The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 346: Cao Shixiong

"Let him go, let's go to Cao's house tomorrow morning!"

After Wang Ye finished speaking, he patted Cao Zhe on the shoulder, and after his body recovered control, he collapsed to the ground like a puddle of mud.

Seeing Wang Ye's back who turned around, Suzaku opened her mouth and stopped talking.

"Cao Zhe!" She retracted her gaze and stared at Cao Zhe, which made Cao Zhe tremble.

"I hope only the people here will know what happened tonight. If it is leaked out, you should know the consequences!"

Cao Zhe nodded hurriedly when he heard this, "I know, I'm absolutely confidential, absolutely..."

Suzaku had already left before he finished speaking.

In the suite on the forty-fifth floor, Suzaku was pacing back and forth with a worried expression on her face, and her brows became tighter when she saw Wang Ye lying on the sofa.

"Wang Ye, some people wanted to attack you and me during our trip. This time Cao Zhe..."

Wang Ye waved her hand to interrupt her words, "You can't kill all the people present, right? Besides, our whereabouts are no secret."

He beckoned, motioned Suzaku to sit down, and he continued.

"The person who notified me knows my whereabouts well. He already knows that we live here. I'm afraid he already knows about seeing Cao Zhe. I don't know if this person is an enemy or a friend, but the purpose of your and me is only One, that is to save Liu Ruyan. In essence, to save Liu Ruyan, first save the Liu family! Only by knowing what the Liu family is afraid of, we can start!"

Suzaku was obviously worried when he heard that the other party was so powerful.

But she shook her head and said, "That person may not be in the same group as the threatening Liu family! In fact, we can try to find him!"

"It's not that easy!" Wang Ye Cancan smiled, and then said: "Instead of spending time looking for him, let the trouble come to us!"

"You mean, lead the snake out of the hole?"


Wang Ye got up and stretched lazily, "It's not early, take a break early, everything will come to light when I go to Cao's house tomorrow, and the people we are looking for will gradually surface!"

After signalling Suzaku to rest early, Wang Ye turned and walked into the room.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, just looking north of the ancient city of the Western Regions, the dim city over there, you can see a bright light floating in the distance, where is the Liu Family of the Western Regions.

What is the Liu family afraid of?

Back in Luochuan, on the day of his wedding with Zhong Xiaomo, both the Liu family in the Western Regions and the Cai family in the northern Xinjiang sent people to come, and they would oppose the Zhong Jiazuo and support him Wang Ye.

From this point of view, the existence that can make the Liu family jealous is probably far superior to the Zhong family!

It's a tricky opponent!

He drew the curtains and called out the phone to open the check-in system.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in and signing in continuously, and get the system reward: body casting pill!

"It's another pill to enhance physical fitness!"

Wang Ye shook his head and put it into the system warehouse.

The clock-in system can sense the environment he is in. On the way to the Western Regions and now, the system is still presenting some wealth and medicine in accordance with the previous rules.

"Is there no special danger in this trip?"

He muttered, after all, whenever he would be fatal, or his relatives and friends would be in danger, the system would give him some treasures that could help him out of danger.

It is business as usual now, and it seems that so far it is still peaceful.

So Wang Ye didn't think much about it, and slept all night with peace of mind.

The next day I took Suzaku and went to Cao's house.

In the ancient city of the Western Regions, half of the original buildings are preserved, while the other half of the city is extremely well developed.

The Cao's family was in this area, and looking at a series of villas, it seemed to be far away from the Liu family in the north.


At the entrance of the villa, Wang Ye darkened his trumpet.

"Cao Zhe is so stupid? Or is the Cao family so stupid? Knowing that you and I are here today, I have never sent someone to the hotel to pick us up! And here, no one has welcomed us!"

Suzaku glanced up at the sentry box while trimming her nails.

In the guard box, a security guard walked out slowly, and when he saw that Knight XV had a foreign license plate, his expression was even more disgusting, as if it disturbed his sense of recovery.

"What are you doing?" the security guard asked coldly after leaving.

In his thirties and not tall, the security guard could only see the cab with his feet.

After dropping the car window glass, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Come to see Patriarch Cao, did Cao Zhe not inform?"

The security guard lifted up and hurriedly said, "See the owner of the house? Is there an appointment?"

"What kind of bullshit! Do we still need to make an appointment to see him!" Suzaku shouted disdainfully.

Upon hearing this, the security guard stood upright with a clip of his legs, and immediately saluted.

Listening to the words tells you how high the identity of the visitor is, and the security guards are also well-informed, and naturally know that they can't afford it.

He ran to the sentry box quickly, said something on the walkie-talkie on his shoulder, and opened the door of the villa.

The car started and slowly entered the Cao's house. Wang Ye glanced at the low-head security guard, who stood outside the guard booth to salute.

"Suzaku, haven't you exercised your muscles for some days?" Wang Ye asked with a sudden smile.

Hearing this, Suzaku quickly sat up straight and looked out the car window with alert eyes.

This is the quality that an excellent soldier should possess, but whenever there is any disturbance, he will maintain a fighting state for the first time.

"What was wrong with the security just now?" Suzaku asked.

"It's kind of! It's not like an ordinary person." Wang Ye smiled, and drove around the garden towards the outdoor parking lot.

"But the Cao family should just want to determine who you are and me! Since they want to know, then prove it to them."

"Give it to me!" Suzaku squeezed her fingers, showing a sneer.

Just as Wang Ye expected, four security guards came over as soon as the car stopped.

Wang Ye watched the door and got out of the car and walked to meet the four security guards. As for the co-pilot's Suzaku, he disappeared silently.

"Who are you, dare to break into my Cao's house!"

The headed security shouted in a deep voice.

Zhao Yang, he is the security captain of the Cao family, a well-known veteran of the Western Regions.

"Brother Yang, what can I do with him! There is only one way to enter Cao's house privately, death!"

"Brother is itchy hands!"

Beside Zhao Yang, the two security guards are already gearing up.

Wang Ye stood with his hand in his hand, poked a faint smile, didn't even glance at the four of them, and turned his head to look not far away in the villa hall.

He beckoned in the hall.

"Are you really deaf, or don't you want to live?" The security guard was even more angry when he saw that he was deaf.

But without Zhao Yang's permission, the three of them dared not move.

At this moment, in the lobby of the villa, a man in his fifties walked out slowly, and it was Cao Zhe who followed him.

He walked with a gloomy face, his eyes fixed on Wang Ye.


"My lord."

Zhao Yang said hello to the four.

The man stopped in front of Wang Ye, looked at him for a while, and then said: "I am Cao Zhe's father, Cao Shixiong. I heard about what happened last night! How can you prove that you are the subordinate of the God of War?"

"I am not his subordinate!" Wang Ye shrugged, "I am his brother!"


When the three security guards heard this, they chuckled, and even the security captain Zhao Yang showed disdain.

"Master, you can be sure that this kid is pretending!" Zhao Yang turned around and said with certainty.