The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 342 Western Region Style

Things began to get complicated, and someone was planning to attack Wang Ye on his way to the Western Regions.

"Suzaku, who do you think wants my life?"

After mentioning the business, Suzaku smiled slightly and pondered: "There are only two people who know you are coming to the Western Regions, one is the old beggar, and the other is the one who called you with Liu Ruyan's phone!"

"It should be impossible for the old beggar to kill you, so why bother to kill you! Then there is only the person who called you! Unfortunately, you don't even know who your opponent is!"

Wang Ye nodded in agreement, but at the same time he said, "There is another person suspected."

"The Liu Family?"

With eyes facing each other, the two said in unison.

The danger of this trip is self-evident. It was possible to reach the Western Regions this two days, but when it was approaching, Wang Ye deliberately got off the highway and headed towards the Western Regions from the national highway, which was quite a long time late.

"What a beautiful place!"

Under the sunset, Wang Ye couldn't help but sigh with emotion when looking at the ancient city of the Western Regions.

Two rows of tree-lined trees and a straight road seem to be well-spaced dividing lines, separating the desert on one side from the woods on the other side, like heaven and hell.

And this highway leads directly to the end of the setting sun, the huge city nestled in the desert and woods, the ancient city of the Western Regions.

After the fifteenth knight drove into the city, it attracted the attention of many people.

The ancient city of the Western Regions is located at a traffic fortress, and is the hub of the Three Kingdoms of Pasa, Switzerland and China. This ancient city with a history of thousands of years also has a sharp contrast between modernity and history.

Most of them still retain the original living and living habits, and on the other side of the ancient city, there are high-rise buildings of modern civilization.

"Find a place to live first."

Wang Ye drove along the highway towards the more prosperous area, gradually away from the earthen houses and the area full of stalls.

Entering the glamorous ancient city area of ​​the Western Regions is like being in a bustling city.

It's just that most of the people here continue the habit of wearing a headscarf.

"Exotic Hotel!"

Wang Ye stopped his car downstairs in a hotel that was fifty stories high. This should be the most luxurious place in the ancient city of the Western Regions.

"Does it need to be so high?" Suzaku rolled over and got out of the car and stretched lazily, revealing its proud curve.

"Only in this kind of place will there be people who can touch the Liu family."

Wang Ye smiled faintly, it is undoubtedly the best choice to inquire about the news.

The ancient city of the Western Regions is in the hands of the Liu family. Those in power, here are the places where they often come and go, so it is easier to inquire about the news.

He threw the car key to the waiter who came forward, Wang Ye walked towards the hotel lobby.

In the barren desert, in the ancient city, this exotic hotel is like a royal palace.

Suzaku walked to the front desk and knocked on the table, "Two suites!"

"Okay, please wait a moment." The good-tempered lady at the front desk gave Wang Ye a special look.

Wang Ye smiled slightly and raised a finger, "Sorry, a top-class suite!"

"One?" Suzaku asked in surprise.

Seeing Wang Ye smiled and said nothing, she didn't say much. The lady at the front desk was naturally not surprised.

Those who can come here to consume will live separately if it is a man and a woman.

"Hello, how long do you plan to stay?"

"Let's drive for a week first." Wang Ye replied casually.

The lady at the front desk quickly opened the room, handed the room card with both hands, and then said: "Hello sir, a total of two hundred and ten thousand consumption, are you using the card?"

"Two hundred ten thousand!" Suzaku glanced at her mouth, which was too extravagant, thirty thousand yuan a day.

This is only the accommodation fee, plus other expenses here, I am afraid that it will cost at least 50,000 yuan a day.

But this is already the top hotel in the ancient city of the Western Regions, and what they open is the top suite.

Wang Ye touched his pockets with an awkward look. After washing clothes on the way, his wallet and cards were kept in the car.

"I'll do it." Suzaku took out a card from his pocket and handed it to the receptionist.

"Very rich!" Wang Ye smiled and said, "Okay, you can pay for it later."

At this moment, a hand stretched out and pinched the bank card that Suzaku handed over.

Suzaku turned his head to look. It was a man in his thirties, wearing a silk coat and a white cloth wrapped around his head, obviously dressed as a native of the Western Regions.

"It's the first time I've seen a woman paying for a room here!" The gentleman saluted Suzaku, then glanced at Wang Ye, looked at his wrinkled clothes, and smiled disdainfully.

"The man wants to talk about reimbursement, huh, that's just a joke! I paid the money for this house for this lady."

"Good Master Cao." The lady at the front desk replied.

Obviously, Master Cao is a frequent visitor here, and even the lady at the front desk knows him.

"Just keep it in my account." After Shaoye Cao finished speaking, he turned to look at Suzaku and stretched out his hand to introduce himself.

"Miss, hello! My name is Cao Zhe, and I am honored to know you."

When this person was speaking, a whistle sounded in the lobby, and another man was smiling at this place, who should be this Cao Shao's friend.

Suzaku spread his hands and put the card in his pocket.

Seeing that she was so offensive, she didn't even pay attention to Cao Zhe's extended hand. A bodyguard beside Cao Zhe scolded, "Master Cao is greeting you!"

"And then?" Suzaku glanced at him.

He stepped forward and took Wang Ye's arm, and said to Cao Zhe: "We opened the house, thank you for paying the bill!"

After all, in Cao Zhe's somewhat stiff smile, she took Wang Ye's arm and walked toward the elevator.

"Master, do you need me to give her some color?" The bodyguard asked in a low voice.

"No need!" Cao Zhe smiled playfully, "I have personality, I like it! Such a woman has a taste!"

In the ancient city of the Western Regions, wherever Cao Zhe appeared, those ladies and women took the initiative to greet him, and whoever Cao Zhe took the initiative to say hello was a lifetime honor.

This was the first time that seeing a beautiful woman reject him, but it made Cao Zhe even more want to conquer this woman.

"Go ahead and check their details and relationships."

After Cao Zhe said, he walked towards the elevator, while the bodyguard walked into the front desk and looked at the housing records.

In a luxurious room on the forty-fifth floor of the Foreign Land Hotel, Suzaku looked around with wide eyes.

"No wonder, this place costs 30,000 yuan a night. It really makes sense to be extravagant."

The decoration in the room is simply luxurious. It has a beach-themed decoration style. There is a swimming pool on the open-air balcony outside the room, and a huge water bed is placed in the house.

Although she is a soldier, Suzaku is also a woman after all. She ran to the balcony with a look of excitement and looked at the brand new swimsuits hanging in the closet, but when she saw the listing, she couldn't help but curl her lips.

"One piece of swimsuit eighteen thousand..."

"Use whatever you want, I will cover the cost." Wang Ye said generously, and immediately walked to one side, looking at the ancient city of the Western Regions at night.

On the forty-fifth floor of the Foreign Region Hotel, you can have a sweeping view of the ancient city of the Western Regions.

The ancient city of the Western Regions at night, viewed from high above, is like the road outside the city, separating heaven and hell. One side is filled with yellow sand and one side is green. The same is true here. Half of the Western Region’s ancient city is brightly lit. Half in darkness.