years, Wang Ye seems to have never mentioned his biological parents, let alone looking for his biological parents. He pretends that he doesn't care about everything, but he has always wanted to find the root in his heart!

But that said, the family was annihilated, and he really had no relatives anymore.

A vengeful anger began to swell in his heart.


Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the anger forcibly, not to mention the story told by the old beggar, whether it was his own life experience, he came to tell himself this time, is it possible that he was deliberately introduced Another round?

"Liu Ruyan is in trouble?"

Wang Ye muttered, this is unlikely. The Liu Family in the Western Regions is comparable to the Zhong Family. If you want to shake the Liu Family and pose a threat to Liu Ruyan, I am afraid that at least the two big families of the same China can join forces to make the Liu Family passive.

Ding Ding Ding...

But at this moment, a ring of telephone rang Wang Ye back from his long thoughts.

"Liu Ruyan?!"

Looking at the remarks displayed on the phone screen, Wang Ye suddenly stood up, and it turned out to be Liu Ruyan's call.

Was it really hit by the old beggar!

He hurriedly answered the phone. On the other end of the phone, it was not Liu Ruyan, but the voice of a man.

"Hello, is it Wang Ye, Mr. Wang?" the man asked politely.

"It's me. Who are you? How could Liu Ruyan's phone number be in your hands?"

"Mr. Wang, I am a friend of Liu Ruyan. She encountered some difficulties. Before leaving, she gave me her mobile phone and asked me to contact you. Please come to the Western Regions to help her."

At first glance, this person's words are okay, but after careful reflection, this person's words are full of holes.

If Liu Ruyan is really in trouble, and even the communication will be cut off, and if he has the call to him, and entrusts the time for these words, then it would be better to call him Wang Ye directly, wouldn't it be more troublesome.

Wang Ye thought of this and asked, "What is your name? What trouble Liu Ruyan has encountered?"

The man replied calmly: "My name is temporarily inconvenient to tell you. As for the trouble she has encountered, you will know when you arrive in the Western Regions."

"Don't you think this is a bit ridiculous!" Wang Ye sneered: "You don't want to disclose your name, let alone tell Liu Ruyan what the trouble is, how can I trust you!"

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone before the man's voice rang again.

"Is it ridiculous? I always thought that the person Liu Ruyan trusted should be extremely smart. I didn't expect you to ask such a stupid question. Does my name matter? Why should I make up a name casually? The trouble Liu Ruyan has encountered cannot be clearly explained on the phone! If you are unwilling to come for her, the trouble will only cause more trouble even if you tell you!"

This person has a mental spirit and speaks slowly, which seems to be not good at all.

But with just one phone number, it was really hard to justify Wang Ye going to the Western Regions.

"Sorry, Mr. Wang, I just lost control of my emotions. I apologize to you! I should trust someone Liu Ruyan trusts. On the trip to Zhongnanshan, we will pass through Chang'an Antique Street. The token you gave her is in my hand. When you come to the Western Regions, you will naturally know that I did not lie to you! This matter is urgent, and I hope that Mr. Wang can come and rescue him quickly."

After that, the man hung up, and then Wang Ye received a picture on his cell phone.

It was a hairpin, and Wang Ye recognized it as a blood hosta at a glance. It was a treasure bought from the antique street in Chang'an after leaving Zhong's house.

Wang Ye sat down slowly and took a sip from his wine bowl.

The old beggar appeared now, the purpose is to inform his own life experience, or lead him to the Western Regions?

He said Liu Ruyan was in trouble, and in a moment someone called for help, and that person was a little abnormal.

But no matter whether the matter is true or false, and what purpose it has, this trip to the Western Regions is probably inevitable.

The old beggar's words are still in his ears, and the visit of the Liu Family in the Western Regions to help Liu Ruyan may be able to find clues about his life experience.

Now, he only knew that his family was destroyed, and he was the only one left after the slaughter, but where is the family?what is it call?Who is there?Who did it?Everything is still a mystery.

"Western Region! Phew... I'm afraid it's too late to say goodbye to Xiaomo and the others!"

Wang Ye picked up the cell phone and called Zhong Xiaomo.

"Wang Yejiu is finished? When will you come back?" Zhong Xiaomo asked on the phone.

"Maybe I can't go back for the time being." Wang Ye sighed, "I just received news that Liu Ruyan is in trouble, please go to the Western Regions to help."

Who ever thought Zhong Xiaomo was not surprised at all.

"I learned about the turmoil in the Western Regions yesterday."

"Turbulent, what's going on?" Wang Ye asked curiously.

"I don't know the specifics. Yesterday I called Ruyan and I asked her when she would be back! She told me that the situation in the Western Regions is very unstable now. I'm not sure for the time being. I can feel that she looks very Hurry and anxiety, but when I asked, she didn't say anything. Originally, I was waiting for you to come back and planned to tell you about it."

"It seems that Liu Ruyan is indeed in trouble!" Wang Ye said.

"It should be!" Zhong Xiaomo was slightly silent, "Didn’t Zhong Li be with you! You take him to the Western Regions, so you can take care of it. Don’t worry about things in the city of Devil. I and Zhongyi are still there. Snow, nothing will happen! The Hong family is no longer worried."

Zhong Li was so skilled, he was indeed a helper with him, but Wang Ye was a little afraid of Murong's family.

If the Murong family knew about his leaving the magic capital, they might have done something.

"Xiao Mo, I beg you for the matter of the Devil City, Zhong Li will stay to protect you! This trip, Suzaku will be with me."

"Oh, Suzaku?" Zhong Xiaomo smiled meaningfully, "Okay, you can be sure. Ruyan loves my sisters, I know her well, she won't ask for help if she has no other choice, this time You must have encountered a difficult problem! Are you planning to leave now?"

"Yeah." Wang Ye owed much to this understanding wife.

I have been so busy, I have no time to accompany her.

"Xiao Mo, when I return from the Western Regions, I will accompany you to take a good tour of the magic capital!"

"Our life is still long! What's in a hurry? Okay! Go ahead, be careful on the road." Zhong Xiaomo hung up the phone after speaking.

Wang Ye Cancan smiled, it is so lucky to have a wife like this!

But looking at Zhong Li and Suzaku again, his brows were frowning. They took turns to be drunk by the old beggar Huazi, and now they have to carry them out.

Wang Ye, who had already planned to leave for the Western Regions immediately, walked out of Huaxin Winery in countless surprised eyes with Suzaku in one hand and Zhong Li on his shoulders.

Stopped a taxi and asked him to send Zhongli back to Lizhu Villa.

Wang Ye put the drunken Suzaku in the back row of the fifteenth knight, and immediately drove towards the Western Regions.